Introducing YoShit Coin - Scrypt


YoShit Coin - Why?

Because we are tired of YoShit.
Wallet In Maintenance, No Support, Scam Bots, Lost Coins, Broken Link and the list goes on and on…


Coin Specs
Algorithm   Scrypt
Type   PoW/PoS
Coin name   YoShit Coin
Coin abbreviation   YST
Address letter   Y
RPC port   20058
P2P port   20057
Block reward   50 coins

Total pow coin supply - 9000000000 coins
Premine amount - In Maintenance
Last PoW block   block 1000000
Coinbase maturity   80 blocks
Target spacing   64 seconds
Target timespan   1 block
Transaction confirmations  18 blocks
Dark gravity wave implemented
Dedicated seed node for quick syncing
PoS percentage   10% per year dropping to 2.5% after block 450,000
Min/max coin age 5/unlimited

5,000 coins for download wallet (PM address Only)
10,000 coins for each vote on Novaexchange
1,000,000 for Mining Pool (5 max)
1,000,000 for Block Explorer (2 max)
500,000 for Mac Wallet
5,000 for translations

Rest will be used for Airdrops, faucets and promotions.

Wallets / Binaries - Source - Windows Wallet - Linx Wallet

Mining Pool

1. New
stratum+tcp:// -u Walletadress -p x   (VarDiff)

2. New YoShitcoin pool (scrypt)
-o stratum+tcp:// -u <WALLET_ADDRESS> -p c=YST

Explorer and nodes

Node list: