Viuly ICO – Presale, ICO and token


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Viuly Airdrop Date: Ends 15th November 2017.

Viuly is a blockchain-based decentralized video platform that will tap into the exponentially growing global video sharing market. The platform will reward authors, users and advertisers alike, while eliminating middlemen and access restrictions altogether.




Users do not receive any reward for watching videos: User attention is the most valuable resource, for which any and every advertiser competes. Many of you watch dozens of videos on different video platforms every day, whose owners earn on advertising hundreds of billions of dollars a year. Being a valuable resource, user attention is exploited without proper compensation.

User attention is the most valuable resource on the Viuly video platform, and it is rewarded! Any registered user who has watched a video, will get from 25% to 95% of the funds allocated by advertisers.


Advertisers’ expenses are increased due to intermediaries and fraud: Intermediaries, represented by the centralized video platforms, include their operating costs and profits in advertising costs, thus, advertising costs grow by an average of 15-20%. Also, a large part of advertising budgets is wasted due to various bots and other methods of click fraud, which also leads to a cost increase for real views.

Viuly provides advertisers with accurate statistics for each ad view. All data is recorded on the blockchain and can be checked by both advertisers and third party auditors. The payments for user’s attention are made directly, without intermediaries and is completely transparent. Advertising costs are 20% lower than on centralized video platforms.


Video creators receive less profit: The video platforms existing today take the lion’s share of the money received from advertisers, and video creators only receive about 40%-50% of it, depending on their home country and the total number of subscribers/ viewers they have. Many people would like to earn by creating high-quality video content (for example, to create a vlog or to host a show), but they don’t, as centralized platforms take up to 60% of the profits, and it is simply not profitable to create high-quality video content.

Creators who upload their video content on the platform, receive 65% of the funds spent by advertisers, and 90% of the funds received as payment from users who watch their premium content.


Currently, any video creators’ channels can be closed at any time without explanation: The previously accepted content is now blocked or demonetized. The rules are applied selectively, based on the policies and opinions of a narrow (and what is really important, directly concerned) group of people. Even though powerful platforms like YouTube are nothing without the millions of content creators who, in fact, create their growth and drive their advertising revenue. This is also the most important ethical and moral issue.

Money isn’t everything. People should be allowed to express their opinions freely, without fear that their opinions will be removed. The only censorship on the Viuly platform will be users themselves. People will decide for themselves which videos should be rewarded and which will be blocked.




A content creator uploads a video. An advertiser adds an advertisement to it. The cost of advertising is distributed between the creator of the video and the user who has watched this video. Everything is done automatically. The advertiser reduces his advertising costs by saving on intermediaries. The video creator earns many times more than on other video platforms that take 60% -70% of his income. And users are rewarded for watching videos. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.




  • VIU tokens are based on the Ethereum blockchain smart-contract and represent the main tool for transferring the value between advertisers, content creators and users.
  • Decentralized storage of videos uploaded on the platform is built on top of the IPFS protocol, which allows storing files in a distributed network without a shared control center. Practically anyone in the world can use the extra space on their hard disk to store videos uploaded to the Viuly and be rewarded for this.
  • 100% anonymity, autonomy and safety of users is due to the complete decentralization and the blockchain technology.
  • All transactions on the platform are transparently recorded and stored in the blockchain, where they can always be checked.





Advertisers may upload on the platform their advertising video that promotes an event, a website, a product or a service, by indicating in the settings a cost-per-view and by targeting based on audience country, city, gender, age and interests. The video will only be shown to those users who are in the selected targeting group. A reward, specified by an advertiser in the settings, will be added automatically to users’ wallets for each unique viewing of the video.

Advertisers may add their banner or a short promotional video for up to 30 seconds to appear in the videos that are listed as free to view by their uploaders. It is possible to choose targeting based on audience country, city, gender, age and interests. Both the author of the video where the ad is displayed, and the user who watches the video, will automatically receive a reward specified by the advertiser for each unique ad view. The author receives 65% of a cost-per-view, and the user receives 25%.

Advertisers may add a video that promotes a specific product or a service, to the Viuly marketplace, along with a text description, technical characteristics and price. Users can buy the product or the service advertised in the video, by clicking the “Buy” button and paying VIU tokens directly from their wallets to the wallet of the advertiser.


Content creators.

Video creators can upload their video and specify the price on a per-view basis. Users who are interested to watch premium content, pay the indicated cost and automatically get access to the video. For example, the author may sell a video lesson on a per-view basis.

Video creators can create a paid channel, for which users pay a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly subscription fee. For example, the creator of a unique forex trading course can upload on their paid channel one video lesson per week. Subscribers can also view all the videos uploaded to that channel.

Video creators can upload their video and specify them as free to watch. In this case, advertising may be embedded in these videos and they will automatically receive in their wallet 65% of the cost specified by the advertiser for each unique ad view.

Video creators can upload their video and specify that users can watch the video for free, and that the video is ad-free. In this case, users can find the “Donate” button below the video, and if they liked it, they can support the author by sending any amount of VIU tokens.



Users can watch free videos without ads with the option to support content creators by donating some VIU tokens if they liked the video.

Users can watch free videos with ads embedded in them and automatically receive in their wallets 25% of the cost-per-view specified by the advertiser.

Users can watch promotional videos uploaded by advertisers and automatically receive in their wallets 90% of the cost-per-view specified by an advertiser.

Users can watch premium content on a pay-per-view basis, or pay a subscription fee for a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly access.

Users can buy the goods and services, advertised in the videos and pay sellers with VIU tokens directly from their wallet.




All mutual settlements between advertisers, content creators, users, sellers and buyers are carried out by VIU tokens.

People will receive VIU tokens for storing videos.






The alpha version of the Viuly video platform was released on October 10th.

By visiting the alpha version of the video platform, you will be able to:

  • Sign up and get 50 VIU tokens to your user account.
  • Upload your first video and get 100 VIU tokens to the user account.
  • Get 50 VIU tokens for each new referred user, who confirmed email address




The alpha version is already live.





On Flixxo, all users share content they have on their device with the rest of the community. Instead of storing video data on centralized servers – which is how YouTube and similar platforms work – Flixxo distributes data across its network.

If you’ve ever used Popcorn Time, then Flixxo works in a similar way. Popcorn Time distributes and shares data throughout the network using the Bittorrent protocol. In fact, the creator of Popcorn Time is listed as a team member for Flixxo.

Using this decentralized system, Flixxo plans to eliminate structural costs, allowing producers to share earnings from their content with the network that supports them. That way, you get paid for helping to improve Flixxo, then earn credits (in the form of digital tokens called Flixx or FLX tokens) in exchange for watching high-quality video content.

With no intermediaries, Flixxo aims to allow users to pay for the content they want to watch, with most of that payment going towards the person who actually created the content – not expensive middlemen.

LBRY is a free, open, and community-run digital marketplace. You own your data. You control the network. Hollywood films, college lessons, amazing streamers and more are on the first media network ruled by you. has pay-per-view based model. The library credits token is supposedly used to pay for content and there is an additional payment system to avoid loading the main blockchain with payments. But since the Library Credits software is still in beta, and there is limited content compared to the current services available, the token is mostly used as a speculative asset.




What Viewly offers from a high level is a decentralized video hosting service. This is valuable because if you can cut out the middleman (and they clearly identify YouTube here), then you can deliver lower cost alternatives. If content creators are able to purchase hosting cheaply enough, it’s a better deal for them than current solutions.

They can continue doing their own sponsorships, but one of the things Viewly is staunchly against is advertising or moves that would make it become another advertising network. They believe there is a better way of getting consumers to support content than wasteful advertising, which is to simply get people to join an ecosystem that is designed for that support.

The VIEW token will be necessary in order to put videos on the platform and in order to provide hosting services. The Viewly network overall will provide an opportunity for hosting start-ups to offer video hosting services. Viewly itself will only take a 1% fee on transactions between hosts and uploaders, as well as sell other premium services for the VIEW token.




Viuly offers to reward users for watching videos, plus content creators have 4 income streams (ad revenue share program, donation based model, subscription based model and pay-per-view based model) instead of only one, what they now have on centralized video platforms.

They don’t have any ICO.




[Decentralized video sharing is nice concept even so many similar project already in process if there will be comparison chart to show what is benefits will be to use this platform. I think this token has use case so it has good potential to rise when this platform will go live.]



[1 billion supply, hopefully not impact on the cheap price of the token ]



[For video sharing platform what are techniques, you are going to use. Because there are many other platforms like youtube where many people post their videos for free. What is the difference between you and youtube?]

[you can earn Viuly Token free just watch them and share, you can buy premium content using Viuly Token. maybe this is just alternative for earn money from internet besides youtube. for more detail information please read whitepaper ]



[How do you plan to moderate content? (ilegal porn, terror, violence etc…)]

[100% anonymity, autonomy and safety of the users of the platform is due to the complete decentralization and the blockchain technology. However, we are creating an automatic premoderation system of all video files uploaded on the platform in order to avoid the upload of a video content that affront to common sense and standards. When violations occur, the system will automatically send information about the video to moderators. If the violation is confirmed, the video will be deleted and the user, who tried to upload this video, will automatically be downgraded in rating on the platform. The moderators are users with the highest rating on the platform, who have been randomly selected by the automatic system.]



[How would you be able to identify if an author sells you a pirated copy/ work of some other author or a video which is prohibited to be sold/transferred? What measures are taken from your side to avoid such issues? Is there a min/max cap set for the project to be successful in terms of milestones?]

[We will have a DMCA policy and copyright content will be removed, so our platform will grow as a legitimate company in the global online video streaming industry, that with advertising is worth hundreds of billions of dollars]



[Have heard there will be nodes. Can i get more details regarding that minimum nodes required]

[In the alpha we’ll use our test nodes we’ve created. Users will be able to create nodes to store the files and get rewards for that in the beta version. Please sign up to our newsletter to get updates.]



[IPFS might not be the best option for people who don’t live near a node.]

[IPFS is ok, we plan to have a lot of users nodes around the world. For the alpha of course we’ll have less nodes, but still it should be ok for testing the waters]



[I guess it will take some time before people start uploading videos, hopefully that 100 token for first upload will help with that. Maybe even increase the reward for first upload, to start things?]



[How is it really centralized when the videos are uploaded on to a centralized server? The transactions really doesn’t matter, if it did you would just launch the platform rather than creating a useless token.]

[Our Alpha with full IPFS decentralization coming very soon is available at]



[Since videos will be stored on other people hdd, could internet speed be an issue, since IPFS is p2p.]

[For sure it will be, but since they use a torrent based protocol, it won’t be 2 much noticeable, as content will be pulled from many at a time]



[What is fee if someone watch my video?  I set up, for exercise, 30 VIU for watching. Can you explain? Someone?]

[As explained in whitepaper.  if you set price of 30 Viu for your video, that’s how much someone will have to pay in order to watch your video, and from that amount, you will get 90%.That is pay per view system. But you can also set up weekly/monthly/yearly subscription model, where people pay some fixed amount to watch all your content in that period of time.  I hope that helps.]



[I wonder, does video market really need to be decentralized? what good will it do?]

[Video platform have to be decentralized, as it allows to cut the middle-man, no demonetization, no buns, etc. All the control in hand of the community, not in is hands of few people.]



[users are going to be paid for watching videos?]

[Yes, we’re activating advertising module next week, so advertisers will be able to buy video ads, pre-rolls, banners and users will be paid for watching videos with ads in them.]



[no one has answered my question and i’ve asked it many times, whats the current viu token price, is there knowledge at what price it will be trading when it goes live in the exchanges?]

[Since this token will be airdropped, no one can expect the price, pre sale investors got 2800×4 VIU per ETH, so pre sale price was around $0.025 per token, but they have sold small portion only.]