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ToaCoin is a simple cryptocurrency designed to be used in Travel industry. It is developed by TOA (Travel Operations Agency) whose main goal is to provide its users the capability to use ToaCoin as the cryptocurrency within its umbrella of partnered Hotels, Travel agencies and even coffee shops. This convenience offers you much advantage when traveling through different countries - oblivious of the currency exchanges and the need to bring cash.

This is a very bold and fresh approach to integrate a cryptocurrency as an additional and secure mode of payment and transfers between travel agencies, event suppliers and hotel companies. The process of partnering with different travel entities that would utilize TOA coin is already undergoing.




TOA Blockchain.

ToaCoin, like all the other cryptocurrencies out there has a blockchain that it works on. You can easily refer to the blockchain as an electronic ledger of all the transactions. It is also a chain of blocks hence called a blockchain. Think of it as if you’re writing everything that is happening in your business, and a block is a page of your logbook. You flip the page to record new ones – it is the same as additional blocks are being added in the blockchain. You can go back and check what happened before but you can’t edit what you’ve written. Only that blockchain is more of a global scale and reside over the Internet and you’re all allowed to write on the blocks anytime using a software or your wallet. And all of you will have an identical record of events or blockchain.

You might be thinking, we record things from anywhere and anytime almost simultaneously so the blocks could be messed up. That’s what ‘confirmation’ is for. If you initially send/receive funds, that transaction will have a transaction id and will be marked as ‘unconfirmed’ at first. It will be written to the blockchain then gets confirmed in the process  basically making it possible  for everyone to know that such transaction happened. Confirmation basically validates things so the blockchain knows that such coins were already transferred and you can’t spend those anymore. This basically makes sure that all transactions are recorded and validated by a single blockchain regardless if they happened at the same time.

TOA has its own blockchain – meaning its users can only transfer assets across the blockchain and you won’t be able to transfer funds from another blockchain or cryptocurrency to/from TOA.


TOA travel payments.

The travel and industry sector is set to reap many benefits from the promises of the blockchain technology and currencies such as ToaCoin. For instance, in streamlining travel payments –  without proper debiting procedures, thousands of hotels and destinations would not be able to operate and offer their unique packages to their travelers and guests.

Right now the form of payments being received are in the form of cash and credit/debit cards. While cash can be considered “king of all payments” as no establishment would deny any cash-carrying tourists, it can also make traveling a little cumbersome if there are no foreign exchanges in sight (have you arrived at a destination at 3am only to see the CLOSED signs of Foreign Exchanges?).

Granted that there are Foreign Exchanges at the airports – but have you experienced having different monies in the form of different currencies as you catch your flight home.  You arrive at your destination and wonder what you are ever going to do with the singles in terms of Euro, Dollars and other denominations you have.

Or if you are a credit card owner… the tinge of hesitation you go through as you encode the secret number online  –  as you check for the nth time if the website you are logged is not a phishing site ready to steal your credit card identities.

Or when you get home and see a bunch of  purchases done on your credit card – and you have to call your credit card provider to cancel those dubious purchases. In some countries, it is even more difficult to contest those purchases and you may even end up paying for them.

While credit card companies are beginning to find stringent ways to protect the credit card holders, it is not un-common practice that you need to call your credit card bank and tell them that you need to have your card pre-authorized so you can use them overseas.

Now consider the benefit of using this blockchain technology in your travel payments. It would be fast and it would be very secure.  You can transact in the privacy of your room using your smartphone and your identity is very much protected.  The encryption  of the wallet address would be virtually impossible to copy through memory.  And the un-editable blockchain could easily show the contestable transactions should it ever occur.

The blockchain technology would benefit the travelers as end users, and the hotels and destinations as service providers.  The blockchain technology eliminates the need for any currency exchanges and the charges are no longer dependent on whether you are willing to be charged in dollars or pounds – as it is a currency in itself.


TOA Hub Café.

This is one of the main projects of TOA Management, creating a Hub where TOA users can meet and more. It’s like your regular coffee shop – but this time, the only currency to be used inside is purely TOA. Customers can pay using their mobile wallet or online wallet accounts. It being a HUB for TOA – would also mean that TOACoin holders would be able to redeem perks given to all TOA members.

These perks could be discounts rates, freebies while enjoying their free and comfortable personal space to talk with other TOA users, merchants and potential business partners, go online, trade in the crypt-exchanges and get support and additional support from the TOA staff and where necessary, the TOA technical team.

TOA will setup partner merchants inside as well to sell their items/products in exchange of your TOA. There will also be an offline exchange program where you can buy/sell TOA to and from your local currency depending on where the TOA Hub Cafe is located. Creating a direct exchange program will bring in more users as they will find TOA to be very convenient to acquire, to sell and use as mode of payment.


TOA Bookings.

TOA Bookings acts like your regular travel booking online that makes of TOA as the digital currency. The hotel accommodations and travel packages that will be listed here are the TOA business partners where you can experience the most out of their services through the TOAcoins.

The advantages of using TOAcoin for your travel-related expenses cannot be underestimated. The rates are not affected by the ongoing currency exchange rates, operational through mobile and desktop wallets, very secure and all transactions are easily monitored through the blockchain.




Coincapmarket ranking: 208.

Current coin Value: $0.005968 (+1.54%).

Market Cap: $10,110,365.

24hr volume: $136,887.

Circulating Supply: 1,694,175,453 TOA.

Total Supply: 8,842,975,127 TOA.

There are initially 8.8 billion TOAs with a yearly inflation or volume growth of 2% . The low inflation rate of 2% simply means that TOA Coin holders gain additional coins by simply holding unto their TOA Coin at 2% per annum evenly distributed every day. A low inflation rate is needed to create a balance between rewarding TOA Coin holders while at the same time not producing too much new TOA Coins that could end up being sold to exchanges creating a downtrend price effect.

Although there are 8.8 Billion total coins, only half of it can be used because the other half is being used to secure the network. The 51% of the coins is kept in a couple of wallets that the public can monitor via the block explorer.  This 51% volume is in always-on systems to make sure that some 3rd party users won’t be able to conduct a plan to edit the blockchain to their advantage.


Proof method.


POW was used to mine the genesis block. Then to make sure that the blockchain works properly, POW was used for the first 1000 blocks. TOA Coin POW phase was completed before launching it to the public allowing the users to treat it as a pure PoS Coin with 2% annual inflation rate.

What  is PoW?

POW or Proof-of-Work allows users to mine the coin or basically get it for free by just using some software on their computer. (which was how bitcoin was back in the early days.) The problem with POW ( aside from you get it free at first using just your computer) is that it becomes more difficult to mine as years go by – so bitcoin nowadays can no longer be mined by just a computer alone as you need specialized devices or so called miners that cost a couple of thousands US Dollars to mine small amounts of bitcoins. But POW coins are attractive to the miners as the earlier you mine the coin, the easier it can be mined , which results with you getting assets just by using your miners.



POS or Proof-of-Stake requires a miner to be just a simple software in the computer which is your very own wallet that you installed in your computer. In POS, the amount of free coins that you will get depends on how high the inflation rate the coin has.

TOAs has a yearly inflation or volume growth of 2%. So if you have 100,000 TOAs you will roughly gain additional 5 TOAs per day or simply 2,000 per year and this type of transaction is called Staking or Mining in the case of Bitcoin. These additional coins are called staking rewards as it is basically a reward that you gain for connecting to the network of users.


Why is staking important?

A blockchain is a peer to peer network and has no central server that controls  your coins unlike those digital currencies that do not have a blockchain.  With the blockchain, as more people are connected to the network, the more stable the network becomes  as everyone validates a transaction.

Think of it if you only have 2 users connected, one could be in the correct blockchain while the other could be trying to build his own blockchain or basically falsifying the data. Who will validate the transaction then if both are trying to write different versions of the blockchain?

You need validators or those who contain the right blockchain to compare the transactions and tell which one is correct and eventually reject the user who is trying to cheat the blockchain. So basically, the more users that  are connected to the network the better it is for the blockchain.  So how do users connect to the network?  They easily connect to the network via their wallet.






TOA Coin will provide users their Online wallet, a mobile wallet, a desktop wallet and more. Through these you are able to keep your TOAs or send/receive TOAs from other users. You also receive your staking reward in your wallet – though not all wallets receive staking rewards. The point of staking rewarding is you have your own blockchain copy and you validate the transactions of others.  But some wallets may not be capable of doing this. The mobile versions of the wallets are programmed to be lightweight and has smaller file size and it would not be able to keep up with the growing blockchain copy.

Download your wallets below:




In the world today, traveling is very common to each and everyone of us. We love to travel and TOACoin will simply allow you to love traveling much further by providing you services that you can avail with ease. TOACoin can be transferred to anyone at ease, anytime and fast. No need to wait for your local bank to transfer your funds and wait for the next banking day to receive your cash. Transfer funds using TOACoin and with its vast network of partnering travel service providers, all you will need is your mobile phone and you can travel at ease.



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