Get Free chaincoin daily by hosting Chaincoin Masternode on windows


Do you want to earn some coin daily then this great plan to make some coin

 Todays tutorial is on setting up a Masternode for Chaincoin.


1.) The official wallet which can be downloaded here

2.) Ports 11994 and 11995 must be forwarded, and allowed in the firewall for incoming and outgoing. If you prefer to not manually forward the port you can just DMZ your local IP in your router. If you require assistance doing this post in the comments.

3.) 1000 Chaincoin ( sent exactly from cryptopia/other address/exchange to 1 address on your wallet as the exact balance of 1000 Chaincoin, So you should withdraw 1000.0001 from the exchange to your wallet so the 0.0001 fee makes it an exact total of 1000. If you do not receive exactly 1000 coins you cannot start the masternode, Must also have at least 15 confirmations)

4.) A windows PC that will stay online 24/7 to be the masternode.

5.) A fixed IP address (IP Address that doesn’t change)


1.) Install the Chaincoin official wallet and let it synchronize

2.) Once the wallet has synchronized click TOOLS and then in the drop down menu DEBUG CONSOLE

And it should look something like this:

3.) In the debug window type masternode genkey and it should give you a masternode key, Copy this to a notepad.

4.) Close the debug windows, Click TOOLS and in the dropdown menu select OPEN CONFIGURATION FILE

5.) In the Configuration file add the following lines:
and save and close the document. It should look like this:

6.) Restart the wallet and wait for all blocks to sync

7.) Once the wallet is fully operational, Click TOOLS and in the drop down menu once again open DEBUG CONSULE and in the debug console type in masternode start

8.) It should say Masternode started and your masternode should be running perfectly, If you get any errors saying could not connect to “IP:port” Then make sure your ports are forwarded and that your firewall is not blocking the connection.



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