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What is Bitdeal?

Bitdeal refers to a digital currency, which allows two different parties to conduct safe transactions that is private, from anywhere they are around the world. Bitdeal is a marketplace that is decentralized where you can buy and sell Bitcoins without dealing with middlemen or incurring extra costs. The marketplace boasts of a large number of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and has offered Bitcoin solutions to many business people. It is considered to be the leading bitcoin exchange solution running as B2B services cryptocurrency businesses.It first started in the year 2015 to build Bitcoin business apps that have high demand features. The Bitdeal app is compatible with mobile devices and is available in Google Play Store and Apple App Store. With Bitdeal app, customers are able to buy products and services including coffee that offers the best discount.

It is important to note that Bitdeal is not an online wallet, therefore you should not worry about the safety of your Bitcoins. The main aim of Bitdeal is to offer professional trading and exchange tools inside the legal boundaries that has a strong legal protection of financial assets. Bitdeal offers increased security and transparency for online financial transactions. The popularity of e-commerce websites led to the start of digital wallets, which allowed many B2B and B2C business to transform themselves into online business portals. Bitcoin has gained popularity as a virtual currency and is becoming an acceptable form of payment for online and offline services. About 90 percent of online businesses have a digital wallet, which comes as a convenient payment option for customers. This is because customers can safely purchase products or services from their smartphones using their digital wallets.

Bitdeal exchange

For those who want to start a Bitcoin exchange site, they can use Bitdeal’s Bitcoin exchange software. Bitdeal exchange software was started with the intention of helping people who are enthusiastic about trading bitcoin. Bitdeal’s Bitcoin exchange software works with four business modules which helps you set up your Bitcoin exchange site. The four business modules include:

  • Powerful trading engine
  • Integrated wallet
  • Advanced UI
  • Customizable Admin Panel

The above modules come with features such as:

  • Google ReCaptcha
  • AML techniques
  • DDOS integration
  • Anti CSRF Token
  • Two factor authentication
  • AES Encryption Prevention

There are other advanced features that have not been listed above. It is important you implement the above features into your Bitcoin exchange website. These powerful features makes sure traders have a seamless trading of Bitcoins, which is safe. The business solution that Bitdeal provides via their Bitcoin exchange software will be flexible for any technological improvements in the Bitcoin industry.

Bitdeal’s Bitcoin wallet

If you are dealing with trading of Bitcoins, you need to be sure they are stored in a place which is secure from hacking. It’s Bitcoin wallet provides a secure platform for people who want to integrate it into their Bitcoin exchange site. Bitdeal have created their application where you can have your own wallet with special security features, that protects your Bitcoins during the day or while sleeping at night. To make sure that your wallet remains safe and secure, you need to use the latest version of Bitdeal wallet. Using the updated versions of Bitcoin wallet reduces the risk of theft or hacking.

Bitdeal ICO tokenized system

Bitdeal’s ICO tokenized system is an ideal way for anyone to become an online entrepreneur. The tokenized ICO platform offers a new and unique way for businesses to join a block chain project by acquiring a specific number of cryptocoins. By using Bitdeal’s tokenized ICO platform, people will be able to increase the usage of cryptocoins.

Bitdeal overview

Bitcoin trading is the only sure way of having a business which generates profits. It doesn’t really matter if you are knowledeagle in Bitcoin trading or not. However, if you use Bitdeal for Bitcoin transaction, you could enjoy tremendous success, as your business makes profits. If you have not set up a Bitcoin trading business, now is the right time. You need to integrate your Bitcoin wallet into your Bitcoin exchange website so that you can protect your Bitcoins anytime. Bitdeal is always monitoring the cryptocurrency industry for new trends. This has helped Bitdeal understand customers’ demands and extend their business solutions to other Bitcoin related fields.

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