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EB3COIN is a cryptocurrency that presents users with an irresistible investment opportunity, as it seeks to revolutionize the way business is done by the present day online community. The EB3COIN idea is largely borrowed from the resoundingly successful and pioneering digital currency – Bitcoin. The huge success of Bitcoin stirred the creation of
EB3COIN, bringing greater innovativeness in a resilient alt-coin. EB3COIN is primed to be the next market leader in the cryptocurrency industry because it is built using the newest technology and offers long-term benefits to its users.

New EB3COIN units are created through Proof of Work (POW), popularly known as mining, and the currency is built on the Scrypt algorithm. The digital currency was developed bearing in mind the privacy of users, efficiency when making transactions, reliability and security in order to prevail over the
precincts of conventional financial systems.

Guaranteed anonymity

EB3COIN is a peer to peer or p2p payment system available worldwide and operating outside the control of any nation/state. Transactions are executed with total anonymity, guaranteeing the privacy of all users. The cryptographic technology used makes certain that the information exchanged during transactions is encrypted and encoded to protect the private data of both the receiver and sender of payment. The making of payments, which is essentially the transfer of information, is protected by encryption coding such
that only a particular person can disclose the data. This also makes it possible for users to make direct payments to each other without any intermediary.

Transactions are verified and authenticated through a system of nodes before being documented in an incorruptible ledger popularly known as blockchain. No administrator or agency/authority is involved in making transactions, thus the dealings are not interfered or monitored by anyone.
Additionally, there’s no governing authority that collects or stores EB3COIN transaction history.

Instant secure payments

EB3COIN was developed basing on the same pillars that built Bitcoin and Litecoin, although it also has its distinct characteristics. EB3COIN uses a GitHub open source software, giving it a competitive advantage over Bitcoin. The incorporation of Lightning Network and Segregated Network has made EB3COIN a payment network through which numerous transactions can be made and verified almost instantly. Essentially, transaction confirmations are sent and received immediately, so the network is never clogged, jammed, blocked or
slowed down as experienced in other crypto currencies.

Currently, EB3COIN is experiencing an upsurge of users as more people are realizing its unmatched advantages over Bitcoin and other coins, including quicker processing and lower costs. EB3COIN was created using the same blockchain as Bitcoin, meaning that it has robust and foolproof security. However, EB3COIN developers continue with the transformation of this coin in a bid to make it the most secure and dependable crypto currency for making day to day transactions as well as for investment purposes.

EB3COIN wallets

Like all other crypto currencies, EB3COIN comes in a digital wallet where it is stored. The wallet is necessary in enabling users to store the coin as well as transact it. In basic terms, the wallet is the means through which users keep the credentials or identity of their coins and make safe, secure and private transactions. Your wallet may be kept offline or online and is identifiable through a unique wallet address. Coins are sent and received through the personal wallet address. Cryptographic keys protect the transaction information so that users accomplish their dealings anonymously and that only the respective wallet users are aware of the transactions they carry out.

EB3COIN exchanges

Presently, EB3COIN is an attractive investment tool for persons who wish to make a profit, especially active traders of crypto currencies. EB3COIN is arguably the best digital currency for investment because it has a finite coin supply while others have an infinite supply. An
increasing user base means that EB3COIN supply reduce each day, hence the price will keep rising.

EB3COIN ATMs were launched in the first half of 2017 in Vietnam. Users are now able to withdraw their coins in Vietnam Dong, thus eliminating exchangers and avoiding high fees. Additionally, EB3COIN can be used to make payment across the world with near instant confirmations. The coins can also be used for online shopping, meaning that users are in total control of their funds and they can use them in whichever way and whenever they want, without worrying about security and privacy.

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