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The new generation of cryptocurrency

The QuazarCoin team are happy to present you the alpha version of GUI-wallet

Mac OS X version & Source

Windows version & Source
Please note, quazarcoind.exe and simplewallet.exe must be in the same folder

Linux version (only tested no Ubuntu 14.04.1 now)
Prerequisites: sudo apt-get install libgdiplus & sudo apt-get install mono
Please note, quazarcoind and simplewallet must be in the same folder

You are welcome to test it and we welcome your feedback, comments and bugs

An Inside Look into the World of Cryptocurrency in Turkey with the Founder of QuazarCoin
(Read the article at CoinTelegraph)

QuazarCoin (QCN) is the new generation of cryptocurrency which is based on the CryptoNote protocol and uses the CryptoNight algorithm. The CryptoNight algorithm is the most democratic today, fully ASIC-resistant and only CPU-mineable.

QuazarCoin was launched May 8, 2014 after discussion in the community, without premine or instamine.

QuazarCoin protects your data and privacy through unlinkable transactions with ring signatures.

The main concern of QuazarCoin is usability optimization.

Our developer roadmap:
High-level API

  • Cross-platform GUI-wallet
  • Decentralized data storage for torrent files & censorship-free “tracker”

Here is the main thread - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=615732!

CryptoNight PoW algorithm
120 sec blocks
Difficulty retargets every block
Total coins supply: ~18,446,744
Confirmations: 60
Block reward decreases according to the formula (264 - 1 - A)*2-21*10-12, where A = supply mined to date
Emission curve 21 with 120 seconds block responds to what we wanted to do in Monero (BMR/MRO)
Emission curve is similar Bitcoin, 50% QCN will be emitted in 6 years (see the chart)
Optimized binaries from the 1st second of launch

(emission curve)

Full data&privacy protection
Untraceable payments with ring signatures
Unlinkable&secure transactions
Double-spending proof
Blockchain analysis resistance
Egalitarian proof of work (CPU&GPU mining)

All instructions are located in binaries - use ‘Read Me’ file.

Fast miner included in binaries.

MAC version is OS X 10.9, for others will be coming soon.

General blockchain for all OS

For Win-users
Just download and move it to C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Quazarcoin (don’t forget to change the username to your username)

For Linux&Mac OS X users
Just download and move it to ~/.quazarcoin

Video guide for installing QCN daemon and wallet. The 6 step tutorial for Win-users
Video tutorial to mastering the QCN wallet for Win-users
QuazarCoin recipes for brewing on Mac OS X 10.9

QuazarCoin Mining Guide draft
QuazarCoin Mining Guide pdf


Crypto Escrow
Exchange QCN to Paypal, Western Union, Moneygram, BTC, LTC and other CryptoNote currencies

Vote for QCN on MintPal

Vote for QCN on SwissCex
Vote for QCN on Comkort
Vote for QCN on Cryptsy
Vote for QCN on AllCoin
Vote for QCN on AskCoin
Vote for QCN on BitOnyx

OTC exchange and trading thread (closed)

QCNPool (0.75% fee)
Site & Mac OS X GUI miner & How-To & dev’s contacts

Omar G Pool (0.5% fee)
Site & dev’s contacts

Cryptity Pool (0.5% fee)
Site & dev’s contacts

Pool from China mine (0.5% fee)
Site & the Bitcointalk thread & dev’s contacts

Xmining pool (1% fee)
Site & the Bitcointalk thread & dev’s contacts

Extreme Pool (1% fee)
Site & the Bitcointalk thread & dev’s contacts

MinerGate pool with native app (2%)
Site & the Bitcointalk thread & the easiest way to mine Quazarcoin


by ChainRadar
by MinerGate

A graph showing the historical total number of QuazarCoin coins which have been mined

QCN rates calculator and conversion tool

QCN simple estimated coins per day calculator

QCN mining revenue

Mining profitability QuazarCoin in comparison to Litecoin

The QCN bounty fund is generous to active and responsible people. If you want to help with the development, marketing or anything else, PM me or write me.
Now we are looking for C++ coders.

Logo 256×256
Logo 512×512
Logo metallic 521×512

QuazarCoin was launched recently, and QuazarCoin must expand. If you want to help – you can send donation for QCN bounty fund.

QCN address for donation:




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Crypto Coins Table
Crypto Prices

New Generation of Full Anonymous Cryptocurrency




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