Aigang ICO – Presale, ICO and token


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Aigang is a new kind of insurance - where everything is automated - from assessing risks on most recent data to instant payout processing.



Presale Date: Over

ICO Date: 15th November 2017




Aigang brings together Internet of Things devices and Autonomous Insurance, promising self-paying insurance claims on a subset of the 55 billion IoT products forecast to be produced over the next eight years.



How it works.

Let’s take an example of dead battery insurance: Buy an insurance policy for your mobile phone battery. Then you’ll make a claim, your phone has notified you that battery failure is imminent.


Download the Aigang app from the App Store or Google Play. Choose Get Insurance on the phone battery screen. Log in. Top up with ether. Go to the Offers menu and choose battery insurance. View the Offer Details then select Evaluate. Accept the contract and before you can say Aigang: you’re insured. Your phone makes the policy payment in ether. When you’re ready to make a claim, go to Contracts and shake your phone. Presto: the ether payment is on the way and your claim is settled.




1. Concept.

Similar projects: Etherisk, Gnosis, Augur, iXedger, Dynamisapp, Rainvow

Existing companies: AXA, AIG

How is it different from other projects in the space? Aigang is specifically working with loT devices and the information they generate as well as sensors and third-party data.

Divided Token: NO

Industry: Insurance

Use cases: People successfully vote to predict disasters, blackbox insurance, battery, Self-driving car insurance, Drone Insurance, Smart home insurance, GPU/CPU insurance for miners.

Technology uses: IOT,


2. Team.

More than 2 members with past experience in this industry: YES

More than 2 members who are company CEOs/Founders: NO

More than 2 Notable advisors in other blockchain projects: NO


3. MVP.

Any previous activity related to the project:None

Partners:Bancor, Enterprise Ethereum Insurance, Blockchain labs, Skyglymph

Actual alpha, beta etc. available on website: None.

Token expected usage date: 2018 Q1

Working product: 2018 Q1 beta version.

Roadmap ends: 2019 Q2


4. Blockchain leverages.

Smart contracts:

      They will allow for automated claim handling.

      The rules that govern underwriting, execution of new policies, assessments, claims handling, the repair process and payment can all be embedded in smart contracts.

      Smart contract would automatically govern the terms and timing of new policies as well as the management and distribution of pay-outs.

      Premium calculation.


Middlemen cut off: Earthquake, flood and drought information pushed to the blockchain could eliminate the need for individual assessments, allowing for more transparent payment criteria and reduced settlement times.




Yes. It makes business decisions, conducts transactions, used to reward best informed insurance experts.

Transparency: The ability to timestamp transactions may mitigate insurance frauds.

Oracles: Yes.


5. ICO Structure

Popularity: High

Bitcoin talk pages: 7

Presale absent: NO

Whitelist absent: NO

Bonus for whales absent: YES

Individual cap: Sale individually capped for first 24 hours.

ICO Timeframe 1 month: Unknown

Soft cap reached: Not yet

Token price: 0.15 USD

ICO Hard cap amount: 13.5 M

ICO Token percentage: 51%

Limitations: USA, Singapore, China.

ICO Progress so far: 10%

Presale amount: 10%

Presale amount reached: NO

Smart contracts already audited: Smart contract audited by BlockchainLabs.NZ and Bok Khoo.