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Talking about Blocknet is a revolution in itself. We all know the digital media of
exchange called Cryptocurrencies. Every single day there are new solutions to
secure your work in this industry and everyday it gets even better. Throughout
this article we will be discussing what is Blocknet Coin? Plus best Exchanges and Wallets to use.

What is Blocknet Coin?

Blocknet is basically a peer to peer protocol between the nods of various block chains
which enables communication and delivery of services between two users of
different Cryptocurrencies. There is no wonder that it has succeeded in
achieving the title of the internet of Blockchains.

An intelligent developer, Dan Metcalf first came up with the idea of Blocknet
which later on revolutionized this whole industry by improving the general
condition of the currency. Many hats off to the smart brain behind this. Not
only did Blocknet improve the overall condition of the cryptocurrency but also
helped in sorting out the scam coins out there. The main technologies that
Blocknet works on are Xbridge protocol through which the nodes are able to
communicate and do other tasks.

Best Exchanges you can Use


Coinbase is trusted by millions and millions of users all across the globe every single
day. It is famous and reliable because of its popularity and efficiency. It is
a trading platform that gives you amazing results in terms of Cryptocurrencies.

It is a platform that keeps you secure in everything, whether it’s buying, trading
or storing your digital currency. It has a very reasonable fee and is easily
affordable. If you are a beginner then this is the exchange for you.

Shape Shift

It is no doubt an outstanding exchange that gives you an option of various
Cryptocurrencies like Zcash, Bitcoin, Monero, Dash and Ethereum. Shape Shift is
ideal for the people who are in a rush. You don’t require singing up for an
account, that way you can make instant trades.

Shape Shift is amazing in terms of speed. It’s fast and easy and also offers you a
great deal of Cryptocurrencies.


This exchange was founded in 2011 and is based in Europe. It is the best exchange
you can trust with all your heart and soul. It was one of the first generation
exchanges which has loyal customers around the globe. They have built a
clientele that can’t possible go anywhere.

It has a very little transaction fee and it is available all around the world.

Best Wallets you can use

There are various types of Cryptocurrency wallets. There are mobile wallets, Desktop
wallets, Hardware wallets and Web wallets. All have benefits of their own. A
hardware Cryptocurrency wallet lets you store your data offline so they can
never be hacked by any chance. Many people keep multiple hardware wallets in
case if they lose one by any chance.

Desktop wallets on the other hand are never feared to get lost because they literally
stay on your computer. Their cost is close to nothing and sometimes they are even

Web based wallets are online wallets that have set many security steps before you
can access your wallet to keep you safe from theft or getting hacked. To make
things easier the wallets have now come on your mobile screens through android
and apples apps so you can easily check then from anywhere you are.

Strong Coin

It is literally the strongest wallet and has more than 110,000 loyal users
throughout. Strong coin guarantees the security of your Bitcoins and lets you buy
them directly in the wallet which eliminates the risk of any theft or a mishap.
The best part is that the wallet is absolutely free to create, however like
everyone else they do charge a minimum fee which depends on the size of your


Where there is Exodus there is Shape Shift. That’s right; Exodus has a built in Shape
Shift for a faster conversion of Cryptocurrencies. With this and many other
attributes, Exodus definitely wins the race to being the best wallet.

Exodus offers 24 hour support to their customers so you can address your queries and
concerns even at oddest hours.


Thanks to Thomas Voegtlin for creating an amazing wallet Electrum back in the year
2011. It’s old but its popularity and efficiency remains as good as new. Many
people later have used the same techniques to create wallets like Electrum but
nothing beats the classic features of this wallet that everyone talks about.

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