COMSA ICO – Presale, ICO and token


Recommended resources: CoinMama (Buy BTC and ETH) and Ledger Nano S (Hardware wallet).


ICO date: 2th October to 6th November 2017.

COMSA is a platform for holding ICOs and helping launch companies on the Ethereum and NEM blockchains and the private Mijin Blockchain. The platform will allow users to create their own tokens either on the Ethereum or NEM blockchain and they hope to bridge the popular networks of Ethereum, NEM and bitcoin together with the Mijin blockchains.
Rather than target start-ups, they plan to target existing offline and online businesses with the goal of providing more trust to the ICO market. Any projects that are viewed as risky by the team will be put forward for the community of Comsa token holders to vote on. The weight of each users vote will depend on the amount of tokens that they hold.

By decentralizing their existing centralized businesses, business owners will have the chance to monetize their company and raise funds by offering a token sale.




At this point, many businesses have heard about ICOs and know the benefits of the powerful alternative fundraising method. However, not all companies know how to take advantage of these ICOs, or whether or not an ICO would be good for their company.

There are existing platforms for conducting ICOs, such as CofoundIT, KickICO and others (many Chinese ones have recently been shut down). However, there isn’t really a solution goes all the way from ICO support to exchange listing.

COMSA aims to be this bridge. It will become a one-stop shop for companies wishing to integrate themselves on the blockchain, issue tokens and become exchange listed.



  • One-stop ICO solution that includes a creation of multi-language whitepaper, pre-configured token sale dashboard, blockchain integration services and PR services, dedicated for your own ICO.
  • High-throughput private blockchain Mijin for the internal token ledger, which is aimed to private companies that want to use a blockchain solution but not place on a public blockchain.
  • There’s been a few projects that have attempted to peg the value of cryptocurrency to fiat currency, with the most successful being Tether.
    Comsa plans to peg cryptocurrencies to other cryptocurrencies which will be launched on the NEM and Ethereum blockchains and allow currencies such as NEM:BTC to remain pegged. There will also be fiat currency pegged tokens on NEM and Ethereum. (JPYZ, Tether, etc.).
  • Crypto exchange Zaif to guarantee listings of tokens and to insure pegged tokens.
  • Payment service that allows for token holders to spend their ICO tokens.
  • COMSA wants to provide consulting and help businesses to be part of the blockchain revolution.
  • They offer a bridge between the public blockchains Nem, Bitcoin, and Ethereum with the Zaif Exchange.
  • COMSA CORE can be used for performing atomic swap transactions (1) between different blockchains, and (2) for users who do not have XEM to perform transactions that require XEM as network fees.
  • Their smart contract system will allow you to coordinate Bitcoin, NEM, Ethereum, and multiple Mijin private blockchains as one network to keep the balance of your token among them.




Revenues from the following will be used for burning CMS token:

  • ICO consulting and service fees.
  • Conversion fees of COMSA CORE.
  • Mijin license fees and BaaS license fees.

Discount for future ICOs on the COMSA platform:

  • 5% discount for all future ICOs run by COMSA. This benefit is only applicable to COMSA ICO contributors and it is unclear how many tokens a user needs in order enjoy this benefit.

Community vote:

  • ​CMS token holders are eligible to vote for an ICO project based on the number of tokens they hold to determine whether COMSA should go ahead with the ICO or not.

Invite-only pre-sale of selected future ICOs:

  • CMS token holders can have early access to certain ICOs run by COMSA.







Tech Bureau, the team behind COMSA, has been selling Mijin as an enterprise ledger solution for over a year.

It had already raised $15 million from Japan’s largest VC firm JAFCO to kickstart it plans. It previous raised $10 million.

The company has already scheduled two ICOs, including one for Premium Water Holdings, Inc. (scheduled for mid-November 2017) and one for Campfire, Inc. (scheduled for late November 2017).





KICKICO is a platform for automated and independent fundraising campaigns including ICOs, pre-ICOs, crowdfunding and crowd-investing campaigns. The goal is to allow anyone to go in and create their own campaign in a few simple steps without requiring technical knowledge.

KICKICO is built using Ethereum-based smart contracts, removing the intermediaries in traditional fundraising such as banks, payment systems and other regulators.

At the initial launch, only BTC and ETH will be accepted on the platform. Other cryptocurrencies and fiat money (USD, EUR, etc.) will be accepted at a later date. is a distributed VC ecosystem “for the distributed future”. The platform promises to connect exceptional startups, experts, and investors around the world. It’s a distributed global VC ecosystem “built by the blockchain community for the blockchain community”.




Provides exchange listing service.




“I’m very much interested in Comsa project. It is well-funded already. I’m not sure why they need to run an uncapped ICO. I’m afraid they will be over funded. The ICO will last for a month. Comsa argues that an uncapped ICO will prevent pump and dump, but I don’t necessary agree with their argument.”


“Good to see another promising project using NEM’s network. I am confident this will be a huge sold out when marketed properly especially that Japan is one of the top crypto markets in the world.”


“Ah well, no hard cap is a no-go for me. I will see how much was collected and eventually trade it on exchanges.”


“Japanese ICO is very popular now, like bitcoin in Japan, Japanese are very rich on bitcoin and ripple. I think Comsa will be very profitable.”


“Wow! The company has already collected more than 87000000 USD! This is already a very good indicator of success, right?”


“Very strange! So interesting project and absolutely no discussion on thread.”


“Think that major of people doesn’t speak English, …JP”


“I will write all CONS here;
1. Very LONG pre-sale. Actually COMSA is already trading for 1 month and a lot of Japan companies are participating in projects already. Big venture funds from Tokyo and Osaka.
This could be positive we had a back from big Venture Japan funds and  Negative we could be manipulated by them.
2. No hard cap. It’s good that everyone can participate. Its bad that Whales can manipulate market from now.
But the biggest POSITIVE for me is a team and connections to NEM and Zaif. Zaif most probably will get license from Japan Regulators. This makes sense. I think COMSA will be regulated and centralised by Japan government and will be the one legal place for ICOs in Japan.
If NEO is Ethereum of China, than COMSA is Ethereum of Japan. But in term of TEAM and Technology COMSA is FAR FAR FAR away. Because COMSA connecting Bitcoin and Ethereum networks with NEM network. Hopefully we will see something interesting.”


“Reasons to not invest in COMSA:

  • No max Cap for the ICO
  • Instant 100% dilution after the ICO
  • No mentioned lockup time for the company
  • VC investors involved - likely dump their CMS tokens just right after ICO.
  • Planned to cashout equity - likely dump large amount of XEMs.
  • Shady MLM-type of affiliate program.
  • CMS token only usage is to give 5% on upcoming ICOs.
  • Future ICOs using COMSA will be able to not pay any dividends.”


“Comsa is aiming to help established businesses to add blockchain tech to their biz and therefore safe money and improve efficiency. There are many more things to consider such as auditing transparency trust between your and other companies by utilizing blockchain tech. There is so much more to the blockchain than running an ICO.”


”It still remains to be seen why holding COMSA tokens is of any benefit to us buyers…. 5% discount on ICOs makes no sense…”