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Don’t let your memes be dreams, let them remain forever entwined with the blockchain of Kek.



What is Kekcoin?


Kekcoin is a peer-to-peer proof-of-stake cryptocurrency created to serve the internet community.
Kekcoin aims to be a revolutionary advancement in meme technology, and strives to fund projects that align with the will of Kek.
Join the kekcoin telegram chat and become an active community member! Kekcoin wishes to expand the global awareness of
cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology by funding curation and dissemination of dank original content.



                                                                   Coin Ticker: KEK
Initial PoW Distribution: 10,000,000 KEK (Done, to be distributed as described below)
Consensus Mechanism: Proof-of-stake 2.0
Minimum Stake Age: 8 hours
Coinbase Maturity: 66
Block Time: 1 minute (10x faster than BTC)
Difficulty Retarget: 22 minutes
Default Port: 13337
RPC Port: 13377
Total Supply: 21,000,000 KEK
Circulating Supply July 2017: 10,000,000 KEK
PoS Coinbase Reward Schedule: 50 KEK/ block (blocks 101 - 9999),
25 KEK/ block (blocks 10,000 - 19,999),
10 KEK/ block (blocks 20,000 - 29,999),
5 KEK/ block (blocks 30,000 - 99,999),
2.5 KEK/ block (100,000 - 199,999),
1 KEK/ block (for ~ 20 years).



The development fund will be used to finance upgrades to the kekcoin project for the foreseeable future.

The team and founders have put in a great deal of effort in setting up, testing and deploying Kekcoin,
in addition to building an early-stage community. The Team and Founders Reward is to compensate the work that has been
done so far in building the foundations of a thriving kekonomy.

Early contributors have funded the deployment of the technical infrastructure required to properly secure a global payment network.

Here’s where it gets interesting. These simple steps describe how you can acquire 0.1% of the circulating
Kekcoin supply (yes, over 9000 KEKs!) in the community airdrop! The distribution is securely verified using the Radium Smartchain.


>Windows PC (To download the SmartChain GUI)
>0.3 RADS ~ 70 cents (To purchase a blockchain identity on the Radium SmartChain)
>Bitcointalk forum account with at least jr. membership (30 posts)


Up to 60% of the circulating supply will be airdropped to the crypto community. The distribution will occur on a first come first serve basis.
The first 600 verified registrations will be credited with 10,000 KEK. Any unclaimed coins will be transferred to the Meme Bounty Fund.The airdrop funds are accumulated during the initial proof-of-work phase. This phase has already been carried out,
and the proof-of-stake phase will commence on Sunday, 23/07/2017, when the main net is publicly launched (approximately 6pm GMT).
Some of the first proof-of-stake block rewards will need to be staked by the development team in order to process the airdrop
transactions, but these rewards will then be added to the Meme Bounty Fund.

What is the Meme Bounty Fund you ask? As we have witnessed time and time again, memes have inherent power.
During the great meme war of 2016 there was undeniably hidden forces at play. We aim to utilise this meme magic,
to enhance it, and to assist in unveiling the true will of Kek. The Meme Bounty Fund will be a community driven fund.
The possibilities are endless. Bounty #1 begins today, with the goal of finding the most devout followers of Kek (See next post).



The Kekcoin Core team wish for this to be a community driven project. Instead of forming a roadmap and imposing
too much of our own will onto the project, we wish to work with the community to generate a pool of ideas, and organise to
work on the most desirable new features and use cases. In addition, this is an open source project, and community
contributions are welcomed at every opportunity!


Example future projects:
> Decentralised meme asset exchange, based on side chain technology such as Radium’s Smartchain or Blockstack’s Virtualchain.
> Proof-of-Meme service to use the kekcoin blockchain to prove that a given meme existed at a given time, with additional functionality to
attach a digital signature to that meme.
> Telegram Chat bot for Kekcoin tipping and Meme tools.


Regular development updates will be announced on our blog, here.



Satoshis Cat -Founder & Core Developer
“I believe that blockchain, and more broadly distributed ledger technology, has the potential to disrupt domains including finance,
government and global business, making progressive changes to systems that would not change without these new technologies.
I have been researching this technology as an academic for the past two years focusing on scalability, side chains and security - and
I’m now commencing a PhD focused on Blockchain. I aim to use what I know and learn to develop unique and exciting upgrades and
use cases for Kekcoin and for the wider cryptocurrency space.There are only so many happenings before even the most rooted of skeptics have to take a step back and admit that meme sorcery
truly has transcended cyber-reality and consequently had a dramatic impact on the real world. Once I was lost, but now I’m based,
eager to see moar, eager to play my part in the religion of peace, eager to please our ancient Egyptian God of Chaos. ”

MrUls - Assistant Developer
“A fifth-dimensional being sent to this plane in order to spread the holy word of Kek. A belligerent apostle of the deity himself, my
sole purpose has been to rekindle the dormant belief that each and every one of us posses through any means necessary.

Having been pleased by the number of followers we have amassed and the level of meme achieved, I thought it time to sufficiently
reward the followers of the almighty. Hence, I joined forces with other messengers of Kek to create Kekcoin. What better way for our
overlord to benefit his zealots than through PoS, where disciples will be rewarded with Kek for being one with Kek.

I can answer any queries you may have, share wisdom or give blessings via many mediums of communication. Telegram is preferable,
however I am also contactable by whispering “praise be Kek” five times into a fire during the full moon.”

Lorenz - Community Manager
“A true believer that’s been around since Kek awoke from his/her/it’s slumber in the void. I’ve witnessed Kekistan become a materialist
nation built on t-shirts, that has lost its spiritual beacon and stagnated.

Kekcoin is here to offer you liberation; put your passion into your memes and reap the rewards. Kek is the herald of a new golden age,
bringing humanity out of the Kali Yuga and ending Moloch’s reign over our material realm.

Feel free to contact me on the kekcoin telegram if you have any questions, be they regarding the project or our Great Lord, and I will
answer to the best of my capacity.
Praise Kek, and shadilay.”

Alaniz - Radium Smartchain & Distribution Advisor
“I am a well-known blockchain developer and cryptocurrency community member having years of experience developing, trading and
maintaining blockchain related projects. I am also the Radium Core Developer & Community Manager. I’ll be helping the Kekcoin team
throughout the airdrop phase and have helped set up the distribution / airdrop portal. I will also be a technical consultant for the team.”



Kekcoin Windows Wallet GUI (Coming Soon)
Kekcoin Mac Wallet GUI (Coming Soon)
Kekcoin Source Code - For Linux & Mac Daemon - (Coming Soon)
Radium SmartChain Mercury WIN 32-bitWIN 64-bit - To secure airdrop!
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