DECENT coin- General Info, Best Exchanges and Wallets


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What is Decent Coin?

Decent Coin - also abbreviated as DCT - is a Bitcoin and Ethereum based platform that allows users, individuals, and organizations to sell, buy & share original digital content without any restrictions, limitations, and influence from third parties. In fact, the mononym DECENT in a short form for Decentralized Network, Encrypted & Secure, Content Distribution System, Elimination of 3rd Parties, New Way of Online Publishing and Timestamped Data Records. Apart from this, the Decent Token also doubles up as an anti-spam reward and protection gateway for miners/seeders or even the publishers using the Decent Terminology.

Using the Decent platform, which is backed by BTC, LTC and ETH transactions, users can share and distribute their digital content /resources directly with their respective consumers by making use of blockchain technology blended with a modified version of the new specialized Bittorent protocol. This allows them to circumvent any geographical, cultural, economic, financial, or political hurdles that may interfere with a successful transaction.

Just like anything else that is backed by cryptocurrency technology, Decent has a number of upsides and advantages over most traditional exchange platforms. For starters, the fact that it is possible to resist censorship effectively while using this platform. It has been created in such a way that its decentralization protocol has made impossible for a single server to be isolated, targetted or even shut down. In other words, it is virtually impossible to single out one or two specific nodes with the intention of isolating a single piece of content. Secondly, this kind of decentralization allows consumers the advantage of getting content for a lower/more affordable price. At the same time, content creators can still keep close to 100% of the profits from their proceeds.

Thirdly, unlike a majority of other open source platforms that are backed with cryptocurrency altcoins, there isn’t any central authority that can exclusively dictate the kind of content that is worth uploading or downloading. This implies that content developers and creators enjoy the rare freedom of expressing themselves entirely. They also have the chance to succeed ( or the suffer the possibility of failing ) in their craft irregardless of what governments or corporations deem fit. In a layman’s language, this means that the recommendation, reputation, and feedback systems that this resource is built on gives every user an equal performance opportunity.

It might be interesting to know that Decent plans on hosting an ICO on September 10th this year whereby almost 70% of the existing DCT tokens will be exchanged for ETH and BTC. The remainder of these coins is expected to be used to source mining rewards.

DCT Exchanges

The main exchanges which are transacting in Decent Coin include HitBTC, Liqui, BitTrex, and Yobit.

Decent Coin Wallet

Decent Coin tokens can be purchased through the first integrated DCT Wallet which is a joint project of DECENT and Freewallet through an ICO. The ICO, in this case, is blockchain-backed decentralized media feature that forms the main backbone of the functionality of the DECENT Token ( DCT ).

It’s a wallet that combines both enhanced mobile-security and long-term support to give users an uninterrupted service. Apart from having an inbuilt exchange interface, the DECENT wallet also doubles up as a secure vault for one’s tokens.

Among the many features that this specially integrated Decent Wallet, here is an overview of those that stand out:

  • It’s possible to purchase DECENT tokens directly from your wallet using ETH, BTC and, LTC.
  • It has an impressive and easy-to-use Freewallet coin exchange interface.

DECENT Overview

There’s no denying that the inception of this token set a precedence of a new age of journalism and media sharing. Now, you can not only publish your own unique content through a decentralized network but also get to the decide the price tag, share with people from all corners of the world, and keep the profits. Apart from this, users can enjoy other additional and significant perks such as:

  • Independent publishing
  • Content Self Management
  • Individual price-setting
  • Zero third-party influence
  • A robust data encryption system

All in all, the DECENT Tokens technology have heralded a new future as far as information and data exchange goes. And it is only a matter of time before the new frontier is widely adopted.

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