TokenStars ICO – Presale, ICO and token


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TokenStars aims to disrupt the global talent development industry by providing funding resources to rising stars in sports and showbiz. The platform applies decentralized scouting and community voting to ensure transparent engagement for millions of users: celebrities + fans + brands and advertisers.

It will have several features including an API for advertisers and digital agencies, talent application screening system; personal dashboard for scouts, promoters, analysts and celebrities; celebrities’ online store functionality with merchandising, subscriptions, bookings; advertising dashboard for brands as well as players’ and celebrities’ analytical data panels.

The ACE project begins with tennis players (1 billion fans worldwide), after which TokenStars will move on to football (GOAL Project) and others, eventually expanding into poker, basketball, hockey, and even movie stars, music bands, and models.



Aspiring tennis players need approximately $100K a year to build a career. Some have to put everything at stake — just like Olympic medalist and 5x Grand Slam winner Maria Sharapova, who came uninvited from Russia to Nick Bollettieri Academy in Florida at the age of 9. Her father had to work as a dishwasher just to cover her bills. Later she earned $36.5M in prize money and $285M in sponsorship deals.

With ACE, young players like Maria Sharapova can get funding for academy costs, coaches, sparring partners, and tournament participation, as well as help with signing sponsorship agreements. In case of their success, TokenStars receives agency commission, and token holders get access to benefits — training, tickets, meet & greet, endorsement opportunities.





TokenStars will find a young player, help him develop and sign first contracts, then they will help in promotion and building a fan base, finally attracting big sponsors.

Blockchain technology will allow fans to collectively support athletes, and to decentralize the key processes of scouting and promotion, thereby lowering the costs dramatically and shifting most of the created value to the community.




To find new talent, tennis coaches will be paid a referral fee, which can be as high as their annual salary, which should provide a high-quality flow of candidates.

The robust talent promotion stimulus (10% of the contract) is well within and above the market, and should provide a good flow of sponsorship deals to the players.

Key decisions will also be decentralized, using the DAO mechanism. A single biased sports agent relying on his gut feeling will not always make consistently good decisions, but a well-informed crowd that relies on analytical reports can be counted on to make decisions that will benefit everyone.




  • ACE product tokens offer token holders addition value adds like exclusive communication with stars, one-on-one training, meetings, VIP tickets and books, business endorsements well below market price, etc.
  • Agency commission from sponsorship contracts will be paid in ACE tokens.
  • Already established professionals pay for advertisement contracts in ACE tokens.
  • The ACE token plays a crucial role in the ACE ecosystem, since it provides voting rights in the decentralized community voting mechanism. ACE holders will have the opportunity to vote on various decisions, thus influencing the success of the platform.
  • It serves as a fundamental unit of accounting and a method of payment for its agents, specifically scouts, promoters, and advertisers. For example, scouts will need to pay ACE tokens to submit application of a player.




The first scout has already introduced the first promising 14 year old player and the first promoter (Jami agency) had already helped with the advertising deal.