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BRIASTORM new digital crypto currency PoS!
A reliable crypto unit is provided with limited emission
And the real turnover of the means of developed infrastructure.


Crypto currency: BriaCoin [BRIA]
Founder: BRIASTORM tm
Year of foundation: December 7, 2016
Max. Number of coins: 3,000,000 BRIA
Algorithm and generation: PoS
POW Pre-Mine: 1%
Block generation time: 1 min.
Annual income: up to 3%
Minimum commission P2P transactions: 0.0001 BRIA
High anonymity
Compatibility with TOR networks
Additional “stealth” addressing
Smart contracts platform


Instant and secure P2P transactions. Briacoin provides the Proof-of-stake (PoS) algorithm, the proof of the fraction or amount,
The coin is affected by time and quantity. PoS mining is easy to use and does not require large computer resources.
Briacoin is built on the principle of “hard” currency, the number of coins is limited to 3 000 000 pcs, and PoW is for the launch of the PoS algorithm
Only 1% and is 30 000 coins, some of which are allocated for primary emissions, the launch of the PoS algorithm, maintenance of the main nodes
Ensuring the operation of its own platform of smart contracts, holding Bounty and Ico campaigns. To participate in further PoS generation
It is necessary to purchase a certain number of Briacoin c available exchanges or get coins within the marketing network business of Briastorm.
The received coins should be on the balance of the owner within 7 days and receive 120 confirmations of the Network.
In July 2017, the Bounty campaign is launched and in November 2017 ICO is being prepared for the coin according to the Road Map of the project,
Which in the near future will be published on the official website of the coin.


1% (the pre-award is distributed among the participants of the BRIA network, the community, ICO and Bounty companies, for the successful operation of the nodes and the algorithm
As well as providing its own platform for smart contracts and a social network with payment for actions and activities.
At the moment, the distribution of coins is completed, the results are summed up and the transition to a more complex and interesting level of work.


BriaCoin provides the algorithm of Proof-of-stake (PoS). Proof of the Share or Amount.
This allows you to generate more coins if you keep the deposit intact for 7 days.
To start the mining it is necessary that the coins were not touched on the purse for 7 days. 
The reward for the block varies in proportion to complexity. The complexity increases with each block.
The generated coins must receive 120 confirmations before they can be spent.
These coins also need to “lie down” for 7 days to take part in further PoS generation.
The number of coins in a block is determined by the complexity. The complexity changes with each block.
PoS mining is quite easy to use and does not require large computer resources.
Fixed compensation for participation in equity financing.
Commissions depending on the time of participation. To start mining new coins with PoS -
It is necessary to purchase some quantity of BriaCoin c available for Exchanges
Or get coins as part of the marketing network business BriaStorm.
The coin is under the influence of time and quantity. Brings up to 3% of revenue per year, has low emissions
And has a good investment profitability.


Briastorm - an innovative advertising network of goods and services based on blockbuster technology,
In which Briacoin serves as the provision of smart contracts, has an active community and developed infrastructure.
Briacoin is the equivalent of the obligations of participants in Smart contracts and is provided with real money
Passing through the advertising network. Briacoin has a limited emission, and the potential for rapid growth due to the growth of the advertising network
And wired into marketing of progressive algorithms, referring to the class of low-risk digital assets.
BriaCoin works with a variety of services and projects. Exchange crypto currency. Payment system. Advertising services.
SMO / SMM service promotion in social networks and job exchange with payment in Briacoins.
Social network with payment for activity by the Briacoins. Own platform of smart contracts based on the blockbuster network BriaCoin.
The coin is secured by smart contracts and turnover with smart marketing.


Development of the platform and implementation of smart contracts based on the blockbuster network Briacoin.
Smart contracts Briacoin provide work of partner and advertising network of goods and services.


Exchange crypto currency. Many services and projects. Unique marketing.
Payment system. Advertising services. Cranes. Games. Social network.
Instant P2P anonymous and secure transactions. High speed of transactions.
Complete decentralization and increased anonymity of payments.


BRIA is not just another crypto currency, but an innovative partner network of goods and services based on blockbuster technology.
Briacoin serves as a collateral for smart contracts. Instant and secure P2P transactions. Using P2P technology,
Briacoin functions without any controlling body or central bank;
Transaction processing and emissions are carried out collectively by network participants.
The architecture of blockhouses is known all over the world, no one owns or controls BriaCoin, but everyone can become members of the network.
BRIACOIN has an active community and developed infrastructure.


Information coming soon


Information coming soon


Information coming soon


Information coming soon


Information coming soon


Conducting the Bounty. Conducting the ICO. The withdrawal of the coin to various exchanges and markets.
Implementation in exchange offices and payment systems. Implementation and integration with various projects and networks.
Consider proposals. If you have proposals for integration - contact us.


Chat messenger inside the purse - BriaChat Private Messaging: Instant p2p Encrypted Messaging.
A single tunnel chat messenger for the social network, including the integration of your own Social CRM and Briacoin Wallet.
The platform of smart contracts, a separate application, compatible with Briacoin Wallet and the instant messenger of the social network.
Integration of the market of goods and services with the possibility of paying Briacoin with a platform of smart contracts.
We are engaged in the development and preparation of a white sheet and road map, where we will talk in detail about our technologies and Developments. 


Solving the problem of relationships. Smart contract (smart contract) - represents the block-system technology of the decentralized record
About the parameters of the advertised product or service, the relationship between each other, the advertiser, the publisher and the webmaster,
Based on data on the remuneration of parties backed up by individual tokens based on our network blockbuster.
We create a Standard for the formation of a project using digital assets, the translation of the human language into a standardized algorithm,
The system is universal and multilanguage, since it is built on basic senses. In the future, the system can become a registry,
Arbitration, digital project data, and be used as a database for other platforms, services and crypto-currencies.





Attention! Be sure to install new wallets! Since July 1, 2017 we have transferred the network to new wallets. Older work longer will not.

Direct download links without registering:



Mobile version of the wallet for ANDROID 

Developed versions of the wallet and applications for other operating systems, including mobile,
As well as planned placement of free applications in the App Store, Google Play market and Windows Shop.

+ Block and transaction explorer is available inside the wallet
++ wallet has modern and technological design
+++ interfaces and usability of the wallet are implemented on the basis of the latest Bitcoin Core technologies


Ore.Bz trades in pairs BRIA/USD | BRIA/BTC | BRIA/ETH
BitFish.io trades in pairs BRIA/BTC


Twitter https://twitter.com/briacoin
Telegram chat https://t.me/joinchat/BtNWJw192Pps9rLySvjh0w
Служба поддержки https://briastorm.bitrix24.ru/online/briastormltd?user_lang=en
E-Mail [email protected]

P.S. For users of the forum a bonus is supposed. The distribution of coins continues on July 31st, 2017.
To receive bonus coins, we publish your purses here.

Main and official BRIAcoin site https://briacoin.com