Cappasity ICO – Presale, ICO and token


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Cappasity ICO Overview.

Hello everyone! We are back from the long hiatus. Today, we review the Cappasity ICO whose second presale phase starts on 22nd this February. As usual, we will start by an overview of the ICO, then we will proceed to its market, partnerships, MVP and finally the conclusion.

So, what is Cappasity??? It’s a VR content creation and exchange platform that appears to be catered for the ecommerce market. VR could be among the biggest tech trends in the near future, because of its various imagined use cases. That being said, there is apparently a lack of enough content to cater for this market. And that’s where Cappasity comes in.

Founded in 2014, they provide tools for the creation of VR images using your camera, smartphone, or PC. They also provide a sandbox that can be used to customize the VR videos for different interfaces such as AR/VR apps, and websites.

They successfully held their presale Phase 1 last year, with each token selling at 0.008 USD.  The Phase 1 had been capped at $30M and they managed to raise around $4M. The investors who luckily participated in that round must be already rich right now because at one point in January, the token pumped to $0.42. A whooping 50X!!! And then…

More about this later, let’s try to explain the market.




As stated before, Cappasity are venturing into the VR market particularly content creation.  Looking through the various VR platforms in the blockchain realm such as Decentraland, Voxelus, Vibehub, and many more others with diverse ideas, none of these are catered for content creation. The closest is Vibehub which will allow artists to publish content that can reach millions of fans worldwide. Voxelus also comes close as it provides assets and tools to create virtual games.

Cappasity, on the other hand, appears to be a platform as a service software, where the average users can create VR videos and embed them into their ecommerce websites. In fact, they are among the top VR companies in the ecommerce sector. They plan to get into other sectors as well.

Comparing the market capitalizations of the three companies:

  • Cappasity: $49M
  • Vibehub: $95M
  • Voxelus: $32M

Well, not much of a 10X there considering that less than 10% of the Capps have been distributed in the Cappasity ICO. We are still in Presale Phase 1. Anyway, you could argue that we are still in the early stages of VR or err……. blockchain.



Cappasity appears to have forged various useful partnerships especially in the ecommerce sector. First of these partnerships is with the fashion brand Jazmin Chebar. She is an Argentinian designer who owns a fashion line with the same name, as well as 14 stores spread across various countries.

The second of these is a partnership with US autistic higher education students. The students will use Cappasity to digitize their 3D artworks and embed them into websites. Yet another partnership is with Pixello, an online marketplace based in Dubai, who will use Cappasity’s innovative tool to produce 3D images of their merchandise.



Cappasity ICO MVP.

Here is where Cappasity really outshines some of its competitors as they already have a working product that is integrated with the token. Voxelus also have a working product as well but their focus is a bit different as they create VR content for games. Vibehub are in the beta stage.




Finally, I think Cappasity is worth throwing a few dollars at. Why???? Their price right now is $0.14 which 3 times lower than their highest peak in January. You can take advantage of the unprecedented Bitcoin crash and pick some CAPPs right now at Cryptopia which is the only exchange they are listed at. Unless Bitcoin crashes again, you can expect the CAPP price to continue increasing as the presale Phase 2 and public sale near because current token holders will be staking their CAPPs to take advantage of bonuses offered in these later stages.

Also worth noting is that CAPP will be launching their marketplace sometime in Q2 2018 which should be after the public sale.

Well that’s all for now. Until next time!