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CAPTcoin is the best distributed PoS coin.
During 50 days19,764 unique addresses claimed their share.The total distribution time was 50 days. After that time, all remaining coins were destroyed. Distribution is over now.

Distribution was made by solving captchas. It’s important to mention that those captchas don’t generate any income: http://CAPT.co.in/f76

They’re used for these reasons:

  • People must invest time and effort to claim their coins. Therefore, they will appreciate them and won’t dump them.
  • Prevent anybody from using bots to claim an unfair share. Anybody can claim several times, but only investing real time.
  • Anybody can claim. Mining rigs are not required.

Some people have asked if the page that distributed the coins was a captcha farm. Of course no
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Hundreds of people are using crypto-currencies for the first time thanks to CAPTcoin.Read below and join CAPTcoin!

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As planned,
CAPTcoin distribution ended on Saturday, September the 13th 2014 at 5PM UTC.As planned, (16 days after the pre-announcement)
CAPTcoin was launched on Friday, July the 25th 2014 at 5PM UTC.

During 50 days, anyone will be able to get their share just by investing some time.
Nobody can get free CAPTcoin in any other way, so it’s fair for everybody.

Windows wallet:


Mac wallet: Compiled and provided by mammix2


Source code:


CAPTcoin.conf (included in the zip package):


You can read detailed instructions here.

  • Ticker: CAPT
  • Proof-of-stake
  • 100% distributed (see “Distribution”)
  • Total coins: 3,073,320 CAPT plus stake.
  • Stake: 30% per year, until 100,000,000 CAPT are created
  • Recommended confirmations: 4
  • Maturity: 50 confirmations
  • Minimum age: 8 hours
  • Maximum age: 50 days
  • RPC port: 26651
  • P2P port: 26652

Distribution lasted 50 days, from Friday, July the 25th 2014 at 5PM UTC until Saturday, September the 13th 2014 at 5PM UTC.

The result was:

19,764 unique addresses addresses claimed 3,073,320 CAPTcoin.

More stats can be seen here.

At this moment, 50,134 unique addresses have received some amount of CAPTcoins
and 21,764 keep positive balance.

There are a total of 3,111,570 coins in circulation.