[ANN] Durer Coin {DUR} Best trading coin 2017


Crypto currency peer to peer and instant generates different type of coins through mining with machine.
it helps people to earn as much as their thrust by lunching different type of coins weather they
are related to different kind of industries .crypto coin currency beat different fields by gaining
different communication method through net world.

Algorithm Scrypt

Type PoW/PoS

Block reward 800 coins

coin supply 420000000

Pos 2% per year

Pow block 2222

Target spacing   64 seconds

RPC port 19280

P2P port 19279

maturity 2 blocks

confirmations 2 blocks



Findblocks Pool - FINDBLOCKS WITH US !  

Homepage - www.findblocks.com


Configure Your Miners

stratum+tcp://findblocks.com:5295 -u YOUR WALLET -p x

ports vardriff
Port: 5294, Diff: 1024 Port: 5295, Diff: 2048 Port: 5296, Diff: 18192

Nicehash / MMR  port - 5296

Happy Mining  Smiley Payouts are every 10 mins after blocks has been confirmed Min payout - 5 

NEW Pool for Durer Coin[DUR]


No registration needed, just use your wallet adress as username and no password needed.

example for DURER COIN

stratum+tcp://miningpool2.thruhere.net:6480 -u YOURWALLETHERE -p x

3 available ports!
Port: 6470- Diff 8
Port: 6480- VarDiff: 512-16194 (use as default)
Port: 6490- Diff:32192 (use for hashmining or miningrigrentals)

Fees 1.5%
Email: [email protected]
tweeter: https://twitter.com/The_MiningPool

Smiley Smiley  HAPPY MINNING !!  Smiley Smiley

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