Opporty ICO – Presale, ICO and token


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Opporty Presale Date: Live.

Opporty ICO Date: 27th November 2017 to 24thDecember 2018.

Opporty is a service-focused, on-demand marketplace platform that offers unique lead generation and marketing opportunities to small and medium sized companies, targeting B2B and B2C sectors.

The platform connects service providers and customers, giving providers a platform to obtain orders and clients, and helping customers find the best offers for services they are seeking. All interactions on Opporty are protected by an escrow procedure conducted by independent industry experts.

Opporty’s knowledge-sharing system allows users to educate their communities by sharing knowledge and expertise, and to gain exposure by building a more educated market.

A self-regulated, decentralized expert community will establish and approve standards for doing business at the Opporty marketplace. The standards will be mutually beneficial to both service providers and customers.




According to figures provided by the US Small Business Administration, only one out of five new businesses survives beyond the first year of operation. The remainder are shut down because they fail to compete successfully against established companies, attract early adopters and scale up their businesses to start driving profits.

Small businesses are faced with the problem of locating high-quality service providers. Appealing to search engines, directories and lead-gen platforms provides no guarantee that the right choice is made.

On the other hand, service providers face challenges in building a solid base of customers. If they fail to attract prospects, convert them into leads, and close them as customers, they suffer adverse financial issues and eventually go out of business.

Opporty offers both companies in need of services and providers of needed services an efficient way to find each other and solve their marketing-related problems. Utilizing the best features of lead-gen platforms, Opporty elevates its business model to a new level:

  • Free responses to user requests. Once a provider is registered on Opporty, they acquire a monthly number of free responses. This allows recently registered users to compete with established loyal customers. When a provider’s free responses expire, they are able to purchase more with fiat currency, or to earn tokens by completing rewarding activities on the Opporty platform. Contributing content to the community is the quickest and simplest way to earn responses. Purchasing responses is not obligatory.
  • Renewable rating. Opporty’s ranking system is flexible. A user’s ranking is influenced not only by stars, but also by their activities on the platform. Thus, recently registered users can quickly move their profiles up in rank by contributing to the knowledge-sharing system. By regularly refreshing ratings, the Opporty team creates fair conditions for every user.
  • Rewards for activities. Users are encouraged to contribute content through Opporty’s built-in gamification and rewards systems. Active contributors can increase their rating in Opporty search, and are nominated to become judging and voting members of the Opporty community, called Escrow arbitrators or “standard designers” (provided their expertise in their field of endeavor meets community expectations).
  • Once a company or individual service provider is registered, they become an integral part of Opporty’s community, which allows for increasing awareness and exposure, building trust and authority among targeted audiences. Opporty enables businesses to facilitate purchases and sales, maximize lead-gen efficiency and establish themselves as experts. Opporty experts offer advice on how to provide the highest level of service, and mentor and educate customers, establishing a decentralized self-regulated professional business community.
  • Self-regulation. With built-in Escrow functionality and the support of smart contracts, Opporty guarantees that every conflict between customers and service providers is resolved in an unbiased, professional manner. Opporty’s selected team of independent experts (known as Escrow arbitrators) create standard rules for common services. Initially, Escrow arbitrators will be selected by Opporty administrators. As the Opporty professional community matures, judges will be chosen by the community itself (based on pre-approved voting rules). Only the best-rated experts will be allowed to become judges in the Escrow process.
  • Protection from poor quality. Escrow procedure ensures that every customer receives the highest level of service. When a problem arises, it is resolved by a carefully selected group of Escrow arbitrators.

Opporty’s ultimate goal is to create a productive environment — a business-focused,  decentralized, self-governed community — where business owners and individual service providers conduct business based on established standards and educate others by contributing content.




Opporty fosters a business-friendly environment for small and mid-sized companies who request or offer niche-specific services (filing tax reports, registering trademarks, registering companies, preparing contracts, preparing and filing income tax returns, etc.). Users can list their services and target concrete industries in particular areas. In this sense, Opporty is similar to lead-gen platforms.

Opporty users submit requests, create offers, leave responses, and contribute content in the most convenient digitized manner:

  • A request is a post-type message created by companies, service providers and regular users. Each request targets a particular audience in a particular area, aimed at soliciting proposals from vendors. A user who submits a request can compare all collected proposals and choose the one with the best terms.

Requests provide great opportunities for recently registered businesses and service providers. Initially, they can respond to requests with competitive-term offers in order to build a reputation. Meanwhile, time-honored established companies rely on their reputations, five-star ratings and massive contributions to the Opporty community.

  • An offer is a post-type message logged into Opporty’s on-demand marketplace by a business owner. Every offer functions as a niche-oriented proposal for companies in the industry. Offers differ from requests in the sense that their aim is to appeal to companies who might be interested in a particular service.
  • A response is a comment-type message that is attached to offers and requests. Responses are replies to concrete offers and requests, describing particular terms of participation. A response to a particular request features details of a vendor’s offer.

Responses are limited in number. The moment a company or a service provider registers on Opporty, they receive a monthly package of free responses. Once their free responses expire, users may opt to either purchase or earn additional responses.

  • Opporty’s knowledge-sharing system consists of two major components: a blog and Q&A platform. Opporty’s blog ensures that every user is able to share their ideas and experiences, educating other Opporty members. Users — be they companies, service providers or regular users — can launch their own blogs to contribute content, giving them the opportunity to expose themselves to the community, establish themselves as experts, and earn Opporty tokens.

Opporty’s Q&A platform aims to meet the needs of users who want to find answers to specific, niche-focused questions. Every Opporty user is in a position to post questions and provide replies to these questions. Replies are rewarded with tokens.




  • Users can purchase and earn cryptocurrency (OPP tokens) to access a variety of services on the Opporty platform.
  • The Opporty team ensures high quality services provided by third-party vendors, using a combination of blockchain-powered smart contracts and decentralized Escrow. If an unresolved conflict arises between a requesting company and a service provider, Escrow arbitrators who also function as oracles assist in resolving the conflict in an efficient unbiased manner.
  • DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) provides the infrastructure and constitutes the core of Opporty’s blockchain and smart contract technology, allowing for independent selection of Escrow arbitrators and the establishment of standardized rules of doing business within a concrete industry.

DAOs are independent entities that guarantee that pre-approved, standardized procedures and contracts cannot be affected or influenced by any party.





Over 170,000 law firms and approximately 1,315,000 licensed attorneys operate in the niche (as of 2015). Most of them are small, one-person companies that need to access new audiences in an efficient manner.


Accountants .

Over 42,000 accounting firms exist (as of 2014). As a rule, accountants are individual service providers who do not work under the umbrella of large companies and corporations. Just like lawyers, they have to build their client base on an ongoing basis.



A massive industry with over 500,000 interstate truck carriers, approximately 10,000 freight forwarders and consolidators, and 150+ container vessel operators.




  • Purchase of Opporty services i.e. Offers, responses, purchasing blog accounts etc.
  • Payment for services provided by other Opporty users.
  • Ordering of advertising services.
  • As a means of payment in Escrow — they are withheld as fees for signing smart contracts.
  • For staking, necessary for applying to certain roles on the platform, such as Curators, Arbitrators.






Opporty already has a working MVP with live active users. At the moment, it offers users a wide range of basic services: requests, offers, responses, and content contribution to the knowledge-sharing system.



Swarm city.

Swarm City is a decentralized, peer to peer commerce platform on the Ethereum network. The problem Swarm City wishes to solve is to remove third parties from the transaction and enable complete peer to peer commerce - without banks, without credit card gateways, without third parties such as Uber, Airbnb and many more organizations that practically do very little, but usually take a big chunk of the transaction as a provision/fee for their “service”. A part that Swarm City plans to eliminate, enabling the transaction between two parties in a safe and trusted way, without any third party.



Soma is a revolutionary decentralized platform which facilitates trade inside the Soma Community through a rewarding system that enables beneficial collaboration of the community members. Users are encouraged to engage in actions that will benefit other members and the community as a whole by rewarding such actions with Soma Community (SCT), a cryptocurrency designed to incentivize the members of the decentralized community to perform value-adding services and act as a fast, secure and cost-effective way of compensation.



A state-of-the-art marketplace where you can securely and reliably buy and sell any items you wish. Entire stores can be created directly through the marketplace where you can sell your own products or re-sell others’ products for commission. Like Ebay or Amazon without corporate gouging, political interference, downtime, maintenance or hefty fees.



OpenBazaar is a different way to do online commerce. It’s a peer to peer application that doesn’t require middlemen, which means no fees & no restrictions. OpenBazaar connects people directly via a peer to peer network. Data is distributed across the network instead of storing it in a central database.




Opporty distinguishes itself by combining the best of two worlds. On the one hand, Opporty can be viewed as a user-friendly marketplace platform for small and mid-sized companies that makes it easy to search for prospects, convert them into leads and close them as customers.

On the other hand, Opporty allows for the use of such technologies as DAO and smart contracts. Opporty is not just a marketplace that promises to disrupt particular industries, but an innovative platform that establishes full-scale digital democracy.




[You should rework a little bit on your presentation, it’s very important now among all these ICOs, even if your project could beat most of them, people need to want to want to look into it.]



[Guys hello. Your project is described and decorated well. But what is the peculiarity of your project? There are a lot of smart contracts around, every second developer comes up with his own forms of smart contracts, tying them to his idea. What is your project superior to all others?
And on what platform are you planning to issue your coins?]

[Thank you for this question.  There are few important things to mention:
1. Our service is offering first decentralized escrow service on the market. Leading experts will resolve possible escrow claims and make independent voting decision. This part is big by itself. Nobody is doing that.
2. We are a marketplace platform which helps businesses getting new customers and customers are getting better terms of services they are looking for. We have unique mix of features compared to what exists on the market.
3. We are knowledge sharing platform. Experts are publishing materials to educate the community. Doing that they are gaining reputation inside the community. It is powerful self exposure tool for them as well. It mutually beneficial function both for clients who are becoming more educated and knowledgeable in the area of service they are offering and for experts who are getting benefits of conducting those actions.
4. We are first deregulated community to establish standards of doing business. Expert community is voting for establishing those standards. It brings benefits for both sides. Nobody has ever done that.
To put everything together we will be a one stop shop both for clients and providers and lead experts in the field.
- we bring best terms of service for clients
- we bring leads for service providers
- we bring the opportunity to educate the community and give benefits to the contributors
- we protect both sides with escrow procedure and standards
Thanks again for you question. Feel free to ask if anything needs to be explained in more detailed way.]



[Although you have seen so much data, none of them can explain your technology and application, how to solve the industry problem, the application scenario and so on. None of these have been done]

[Opporty is a platform which combines web-based app with the blockchain app (dAPP) with it’s own token called OPP
We are in the process of righting use cases that will demonstrate how Opporty helps to solve real-life problems.
We have already built the product and have first users. What we want to do now is to decentralize existing platform to get more community involvement and extensively grow it.
We also invented and coded decentralized Escrow on Ethereum blockchain. It will be soon published on the Github under open source license, so anyone will be able to use it for his/her project. This tool will allow us to build truly distributed system of independent arbitrators who will supervise all the deals and agreements made on Opporty.]



[You’ll be using smart contracts for everything, or are there centralized elements as well?]

[Our project is developing in two phases. In the first phase there will be a lot of centralized elements and DBs but we will have sandbox and testnet. We need this phase to make sure all ideas and code work properly. In the second phase we will put almost everything on the Blockhain, will it be ours or someone else’s we will find out during our first phase
This is some quotes from our WP for your reference:

The Opporty team will use this centralized phase to make sure that all features are working properly. We are committed to switching to Phase II within one year, to make the platform more flexible and open, and to give participants more options.
General provisions
Tokens based on Ethereum
Structure is preset by the Opporty team (Chapters - Subchapters - Offers)
Reputation stored in the Opporty database
Commission is calculated in the database and paid to the Community monthly

General provisions
Tokens are based on more complicated blockchain - all ERC-20 tokens will be changed 1 to 1
Structure is fluid (anyone can create or claim the chapter if they have a strong enough reputation and stake)
Reputation points is on the [Suspicious link removed]mission is distributed automatically via blockchain]



[What is the minimum amount for investment? I can’t see it anywhere.]

[0.3 Ether]



[I already foresee an economy of business profiles, being bought and sold, at exorbitant prices.
Or am I talking non-sense?]



[Nice project with challenging roadmap, The team looks balance. As the whitepaper says that you are decentralised service marketplace, so it will be somewhat like freelancers.com??]

[Well, the devs should answer your question soon, however from what I can say it is sort of like freelancers.com, however tailored more towards accountants, lawyers, or those with professional services to offer.]



[So what made you guys decide to start an ICO anyway?]



[Why did you decide to use blockchain?]

[Blockchain is the core element in the execution of smart-contracts, which is central to our platform. Our smart contracts, decentralized escrow, and knowledge-sharing systems work on Ethereum blockchain. Please Learn more on the Opporty ICO page: opporty.com/ico
And in our Whitepaper]



[What is the main benefit of your product?]

[The main function of Opporty is to facilitate interactions between service providers and customers.]



[Ultimately, what users do you wish to target?]

[Usually people with professional services to offer, such as lawyers and accountants.]



[How is the OPP token different from other cryptocurrencies?]

[OPP tokens are supported by a real working company that currently has customers. So the value of our token will grow with the network, the more people are using our service - more demand for the token = higher price]



[I like this idea and I can see the potential here but in the other hand I am a bit worried of recognition , will businesses will want to use it. I think the legality is a huge factor how smart contracts will be introduced in world of law?]