Neutron coin


Neutron coin

A Cryptocurrency that operates by Proof of Stake. Neutron is no longer mineable and requires no expensive equipment to participate. By simply holding a balance in a open encrypted wallet you are awarded stakes in per-portion to the amount you hold for verifying transactions and helping to keep the network secure. You can earn additional coin’s by participating in the “Nucleus Node” system which reward’s participant’s for operating a node on the Neutron network. If you are an expert or only just getting started, Neutron is a safe, green, and stable coin which allows you to store value digitally and generate income in NTRN based simply on the amount you hold. It is easier than ever to buy, stake, & trade.

Neutron is an open source wallet aimed at increasing a holders BTC Value over time with staking features. Now under new Management with active members. The Neutron Network is solid and will be maintained for the forseeable future.

Neutron Wallet :

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Coin Spec’s :

Ticker: NTRN

Fair Launch, No Premine, No IPO/ICO.

Algo: SHA256d RPC Port: 32000 P2P Port: 32001

Block time: 79 seconds

Coinbase maturity: 90 blocks

PoW generated about 1.000.000 coins

PoS kicked in @ block 500

PoS Coin Maturity: 5h (hiPOS)

PoS Reward: 30 NTRN

Shared - Client / Nucleus Node (halving every 1m blocks)

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