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Recommended resources: CoinMama (Buy BTC and ETH) and Ledger Nano S (Hardware wallet).

GAM is a rare trading token with a deflationary & ever-diminishing supply. It’s owned by the Gambit private trading group.



GAM is a cryptocurrency token, like bitcoin, that is specifically designed for the trading community. The members of the Gambit Private Trading Group trade other coins, and then buy Gambit coins with the profits. Those coins then get burned.

Members also get trade setups.  Gambit is building out a suite of trading tools, indicators, buy/sell signals, bots, strategies, and more that ultimately make trader’s lives easier and more profitable.  The long term purpose of GAM is to be a rare trading token w/ a deflationary & ever-diminishing supply.




Gambit was launched as a proof-of-concept by @CollinCrypto back in March 2015, and has evolved into one of the most sought-after trading groups in the industry.

Over the years, the Gambit community has developed, funded, and acquired numerous assets and revenue-generating streams. A portion of profit generated from these streams gets sent to the exchanges and added as liquidity on the GAM markets, or used to develop new Gambit trading tools, indicators, signals, and bots.

Any GAM tokens purchased this way are then permanently destroyed via Proof of Burn.  This means that these tokens can never be moved or spent again, effectively removing from the available supply and subtracting their value from the total market cap. GAM is the first token to be self-funding while sustaining a negative inflation rate. A great percentage of the total supply has already been burned, making GAM tokens increasingly scarce.




Proprietary Trading view Indicators.

Takes the guesswork out of trading. Discover better trade opportunities in real-time to maximize profits and minimize losses.


Trading Bots.

Gambit has developed the largest fleet of Telegram bots to help traders. @GambitBots
lists all of the available Gambit Telegram trading indicator bots.  Updates regarding planned server maintenance or new bots that are developed are posted there.


Affiliate Referrals.

Signing up to different services through Gambit’s custom promo codes allows you to receive discounts on your trading fees and also earns Gambit a small commission. These commissions are used to add liquidity to the Gambit markets as well as pay developers to make new trading tools for everyone.  Gambit is a top10 affiliate for numerous cryptocurrency exchanges and brokers which is one of the reasons why GAM has been the only sustainable token with a negative inflation rate over the last few years.


Private Trading Group.

Hang out with crypto legends sharing their private charts and info that’s unavailable anywhere else. Never miss a trade with live trade setups and emergency trade alerts. Gambit private crypto trading group consists of traders, miners, developers, designers, programmers, chartists and more.

The group has daily discussion on upcoming coins, bitcoin price movement, charts, ideas, buy signals, breaking news, etc. They also have custom bots and indicators continuously developed to keep a trading edge in the markets.
The group has an entry fee (0.75 BTC) and all members get lifetime access to all Gambit Proprietary Trading view Indicators. Comparable indicators alone cost over $1000/year to subscribe to.

A 30-day free membership is also available.


Exclusive ICO & Crowdsale Discounts.

The Gambit private trading group spends a lot of time vetting crowdsales/ICOs. Gambit frequently secures discounts of up to 60% on popular ICOs which gives a massive edge over other traders. They are available exclusively to Gambit members and are entirely optional. A small percentage (Generally 2-5%) of the extra-discounts negotiated go to supporting Gambit, similar to Gambit’s other revenue streams.


New Trader Classroom.
If you are brand new to trading bitcoin and altcoins, Gambit will be developing a large course for helping you to learn the basics (available in Q3/Q4 2017).  You will be able to work directly with professional instructors who can assist you every step of the way.




GAM tokens that are purchased from the profits of ANY of the revenue-generating streams are permanently burned. What this means is that they are forever removed from the total supply of the coin, adding deflationary-like economics to the token. Proof of burn simply means the coins have been provably destroyed, and the only way to do this is to send them to an address which is improbable to have been generated from a private key, and thus cannot be spent.


Token supply.

Starting Supply: 2,500,000 GAM.
Supply Remaining: 1,194,514 GAM.
Starting Price in USD: $0.023 per GAM
Current Price in USD: $ $11.19 per GAM.








  • Low amount of coins, and always burning some coins.
  • Useful for people who want to start Trading cryptocurrency, but do not have experience. You can check the setup guide here
  • Developers are working hard and always adding new instruments for trading.




Gambit is moving away from its own blockchain and becoming an ERC20 token on Ethereum Classic.  In the coming months, they will be working with Bittrex to complete a one-to-one token swap from the current chain to the new one.

With the swap to ERC20, there will be no proof-of-stake, which ultimately means there will be 5% less inflation per year. At current GAM prices, this means inflation may be reduced by up to $100,000 per year if all current tokens staked. This reduction in inflation means more funds will be available for indicator development and exchange liquidity.


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