IndaHash ICO – Presale, ICO and token


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Pre-ICO date: 8th November to 15th November.

ICO date: 29th November to 30th December.

IndaHash is an already established business connecting the world’s biggest brands with influencers globally. Their unique idea was to monetize mid-tier influencers and let them make money on their passions.

Since its inception, the company has created a new and disruptive approach to influencer marketing with its fully automated system for conducting campaigns.

Upgrading cooperation possibilities to an Ethereum based utility token will transform the entire influencer industry and enable completely new features that wouldn’t be possible without tokens.




Currently, influencer marketing is one of the most dynamically growing advertising segments worldwide. It’s projected to be a $5-10 billion market by the end of 2020. IndaHash is the biggest global player in this field, connecting more than 300 000 influencers from 70 markets with a majority of the Fortune 500 brands.

Due to the cooperation with the biggest brands in the world, IndaHash has been dependent on long payment periods. Hence, the payment for influencers for completed campaigns takes anywhere from 30-60 days to settle. By introducing IndaHash Coin they would like to abolish the long wait time and implement immediate settlements after completing a task. This will bring increased benefits for the influencers and, as a result, speed up the adaptation of IndaHash Coin.

Because of the regional limitations, IndaHash is not able to cooperate with thousands of influencers around the world. They want to reduce these limitations by providing boundless means of payment for all influencers globally. This will ultimately allow influencers in more countries around the world to cooperate with IndaHash and make money on their passions.

As yet, IndaHash has had to collect a lot of personal information from influencers such as address, bank account numbers, etc. to settle payments. It has often been seen as an inconvenience for the influencers who care about their privacy. The settlements in IndaHash Coin currency will abolish this inconvenience and open IndaHash for new users.

Additionally, letting influencers have their own tokens will help to build their relationships and bring their fan base to another level of engagement. IndaHash is planning to introduce a system which would value the activity of fans and adjust the amount of tokens given for certain activities. Fans who receive the tokens will have the possibility to exchange them for personalized ways of interaction, meetings, access to premium content and dedicated gadgets with autographs prepared by the influencers.




IndaHash crypto economics assumes IndaHash Coin circulation between three groups of receivers: brand, influencer, audience. Brand uses IndaHash Coin to pay for marketing campaigns with influencers.

When the influencer receives IndaHash Coin, they have the possibility to exchange it for brand’s products and receive discounts when shopping, along with early access to novelties. Influencers can also, based on IndaHash Coin, create their own tokens and use them to increase their audience engagement by rewards and gamification.

Influencers audience can use collected tokens and exchange them for exclusive actions that the influencers prepare for their community. For example, customized prizes signed by the influencer, closed meetings and social activities.




  1. Brands that want to start or develop their cooperations with influencers.

Brands use IndaHash Coin to pay for marketing campaigns with influencers. Because of this, influencers, no matter where they are located, can receive payments immediately, eliminating the 30-60 day waiting periods for payments. As part of a completely new service, “Pay-With-Fame”, influencers will have the possibility of exchanging their earned IndaHash Coins for a variety of different offers from brands. For example, influencers will receive early access to limited edition products, as well as events and exclusive workshops. The new feature will change the way brands work with influencers by allowing influencers to receive exclusive discounts on products and services they wouldn’t normally receive. Brands will also benefit from this feature by receiving authentic reviews from desirable trendsetters.


  1. Influencers who want to work with brands and further develop their audiences.

Influencers, based on IndaHash Coin, can create their own tokens and use them to increase their audience engagement by rewards and gamification. They are also able to exchange their IndaHash tokens for payout, or hold onto them in hopes their value will grow with time based on the cryptocurrency marketplace. Most importantly, payout with IndaHash Coin will allow them to be an integral part of the growing and evolving cryptocurrency industry.

  1. Audiences that want to be in closer relations with brands and influencers they follow.

Influencer audiences can use collected tokens and exchange them for exclusive actions set by the influencer for their community. For example, customized prizes personalized by the influencer, one on one meetings and other social activities.







Currently, IndaHash is the largest, international influencer marketing platform and operates in more than 70 countries. It grew by 295% regarding sales and by 352% in number of influencers (comparison of 1Q-3Q 2016 versus 1Q-3Q 2017).

IndaHash began with Barbara Soltysinska’s (CEO and Co-Founder) idea to automate the collaboration process between influencers and brands. The idea was to create a technologically advanced app, where the entire campaign process - including but not limited to: the negotiation process, creating content, and payment matters - would take place.

IndaHash has since then been able to conduct its international campaigns, for brands such as Huawei, Pepsi, Lay’s, L’Oreal, and more. IndaHash have also won a number of prestigious awards, among others: Accenture Consumer Tech Award, Festival of Media MENA Award, and Newsweek Innovator Award.




This Swiss startup will utilize blockchain technology to tokenize and revolutionize the way brands and agencies connect, incentivize and reward social media nano influencers for spreading content across their busy networks.

Not only the well-known and famous but also the ordinary people are valuable influencers for marketers. They can participate in the marketing budget spend by getting paid for social media mentions directly.

Through the aggregation and marketing power of micro and nano influencers into single campaign entities, Mavin outperforms the traditional target advertising market through significantly higher ROI and engagement rates. At the same time, it reduces handling costs and advertising spends through blockchain technology, smart contracts and microtransactions.



The platform eliminates the barriers to entry presented by social media influencer advertising, and makes it possible for new businesses and influencers to access the earliest stages of social presence. provides 100% safe escrow deposits based on a unique cryptocurrency token, and establishes smart partnerships between brands and influencers that are facilitated by Smart Contracts on the blockchain. allows influencers to create self-promotion campaigns, accept donations for blogging and streaming, and purchase premium tools for channel development and analytics.

The Socialmedia Token used on the platform functions as a payment method and warrants easy and secure transactions, as well as delivering rewards for dispute settlement participation.

Brands and agencies are able to use the Token to acquire personalized and highly effective marketing assistance, as well as commission agents within the platform and purchase analytics tools.



Austin influencer-marketing company Mattr is using blockchain technology in its contracts with and payments to social-media influencers.



IndaHash doesn’t give any prototypes or abstract, unsolved problem to the ICO participants. What they give them is a working influencer marketing ecosystem and very well developed product that generates rapidly growing income and growing number of influencers.




[Another promising project in crypto!
Not just created yesterday but been operating for quite sometime already.
I hope this project will gain attention from the crypto community as it has solid foundation already laid out.
Good luck to the IndaHash Project!]


[so why do you need ICO? easy money? greed?
You want over $26M for existing product?
All ICOs these days are scammers :/]


[One of the goals of our ICO is to obtain liquidity of IndaHash Coin on the cryptocurrency exchanges. Taking into account the scale of our business and the entire influencer marketing industry, obtaining liquidity for IndaHash Coin is a crucial part of tokenizing the ecosystem of cooperation between brands, influencers and their fans. It is noteworthy that we do not reserve IDH Coins for the team. Every month IndaHash will buy their own tokens back from the market, using the money received from the brands to settle payments with influencers. In this way, we will be able to ensure a stable and constant growth of the IndaHash Coin value. Our cryptocurrency will reflect the value and the growth of the real business.]


[Unlike the most ICO, INDAHASH has already a service working, just are making the ICO to integrate into the crypto world, it’s a very nice project and for sure will be a huge successful ICO, since their product is already live, and keeps growing.]


[One feature that I like on this project is that they will buy back also. So that means, no matter what, there will always be buy orders. And might contribute in the increase of its price in the market.]


[This project is good because this provides services like money transfers to different counties without putting a big fees and it’s less hassle. One of the good feature of it is, IndaHash is working with so many brands, if we buy a product using the IndaHash coins there will be a discount. Aside from the fact that this is indeed a good project, i know that it will be a success because there are advantage in this project already such as, they establish offices to seven countries already, they are active on 70,000 markets, and they are operating all over the world.]


[Well it is really a good one indeed, and if you are very fond of social media and you are so hype and well known or popular every like you get from your photos, comment, post, tweets, or shares you can get your very own coins and earn with your social media accounts, they call this digital Influencers. that is why it is very catchy to some Youtubers I think this will be a great hit indeed.]


[Having a brilliant team and a founder who won numerous awards, this project will surely a success. IndaHash being a partner of world known brands with an application which could influence and promote those brands to the people is a great project. This is an amazing idea because they can reach trendsetters with just a push of button. This is very useful nowadays because most of the people are already using technologies in many ways. Good luck for this project!]


[But what think the influencers about receiving tokens instead money in the bank ? Many of them are girls, i don’t think will be simple for a lot of them exchange tokens with fiat]


[I dime’s receive an answer, how do you think the influencers will access to their founds  to spend them around ? They could request a credit card with you ? ]
[Very good question. Yes, influencers will be able to sell their tokens both on the exchanges and through the IndaHash app. We will also buy IDH tokens directly from them if they do not want to use the exchanges. In addition, at the end of next year, we plan to integrate with debit card providers that enable token settlements, such as TenX. Our vision is to distribute the payment cards to every influencer settling in IndaHash Coins.]


[You have to understand it mate, their project is something that can really give a lot of boost for the economy. Think about it, 130 people in their team working together for the success of this project? That’s totally a big effort to support a project, it’s rare to see a project that has this type of team who are working altogether and 300,000 influencers is a buff for IndaHash.]


[The big positives i get from it is an overhaul of the payment system for everyone which cuts out the problematic fiat banking system,
and of course tokenizes the reward system.
There is quite a long roadmap from here to 2019 so i hope investors are aware of this?]