ARK Coin- General Info, Best Exchanges and Wallets


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A new cryptocurrency platform called ARK has a plan to push forward mass cryptocurrency adoption. Developed from Lisk, Crypti, and BitShares with unique differences and improvements, ARK runs on a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus algorithm that allows users to delegate their staking power through new improved voting mechanisms to pre-selected delegates.

To achieve this ambitious goal, ARK plans to develop and launch a diverse set of consumer tools that can be used in the real life world to push cryptocurrencies outside of the realm of speculation, where the only real use for “coins” is to profit from its volatility.

The platform relies on smart bridges to extend the reach of its operations to other blockchains. Not to be confused with side chains, these allow blockchains to be connected by sending and receiving trigger function notices and informational data through the primary ARK network via custom developed Smart Bridges and Encoded Listeners . This allows ARK to have functionalities that are absent on its blockchain, by communicating with other blockchains via custom transactions.

As an “ecosystem”, it plans to stimulate cryptocurrency mass adoption by offering multiple consumer tools like a card network, game tokens, anonymous transactions, multi-signature accounts, and others.



ARK’s Core is configured to produce ultra-fast transactions with 8 second block times. With easily implemented future scaling, higher throughput is available whenever ARK needs it.


ARK provides a more decentralized voting system than other DPoS consensus models. Voting weight is divided across all votes instead of assigning 100% weight to each vote, making it nearly impossible for a takeover of the entire network.


Bridge Technology.With ARK’s Smart Bridge Technology every coin becomes even more powerful, every app produced on any blockchain has the potential to reach a greater audience and even bitcoin can gain the functionality of every altcoin through a simple blockchain token called ARK.
Ark’s Smart Bridge communicates between the blockchains using a special data section called Vendor Fields and special Encoded Listener nodes that comb through this data for tasks that it can perform.
In order for ARK to become the medium/intermediary between chains, each chain needs a small snippet of code implemented. It is very easy to insert and not harmful to any blockchain, current or otherwise. Once this tiny code is inserted into the core code of any blockchain, that’s it. Now that blockchain is connected to ARK.


The ARK Shield program provides an extra layer of protection to ARK. A professionally managed Sustainability and Contingency Fund or ARK Shield, will provide stable funding throughout future development.

ARK Ecosystem

The Ecosystem of ARK consists of:

• A physical card system. Physical cards and transfer equipment(POS/NFC) accessible to people without traditional bank accounts. This also includes tools to manage off-chain transactions.

• Bridged blockchains. Ark will bridge other blockchains via a vendorfield known as the Smart Bridge. This includes, but is not limited to: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Lisk.

• Hypermedia protocol platform. A peer-to-peer Interplanetary File System(IPFS). IPFS integration will enable ARK to enter the future of media and hosting. Allowing ARK to host large amounts of data without the blockchain bloat that plagues other chains.

• Interplanetary-scale blockchain database. A peer-to-peer Interplanetary Database (IPDB), will be integrated into ARK.

• Constant improvements. Developers are working around the clock making improvements to our core. Keeping it fast, secure, and stable.

• Optional privacy. To increase the reach of the ARK ecosystem the tea, behind it are aiming to implement optional private transactions. Which will most likely be implemented via the Smart Bridge system.

• Self-sustaining. The Ark crew not only develop the tools developers want and need, but also provide the unique services consumers want, understand, and will use.

Who developed ARK?

It is developed by collaboration of more than 30 members of talented individuals that share the same vision to make the cryptocurrency long lasting by bridging virtual to reality and continuous development to expand its range of services.

The diverse group consists of experts of so many different fields that will make cryptocurrency not only reliable, usable, and safe but also profitable and proper for everybody. They include a full stack developer, web developer, computer engineers, network engineers, hardware experts, money managers, entrepreneurs, traders, networking experts, promoters, business owners, doctors, and even musicians.

Different backgrounds of the ARK group means the cryptocurrency is made to meet technical needs as well as social needs. The platform is made to give unique services to understand what consumers want.

Ark (ARK) Tokens

Current coin Value: $0.825687
Market Cap: $79,984,430
Total Supply: 128,120,158 ARK
Circulating Supply: 96,870,158 ARK
Block time - 8 sec
Block Reward - 2 ARK
Delegates Forging – 51

This coin is fast, secure, and stable. It utilizes delegated proof of stake and Practical Byzantine fault tolerance(PBFT) to secure the network.125 million coins in total will be issued on the ARK blockchain. These coins are pre-issued and will be distributed through a crowdfunding campaign known as Initial Coin Offering. This campaign is currently ongoing and has received over 1476 bitcoin worth of Lisk and 111 Bitcoins.

Given that the developers of the ARK Platform have deep ties within the Lisk community, the campaign started with a 24 bonus of 120% to participants investing with LSK, and give higher bonus to LSK than to BTC investments throughout the campaign as a token of appreciation for the Lisk community.

How can I acquire ARK?

Transferring bitcoin to ARK via exchange is the easiest and safest way to acquire it.


Only fools keep coins on exchanges, so you are going to want to move your investment to an ARK wallet. Luckily, you have a couple choices:

• ARK Desktop Client - A sleek, intuitive desktop client with no blockchain download required. Available for Windows, LINUX, and MAC. (Mobile in development) Here is a quick install video.

• ARK Lite Web Wallet - A quick web wallet.

• Paper Wallet - For those who love cold storage. Be sure to use high quality printing, high quality paper, and keep it safe!

Once you’ve selected your preferred wallet, you’ll need to generate an ARK Address and Passphrase . Keep it secret, keep it safe.


Currently, you can use the below to make the exchange:
*Please take proper precautions when performing any exchange transactions!