The wallet release is done. we had to make a lot of fixes to the performance and network connections, and managed to finish Masternodes / Mastertoads. They cost 15,000 PEPE and begin paying block 733,500, 37.5% of all POS rewards.

Tomorrow is the full release of home website, and a proof of fully working kekdaq youtube video.

Saturday is the final beta testing of kekdaq and cleaning things up. Sunday night, full kekdaq GUI, CLI, and exchange online comes out.

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PepeCoin is done renaming back from MEME to our original name PepeCoin with the ticker PEPE We are still listed on Bittrex as MEME due to some pressures.

Kekdaq - Decentralized Asset Creation and Exchange informational website is now live. Sign up for early beta GUI access on June 12th!


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PepeCoin Wallet Update - Mandatory

Windows Wallet:


Source Code:


Protocol version increased to 60410
Network stoppage fixed
Checkpoints added for proper chain

PepeCoin / PEPE is listed on cryptopia and coming to yobit soon:

and Bittrex:

It’s the same coin, theyre interchangable 100%

We will be listed as PEPE / PepeCoin on, soon.

We will stay listed as Memetic / MEME on Bittrex, with a new logo for them and other exchanges facing political  pressure from regulators about listing Pepe The Frog. We don’t want to be delisted and have agreed this can work to our benefit, to have a clean image for mainstream exchanges,  but be known as PepeCoin. Bittrex is undergoing huge upgrades soon and we don’t want to miss out on that.  This is very similar to when exchanges named Coinye KOI and FISH to hide quietly.

An explorer, forum, wiki, website, roadmap, and more news and tech information is on the way, devs are working hard.

Masternodes are being added back, probably at a cost of 50k per node. In the future masternodes will be acting as IPFS hosting nodes, hosting encrypted content for the network. They have been disabled through the life of the coin but we expect them working within 2-4 weeks, depending on any bugs encountered.

PepeCoin / PEPE

Memetic / MEME  (undercover exchange listing, PEPE preferred)

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Final PEPE / PepeCoin rebrand update. Thank you for all your help testing all the previous builds.


New nodes: (auto added in wallet)



Source code:



PepeCoin Reborn Confirmation Update

Bittrex has approved our rename to PepeCoin. We are .1 away from raising the 1.5 needed to rebrand.

The network has been upgraded to wallet version PepeCoin 64109-Release and the protocol version has been bumped so old wallets can no longer connect. Please upgrade ASAP, this is a mandatory upgrade. If you are still running on, you may need to resync the whole chain by deleting everything except your wallet.dat in the appdata folder.

Windows Wallet:

Virustotal scan:

Source code:

PepeCoin PEPE Rebrand Security Update has been released — this is a mandatory update.

Be sure to copy your wallet.dat to your Appdata\Roaming\PepeCoin directory. You can copy all the data including the blockchain over from the Memetic folder without problems.

A full list of changes, and updates will be posted to ANN with our status updates, plans, roadmap, etc — for now you are welcome to look through our commit [history at

Exchanges, services, please update before block 580,000. If you have not updated by block 580k you will have no problems resyncing and copying wallet.dat to your ~/.pepecoin/ folder and reconnecting to the network as usual.

All devteam owned nodes have been updated, at block 580000 POW will pay out 5 coins per block, POS at 5% per year. Please see the commits for now for more information until it is all added here.

We are trading on Bittrex as Memetic - — Changing soon to PepeCoin



Renaming soon, see github readme

Block Explorers




X11 - (POW payments increase to 5 PEPE per block at block 580,000)


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Coin Information
Algorithm: x11
Mining: POW / POS hybrid

Default port 28377 and RPC port 28376

- 60 seconds block time POW
- ~3 Months Proof of Work mining distribution total ~12m coins - POW restart block 580,000, 5 PEPE per block for first year
- X11 mining algorithm
- Digishield algorithm difficulty retargeting

- Encrypted messaging
- In Wallet bittrex trading tba &&&
- 40 confirmations for newly Proof of Work mined blocks
- 100 confirmations for newly Proof of Stake minted blocks

POSV3 Details
- Proof of Stake activates at block 9000.
- 60 seconds per block time Proof of Stake
- 6 hour minimum stake age
- 160 confirmations for newly minted blocks
- Strict checkpointing per block
- Staking rewards are variable depending on the number of coins held:

PEPE Stake Rate Information: After block 580,000, 5% per block.

There is a small developers fund split 3 ways at 2% each, which is paid automatically from POS blocks and POW blocks. It is sent to 3 seperate developers and helps to ensure the longetivity of the project.

More information, FAQ, plans, roadmap will follow here. Our proof of meme image hashing system will be used to store images on an imgur-like IPFS host. We intend to store sensitive data and/or medias which may be supressed by governments or special interests, as well as some dank frog memes.

A website is being completed that will better illustrate our passed benchmarks and our future plans.

Past news
ANN and website are in the process of being updated with roadmap & plans & presentation

Technical Update (completed)

Additionally, there will be another in wallet feature that will be used for the submission of written content to the chain.  Memetic will have an easy to use interface for timestamping your meme image.  The content will be hashed and only the hash is stored in the Memetic blockchain.  The hash is turned into a Memetic address, to which a small payment is sent.  The addresses used for meme proofing are unspendable, therefore every use of this feature “burns” Memetic coins.  You will be able to then prove that the image was made prior to the block that contains the payment made to the generated address.  Memetic will be producing easy to use interfaces both in the wallet and on the web to make adoption and use of this feature streamlined and easy.

Chain Message wall: (completed)

Memetic will also implement a message wall feature in the wallet, with an easy to use function where for a small fee in Memetic (that is burned) users can write a message to the blockchain and have it display in the feed. These 3 features will form the platform of the next technical update phases.

What is Pepecoin?

Pepecoin is an open source peer to peer cryptocurrency that carries the memecoin genre to the next level with innovative features and real world application aimed at the robust community that already supports Pepe.  Pepecoin utilizes the x11 algorithm for POW mining in order to ensure the broadest possible audience has the capability to mine PEPE, secure the network, and guarantee fair distribution.

Pepecoin is the product of several months of efforts by a team of 3 talented developers.  Pepecoin includes many proven combined technologies, new security measures, and continued development.  The mining and staking rewards structure and commitment to community development and will ensure that Pepecoin remains a viable, useful, profitable coin for years to come.

Security improved open source “Fair-Weight” Proof of Sadfrog protocol technology

Enforced stake weight coin value cap of 10,000 PEPE replaces the idea of ‘block splitting’ and prevents large PEPE holders from signing an unfairly/insecurely large number of POS blocks.

Coin holders benefit from multiple block stakes and are rewarded for running regularly as a node.

More information, FAQ, plans, roadmap will follow here. Our proof of meme image hashing system will be used to store images on an imgur-like IPFS host. We intend to store sensitive data and/or medias which may be supressed by governments or special interests, as well as some dank frog memes.

A website is being completed that will better illustrate our passed benchmarks and our future plans.

Code History:
Launch repo:

Memetic rebrand:

Pepecoin 2.0 CURRENT Repo:

PepeCoin 2.0 - March 2017 

Memetic 1.5 - April 2016 

PepeCoin 1.0 - March 2016