Diamond (DMD) Evolution v 2.0 | Hybrid Security | 25% PoS



Please remember to stake (PoS), it’s free Diamonds!

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Diamond Wallet version

Diamond Wallet Windows Installer + Database
Diamond Wallet for Windows
Diamond Wallet for MAC

Source Code

Github Changelog

Raspberry Pi 2 & PRO, IoT Devices

Blockchain Data: 

How To - blockchains and bootstraps 

Blockchain || Windows April/2017
Blockchain || for MAC by davembg April/2017

Bootstrap || CryptoChainer 

Replace all files except wallet.dat in
AppData > Roaming > Diamond (hidden) folder.


Diamond Multipool
Mining on the pool is through NiceHash or Yaamp
Mine: Scrypt, SHA256, Scrypt-N, X11, X13, Keccak, X15,
Nist5 and NeoScrypt.

Mining Field (US&EU)
0% Fee, Payout Fee applies, PROP, DDoS protection, IRC support

CryptoPools (USA)
1% Fee, Payout Fee, PROP, MPOS with NOMP stratum, IRC support

Cryptopia’s MineShaft (NZ)
(no information on the pool fees, mechanics or limits)

danbi’s pool
1% Fee , PROP, stratum & pushpool

Mining software: http://bit.diamonds/#miningsoft

- Android Wallet with ability to stake
- Diamond Stabilisation Mechanism
- Easy Invest Feature

- Coin Control
- ABE Block Explorer
- Paper Wallet
- Multipool
- Diamond OS
- Diamond Cloud Mining

Bounties are paid with the Foundation’s funds:
- Android Wallet with ability to mint.


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