DECENT Announcement - Decentralizing Content Distribution






DECENT is a Decentralized Content Distribution Platform that is Open-Source and utilizes Blockchain to ensure security.
Intended for creative people, authors, bloggers, publicists and their fans and followers it allows borderless publishing of any text, picture, video or music content.

Intention of the project is to revolutionize Data Distribution on the Internet.

DECENT Development plan and Roadmap

Our vision is to create a fully integrated & trustworthy worldwide system of digital content distribution
in which the communication flow is secured and timestamped by the blockchain mechanism.




DECENT’s mission is to become a liaison between various industries by bridging the gap between the emerging blockchain ecosystem. Through secure and trustworthy digital content sharing platform we provide a vertically integrated system for industries, organizations or businesses while we focus on flexibility & sustainable development. Infrastructure of linked systems enables to set more intelligent international standards of efficient, cost-effective & secure content distribution. The principles of DECENT, based on distributed trust machine – the blockchain, bring reliability to wide range of sectors & services in which privacy and security play the crucial role.



DECENT Launch Date Announcement

Launch date: 30th June 2017

Today DECENT announces the launch date of the Blockchain-based digital content distribution platform!





DECENT ICO raised 5881.35 BTC!

DECENT Bitcoin Address

Start day: 11th of September 2016, 1pm GMT!

End day: 6th of November 2016, 11:59pm GMT!


The proceeds from the ICO will be allocated and used in the following categories:
Development and Operations, Legal Contingency, Marketing and Community outreach and Blockchain development.




To ensure that every participant in DECENT ICO will join the blockchain driven future of media with a confidence in our ability to keep the funds safe, we came up with a solution. All funds went directly into Coinbase 2-of-3 multi-signature vault. Meaning that, in order to withdraw the funds, 2 out of three signees need to agree on it.

DECENT has partnered with two reputable professionals who will represent the assurance of DECENT funds. Each of them will keep one key to the multi-signature vault.

Tibor Tarábek Founder of Microsoft Slovakia (Confirmation)
Alexander Vasylchenko CTO of Grid Singularity, Ex-CTO of Mycelium (Confirmation)

Please be aware that both are independent escrow partners and none of the companies mentioned above is involved in this partnership.

Establishing trust has been our priority since the very beginning of DECENT development. We believe both parties will establish stable basis of DECENT ICO trust thanks to their long-term professional experience. We are glad that the credibility of DECENT Network will be based on respected professionals with a long-term background in Blockchain and Information Systems.

DECENT Bitcoin Address




DCT is not just a cryptocurrency. Representing a fuel to the network it is a software tool which makes DECENT work. DCT holders will be able to trade the currency for other assets as other cryptocurrencies or digital content. Once the DECENT Platform is launched DCT will be available for trading or usage across the publishing and buying process on the Platform. DCT also serves as an anti-spam protection and reward for seeders/miners (or publishers in DECENT terminology).

After the launch of the final release of DECENT Network, DCT will be issued according to the ICO results.
DCT sold in the ICO will be 70% of the total DCT distributed. Part of this will be also pre-mine funds that will be distributed in following way:

10% for the DECENT Foundation
2% for the Investment Fund
1,000,000 DCT for DECENT Bounty program
3,000,000 DCT for Pre-software marketing.

The initial value of DCT will increase simultaneously with the Software Sale progress.
Which means the early participants get more for smaller value and apply for higher bonuses.

DECENT ICO 50% Bonus was extended from the originally planned 10M DCT to the first 10 hours of the ICO.
Our decision to change it was based on the initial issues with registration.
The bonus ended 11:00pm GMT on the September 11, 2016.
10% bonus of the first week ended on September 18, 11pm GMT.

The wrong-displayed bonuses were adjusted manually later on.

ETH value is set according to the current BTC/ETH exchange rate. Only BTC value is determinant. More information will follow soon.