SweepstakeCoin (SWEEP) - PoW/PoS, TOR, Sweepstake, Upgrade V1.3


About SweepstakeCoin

SweepStakeCoin (SWEEP) is a new PoW/PoS coin with many nice features.

- It integrates and enhances the sweep stake features originally defined in JackpotCoin;
- It integrates natively with TOR, so all the connections and communications in SweepstakeCoin automatically happen through TOR, thus protecting your privacy, and no client side set up needed;
- It also uses JHA algorithm for PoW. JHA (JackpotCoin Hash Algorithm) is an advanced algorithm similar to X11, but enhanced with energy saving and better security. There is no ASIC available for this hash algorithm, so as opposed to X11/X13 etc where ASICs are available, the use of JHA will ensure that we have a fair mining environment with GPU/CPU.
- It also provides integrated encrypted messaging.

All the above features are provided at the launch time, and the dev team will continue developing and enhancing the coin.

Website: www.sweepstakecoin.info

Please vote for us at NovaExchange, vote for SWEEP! : https://novaexchange.com/addcoin/

**Version 1.3 is released. Version 1.3 added checkpoints to resolve fork issue. It is a *mandatory* upgrade, so please upgrade as soon as possible. Sweepstake feature is temporarily disabled. Once the blockchain is stablized, we’ll restore it. Thanks.**

Sweepstake Details

SweepStakeCoin creates sweepstake for everyone who mines to get a chance to win big. The sweepstake will start at 50X of the normal block payment, and increases exponentially with the time. When the elapsed time reaches 5 days, which is the average expected time to win, the sweepstake will grow to 1,000X the normal payment. If still not won, the sweepstake will continue to grow with the time exponentially, until it reaches 10 days where the sweepstake will increase to maximum 20,000X the normal block payment. After 10 days, the sweepstake will stay at 20000X the normal block payment until won.

The formula to calculate the sweepstake is:

For example, if the normal payment is 1000 SWEEPs, and you win the sweepstake at 7th day 16 hours, the sweepstake payment will be
1000 * (50 * exp(c*7 2/3)) = 4,941,772 SWEEPs

The payout curve is shown in the following diagram. Note that this is an example where the current block payout is 1000 SWEEPs.

You can check the current sweepstake size using the client. Open the wallet and go to Help->Debug window->Console, type getcurrentsweepstake, you will see the current sweepstake size.

Also the sweepstake is determined with true randomness, so no cheating from big hash powers.

Native Integration with TOR

The code-level integration with TOR ensures that we are always in an secured environment. There is no client side configuration needed. The Client will automatically join the TOR network and connects to the other TOR nodes in the network (including our seed nodes). After you connect to the SweepstakeCoin network, check your displayed IP using SweepstakeCoin client console, you will see that your client is assigned a hidden TOR address (onion address). See the following screenshot.

JHA Hash Algorithm

This hash algorithm is designed by JackpotCoin team and has many advantages over the conventional hash algorithms. Notably:
- No AISC Available
- Energy Saving
- More Secure

The following is a excerpt from the original description of the JHA.

“JHA has designed using Random Hashing Method and Random Variable Hashing Round using SHA3, Blake, Grøstl, JH, Skein. It achieves the highest Secure Level without increase the requirements such as electric or hardware cost. It is permanently ASIC resist because there are multi-level of anti-parallelism in instruction, sub module, even full rounds of hashing… JHA uses variable random hashing rounds, it reduces the hashing power requirements by 1/2 comparing with the linear hashing method. And it increases 16234 times on the security side.”

Coin Specifications

- PoW/PoS
- JHA algorithm for PoW
- 3 transaction confirmations
- 50 minted block confirmations
- Total coins will be around 2 billions after 10 years.
- Connection port 17570, RPC port 17571
- 5% premine for development costs, code maintenance/enhancements, bounties, and giveaways etc.

- 60 sec block target
- diff retarget each block
- Initial payout will be 1000 coins per block
- True random sweepstake
- Sweepstake as described above
- PoW payout will be reduced by 5% every 30 days. Minimum payout will be 1 SWEEP and will stay there (it will be reached after 11 years and 3 months)

- 60 sec block target
- diff retarget each block
- PoS interest will be variable per year: 1st year: 20%, 2nd year: 10%, 3rd and subsequent years: 5%.
- minimum holding time before the pos will be generated 1 day.
- maximum allowed accumulated coin is 30 days (this is to discourage people hold the coin but never open the client).

Coin Source and Wallet Downloads

Source Code (Version 1.3)

Windows Client (Version 1.3)

Windows Client Virus Scan Report (Windows Client Version 1.3)

Linux Client (Daemon, compiled on Ubuntu, Version 1.3)
see FAQ on how to use Daemon

Bootstrap file - if your wallet not sync or you want quick sync, use bootstrap.dat

To use bootstrap file, download and unzip the file, exit the client. Locate your config dir. Make a backup of wallet.dat in config dir.
Then remove everything in your config dir EXCEPT wallet.dat, peers.dat and SweepstakeCoin.conf (if you have one). Again DO NOT
remove your wallet.dat. Now copy bootstrap.dat to your config dir, then start the wallet client. Now your wallet should say importing
blockchain from bootstrap.dat. Wait for it to finish, and you should be in sync.

Also pleazse temporary disable the staking (put staking=0 in conf file), once the blockchain stablized, you can restore staking.

Mining Software, Mining Pools and Exchanges

Mining Software
Basically all miners that support JHA. The following is a list with links
Original JHA miner source for CPU: https://github.com/rtc29462/cpuminer
Original JHA miner source for GPU: https://github.com/rtc29462/sgminer
GPU miner for amd by djm34, explanation and exe: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=584481.msg7485969#msg7485969
and source: https://github.com/djm34/sgminer-jpc
CPU miner: https://github.com/cbuchner1/ccminer/releases for NVIDIA users!
CPU miner: https://github.com/ig0tik3d/cpu-jackpotcoin
otila’s CPU miner: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9h02pRWKaODQUFTOWdzbVJXZ2s/edit

To solo mine: for example using djm34’s miner, just type:
# sgminer.exe -k jpc -o localhost:17571 -u yourusername -p yourpassword

Also these modules can be used to integrate with mining pools:
jackpotcoinhash python module for pool or stratum

Mining Pools
Suprnove Pool: https://sweep.suprnova.cc (offline now)

Block Explorer


https://coinsmarkets.com/trade-BTC-SWEEP.htm (SWEEP/BTC)


Logo Contest: we are looking for a better logo, please post your design. There are two prizes:
- 1st prize: 50,000 SWEEPs, and the logo will be used as official logo for SWEEP.
- 2nd prize: 20,000 SWEEPs

The dev team and community will decide which is the best logo. The winners will be determined around May 15th.