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Shift is the new web. Decentralized and versatile.
Combining a blazing fast, dApp-ready, delegated Proof of Stake blockchain with the interplanetary file system - for a decentralized, resilient and highly
extensible web 3.0 platform. Building the new world wide web. Just better.
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Algorithm  Delegated POS    Block Time  27 Sec    Block Reward  1 Shift    Round Time  45 Min    Delegate Cost  60 Shift



|    Who are the people behind SHIFT
  Core team members

Community & Infrastructure Development
shiftnrg.ryver.com: @jan

Core development
shiftnrg.ryver.com: @ralfs

Core development
shiftnrg.ryver.com: @goldeneye

Mariuszeq, CATALYST
Lisk core development and Explorer
shiftnrg.ryver.com: @mq

Community & script contributor
shiftnrg.ryver.com: @seatrips

Advisor & contributor
shiftnrg.ryver.com: @maverick69


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|    Releases & announcements
  Development Updates

For the Latest Updates: Read our newsletter on Shiftnrg.org (Here)

Mar 02, 2017: IPFS playground ready on testnet, ShiftNrg IPFS gateway ready (Read more)
Nov 19, 2016: Changes to team constellation and voting process (Read more)
Nov 16, 2016: Roadmap and website now available to public (Read more)
Nov 10, 2016: Development outlook and announcements (Read more)
Oct 23, 2016: Release of 5.1.0, update is mandatory (Read more)
Oct 20, 2016: Manual swap successfully completed and proof of work mining over (Read more)
Oct 15, 2016: Mandatory update to SHIFT 5.0.0, please update as soon as possible (Read more)
Oct 13, 2016: Details about the manual swap procedure and period from the legacy chain (Read more)
Oct 11, 2016: Balances distributed and trading re-enabled (Read more)
Oct 07, 2016: Bittrex swap completed successfully with 7.7 Mill coins deposited (Read more)
Oct 03, 2016: Timeline and info about the Bittrex swap procedure and period (Read more)
Oct 01, 2016: Lisk forked successfully and testnet stable (Read more)


|    Contribute

For those of you who want to contribute to Shift but don’t have the time or the skills to develop, it’s now possible to donate to official addresses!
We never thought about setting this up because we wanted to grow the hard way, pay for everything ourselves, but @mrgr, @seatrips and some other active members said: why withhold the possibility for people to contribute to the project even if they really want to help?

So that why we created this page tonight:


|    Articles & PR
  All the news can be found in

The NewsLetter


|    Documentation, guides & helpers

SHIFT API Documentation

Shiftbot: Realtime updates about node status via Telegram
ShiftLOTTO: Deposit some SHIFT and try your luck in the weekly drawing

4miners.net wallet
Shiftnrg.nl wallet

4miners.net explorer
Shiftnrg.nl explorer


|    Answers & facts
  Frequently asked questions

 What is the total number of coins?
At the time of DPOS launch around mid October 2016 it is 10 Million + delegate rewards.

 How many coins are forged daily?
Delegates forge 2 coins every minute or ~2880 coins per day or ~520k in 6 months.

 How does staking for SHIFT work?
SHIFT uses delegated proof of stake where users have to contribute to the network by running
a reliable node and apply for a delegate position that other users vote on.

 How was distribution before DPOS handled?
SHIFT had a 12 month proof of work period (Dagger Hashimoto) before migrating to delegated
proof of stake. There will be no further proof of work mining.

 Where is the official wallet download?
As with LISK, SHIFT does not employ traditional desktop wallets but web wallets where you are
in control of your private keys in the form of a passphrase.


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