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Xaurum has been launched on the Ethereum platform.
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Aurum Project

Aurum is a project of creating a precious crypto, it’s goal is the representation, preservation and accumulation of value. A golden blockchain was created, its currency, Xaurum, was coined as a representative commodity money, 100% backed with gold. Each Xaurum in exchange is backed by 1 g certified gold of 999.9 purity and is exchangeable for it by Auresco Institute online on globally. Xaurum is created to perpetually rise in value by continually increasing the gold reserves - for this, some crypto-alchemy is required.


Xaurum is coined out of a Proof of Stake blockchain, with starting 0.01% yearly inflation. 1016 of coins were sold on ICO by Auresco Institute, 1016 of 1g 999.9 certified gold was bought, below EU retail prices. This way 1016 usable coins, 100% backed by gold are created, a golden foundation on which we build. 998,984 of the coins will be mineable at goldmine, our PoS multipool, making the total of coins in exchange 1,000,000 when all are mined. 90% of the coins will serve as guardian nodes, running on secure servers transparently, and will never enter exchange.
Time required for the acquisition of gold reserves is 2-4 weeks, time needed for shipping 3-7 days.


Remurrage is the yield of owning a currency for a certain duration.

Acceleration by Commonwealth

A flat increase of value that equally rewards all users of the currency,
by rising the value of each individual coin in exchange, accelerating adoption. Remurrage is achieved by increasing the gold reserves,
this increase is funded by the Commonwealth wallet.


A crypto gold mine is opened, a PoS type multipool where Xaurum can be mined, the goldmine collects  fees. In this way users are rewarded and miners and traders are incentivized. All the fees from the multipool are collected and distributed to the Commonwealth wallet. And because no code can cover all contingency, growth and payouts may be affected by it (in cases of volatility of btc, gold etc.).

Guardian nodes

90% of all blocks are mined by the guardian nodes and collect 90% of all transaction fees and 90% of stakes.
All of the fees collected by the guardian nodes are distributed to the Commonwealth wallet, the stake reward of users that enter exchange, are backed with gold and
guardian stakes are added to mining. Transaction fees and % of inflation are determined by the users collectively, for this purpose, a in-wallet voting system will be developed.

Auresco Institute

Auresco Institute is a non-govement, non-profit, financial institution, serving as a legal entity. Based in Slovenia, EU, it serves as a crypto-guild, counting all holders of Xaurum as its members, capable of participation and cooperation. Auresco Institute’s duty is the development and maintainance of Aurum project, it is funded by maximum of 5% - 10% rebate on gold purchases.
It preserves the blockchain by running the guardian nodes, its value by securing the gold reserves and running the website where it will be exchanging XAU for its worth in gold,
according to the gold reserves. This exchange will be accessible as “melting” on the website, gold will be shipped globally. When you melt, trust only signed emails ( so you can authenticate the email on  )
Cooperation and participation will be organized on freenode #aurumproject, announcements will be posted on twitter @urumproject. All actions will be as transparent as possible.

Some verification:



- First crypto representative commodity money
- 1,000,000 XAU in exchange (10,000 ICO, 990,000 mineable)
- 9,000,000 XAU in guardian nodes
- Commonwealth (from guardian nodes and goldmine)
- Gold reserves (from ICO and Commonwealth)
- Auresco Institute


- Goldmine
- Gold store, paying 50% of profit to the Commonwealth
- Treasury
- Validated accounts
- a candle

- Two-factor authentication
- Fee-voting: in-wallet fee voting system determining the quantity of transaction fees
- Improved wallet design: a more usable and block-chain centered wallet design
- Development of PoS

- Events and promotions
- ATMs

- Project devs: nihilnegativum, BelTirid (Gašper Kenda)
- Coin dev: flu663r
- Multipool dev:
- Web dev:

You can buy XAU on:

Bloombit is a Xaurum Ally (50% of Xaurum fees goes to Xaurum CommonWealth)

Coinage (mining and minting) formulas:

Payouts of the current pool are automated.

Use your Xaurum wallet address as username, and make password anything you like.

Wallet Download

Windows, Linux  & OS X

Wallet preview:

Proof of Gold

First shipment of 441g.

First two shipments of 893g.

Goldmine stats

The message can be verified on

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Xaurum gold verification.

… sic manet gloria mundi.
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Xaurum by Auresco Institute is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.