Golos coin


Golos coin

As part of the agreement with steem ink, and in order for Russian speaking users around the globe to be early investors, there was almost no information about the coin or its ICO in English. Since the Golos network has payed out its first payment to authors, and based on a large number of requests from users, we have decided to transalte some of the information to English.

Golos is now undergoing huge transformation, with an ongoing embedding of some of Bitshares best qualities, like multisig, own tokens, smart coins and so on.

golos.io is a webiste based on the media blockchain resource Golos, which is run on the graphene technology. Just like in steemit, community appreciation is an actual reward by itself, with posts, comments and other participation rewarded in a cryptocurrency token called Golos.

However Golos is, slighlty different to steemit. One of the differences is that Golos has had an ico, rather than bieng based on early mining. The ICO was intnded for .ru internet and has collected just over 600BTC (with just over 9000 participants), which is a crowd funding record for the Russian based internet community.

This is the ICO distribution list. Translated as following:
60% - of the tokens, were distributed at the public crowdsale that ended in December (the BTC collected were distributed as following: 70% development fund, 10% faunders, 10% steemit inc, 10% cyberfund)
10% - was sharedroped to steemit token holders (certain rules were applied. In order to get a sharedrop, users had to have had a certain level of activity on their account (snapshot was taken back in October) (out of which 4.84% went to steemit inc as part of license payment, and 0.35% went to exchanges)
10% - of the coins went to cyberfund, that funded the initial launch of the network and payed for all the development
8.98% - has been saved on the @golos account as a reserve development and registration fund
7% - went to the founders (in equal 8 parts)
3% - went to the launching witnesses
1.02% - was reserved to be payed to authors up until the first payout, which has happened about a week ago

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