KingCoin, A new era of Cryptocurrencies


King coin has been developed by user named Kingn56 from bitcointalk. He is involved in crypto since late 2012 when he was a teenager. Now he has came a long way to introduce his own cryptocurrency King Coin. Let’s have some detail about it.

Algo : SCRYPT and POS
Block Reward: 1 coin
POS: 2% Yearly
Coins become Mature/Stakeable after only 1 HOUR!
Starting Supply: 2501 Coins(Break Down of how they will be distributed available later but you can get the picture from this thread)
Total coin supply: 420000 coins (will take hundreds if not thousands of years to reach!)
Target of 1 block per minute once Coins spread and Network Strong!
Transaction Maturity: 5 Confirmations
Stake Maturity: 10 Confirmations
For AT LEAST the first year 500 coins will be held by the Development team to ensure that The block chain is running smoothly and we don’t have to worry about any 51% attacks. After that point we will be in touch with the community and decide how to proceed/what to do with the coins from there.

Rollout/Release Plans:
The release of the Kingn Block chain will begin with 2500 Coins being pre mined via POW, A hard limit of 2501 Blocks has been programmed into the blockchain that will only allow a maximum of 2500 coins to be created before POW is shut off and POS is activated with a 2% yearly return.

Once the coins Have Been Mined and are in his hands, The wallet and an explorer will be released to the public, he will make sure both a Windows and Linux Wallet are released. (plus a daemon if you want to host a node)

After this a 7-14 Day period of giveaways will take place in which more then 1000 Coins will be distributed for free and fairly to multiple members of the community, This will likely be in the range of 10-25KNC per Person!

An additional 250-500 KNC will be distributed through a bounty program.

Linux Wallet:
Window Wallet:
Daemon Wallet:
Paper Wallet:
Social Media:
Site: Soon!(Domain Has Been Purchased:

How to Add a config to your windows wallet for more nodes:
1. Download the windows wallet+config from the BCT talk thread.

2. Run the kingncoin exe, let if fully open then close it.

3. in the windows search type %appdata% and you should see a folder called roaming pop up.

4. open roaming and inside the roaming folder you should see a folder called kingncoin

5. take the kingncoin.conf file that i included with the wallet and drag it into their.

6. Reopen the wallet and you should now have 3-4 connections.

People Involved:
Lead Developer/Creator: KingN56
Community Manager 1: Freebase
Community manager 2: Steyox
Community Manager 3: Tjock
Investor: SaltySloth


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