UnikoinGold ICO – Presale, ICO and token


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UnikoinGold is an eSports betting and utility token powered by the Ethereum blockchain. UnikoinGold will be used for transparent betting on the Unikrn platform.




UnikoinGold is an eSports betting and utility token powered by the Ethereum blockchain. UnikoinGold will be used on the Unikrn platform to create a viable eSports eco-system that will reward the players, content-creators and spectators alike.




As gaming fans have flocked online to watch leading gamers play, the rapidly growing eSports market has expanded from $194M in 2014 to what will be an estimated $1.2B in 2019. Growing in tandem is the demand for eSports-related wagering products. All told, fans wagered nearly $6B on eSports matches and eSports-themed games of chance in 2017, a number projected to rise to nearly $20B by 2020.

Esport betting company Unikrn is one of the players in this growing market. Unikrn was established in November of 2014. They run a fully-regulated and licensed eSports bookmaker. Over the last three years Unikrn has built a technologically-advanced wagering platform for eSports, including both skill-based and spectator betting products.

Two years ago, they created a token called Unikoin, which gives users an opportunity to bet on eSports, ladder up, buy products and win prizes in markets where Unikrn is not yet licensed to conduct real-money wagering. Unikoin was essentially a virtual currency which could not be bought or traded — you could only get it directly from Unikrn.

Now, with the emergence of blockchain technology, Unikrn will even make it easier and more efficient for its users to obtain eSports products and services on the Platform by introducing a blockchain-based token, UnikoinGold.




UnikoinGold (the old coin stays, and will be called UnikoinSilver) gets rid of dealing with multiple banks and multiple currencies, hence there are reduced fees. AML and KYC can be managed with more transparency and better controls as blockchain transactions all occur on an open ledger.

UnikoinGold, just like UnikoinSilver, will be available to everyone, but its use will have certain limitations depending on whether users are located in jurisdictions in which Unikrn is licensed to offer a full suite of betting services (Full Service Jurisdictions) or in jurisdictions where Unikrn will offer a more limited set of betting services (Limited Jurisdictions).

The most important distinction between the two is that users in the former can actually bet, while users in the latter can only enter raffle contests, regardless of the coin they use. At launch all jurisdictions would be limited. Within 90 days some full service jurisdictions will be opened across Europe.




  • Legal and licensed betting on eSports matches, tournaments and other engagement around gaming, including jackpots. (As an additional alternative to fiat)
  • As an entry to a new version of the existing Unikrn spectator betting platform.
  • As an entry to play in newly created competitive skill-based video game matches or tournaments. Users can send their tokens to a smart contract that acts like a decentralized escrow. The smart contract will facilitate the reward settlement to the winner(s) after the match is verified by Unikrn’s result verification system.
  • Tipping eSports personalities.
  • Setting up wallets on the Unikrn platform.
  • Accessing premium eSports content.
  • It can be purchased or sold on third party exchanges.
  • Unikrn’s raffle products offer UnikoinGold holders the opportunity to participate in raffles to win prizes (ranging from in-game items such as skins, to gaming hardware and accessories from world-class manufacturers).
  • For game purchases.
  • Server hosts can earn UnikoinGold by running game servers with Unikm’s API.
  • Game Developers can integrate Unikoin Gold to enable users to earn cryptocurrency, profit sharing opportunities with quick payouts and low transaction fees.
  • May be used for obtaining access to special jackpot rooms.








With Gimli bets happen on the blockchain, which guarantees that no one can hack the funds in escrow, hence it’s “transparent”. Using Gimli’s Smart Contracts, streamers record the conditions for their bets on the blockchain, and results are triggered at the end of the game without any possibility of foul play.

The conditions for each bet are publicly available, and rules governing the whole platform are fully transparent. For instance, the number of GIMs you collect from a bet is defined by a public algorithm which takes into account several factors such as the time at which you joined the bet (later bets present less risk and therefore receive less).

Users can also donate the digital tokens to streamers or use them to respond to their polls and challenges.



FirstBlood allows players to test their skills and to bet on games without being subject to downtime, hacks, traditional money transfers, financial regulations, and middleman corruption and fees. FirstBlood intends to make the eSports industry more transparent and efficient while bringing in a new demographic into the crypto community.

When a user opens the FirstBlood Web or Desktop software and bets on a match with 1ST, the tokens are sent to and held by the FirstBlood smart contract system that functions as a decentralized escrow. After the match takes place, Witnesses connect to the game API, analyze the results, and communicate the result to the Smart Contract System. If the result is uncontested, the prize will be sent to the winner and a fee is paid to the witnesses for the service provided. If the result is contested, however, the result will be voted on by a Jury Voting Pool (JVP).

Coinmark cap opening date: Sep 28, 2016.

Coinmark cap opening price: $ 0.151988.

Coinmarkt cap current price: $ 0.355175.