MDK ICO – Presale, ICO and token


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MDK is an entertainment community that unites creators, users, moderators, and businesses, and coordinates their actions to develop the community.

Presale Date: None

Token sale Phase1 Date: 29th November 2017- 31st December 2017.

Token sale Phase 2 Date: Q1 2018.

MDK is a worldwide entertainment community where economic value is shared among all the members that create and curate content. MDK will create a communication platform – MDK App that unites creators, users, moderators, and businesses, and coordinates their actions to develop the community. The core principle is that all purchases in the MDK App, including advertising, will be made with MDK Tokens. The reward system will distribute tokens among all members based on their input.



 Problems being solved.

  • Unfair profit distribution. Large companies such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and VK originated and gained their popularity as a result of content generated by users and for users. These companies earn billions of dollars by simply aggregating their users’ content and targeting advertisements towards them, while users themselves get nothing in return. All profits are directed towards large companies, and none of it shared with the users.
  • Weak opportunities for new talent. Ad-oriented economics of dominant digital services is making it more and more difficult for new creators to be noticed. Even if a user creates unique and engaging content, it will often go unnoticed without huge advertising budgets, a large following, or support from influential leaders.
  • Users don’t have an influential vote. The common user has no leverage over the current systems, or over the content that is created and published there. Top content is created and used by large companies based on the editorial policies of such companies, media or moderators of the current apps.



How it works.

  1. Members create and moderate content. All members of MDK have equal opportunities to create and moderate content. Great posts fly to the top, while inappropriate ones never see the light. In that way the content quality always stays consistent, attracting new members to the community.
  2. In-app features and advertising are purchased. Businesses purchase MDK tokens to partner with community members. The members can purchase in-app features for content creation, which attracts more businesses. Everything is then gathered in the Reward System for further distribution.
  3. Members earn MDK Tokens. Content creators, moderators, commentators — everyone, who pushes MDK forward, gets rewarded based on their impact for the community. The rewards can be used to, again, purchase in-app features for content creation, goods or be used at your own discretion.







1. Concept.

Industry: Social network

Similar projects: Reddit

How is it different from other projects in the space?

  • They pay rewards to their common users. Therefore, users have not economic incentives to develop their community.



  1. Team.

Names, pictures and even links to social profiles like LinkedIn and Twitter: Only Facebook links have been presented.

Founders have credentials in the area they are venturing into: Yes

Members who have already completed successful projects in the field of blockchain: No

 3. MVP.

Any previous activity related to the project: MDK is one of the largest Russian-speaking entertainment communities that unites more than 20 million young adults in major social networks, including VK, Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram. Throughout the 7 years in which they have been producing content, their focus has been on uniting creative people and connecting with members. The MDK Creative Agency acts as a bridge between the young generation and the world’s largest companies. Clients of the agency include Burger King, KFC, Unilever, Reckitt Benckiser,, Gazprom Media, Alibaba Group.

VC Investors: No

Partners: None

Actual alpha, beta etc. available on website: No

What is available: The MDK Community.

GitHub presence: None



  1. Blockchain Leverages.

Smart contracts: N/A

Transparency: N/A

Database: N/A

Lower costs: N/A


Oracles: N/A



  1. ICO Structure.

ICO Timeframe: 29th November 2017- Q1 2018

Popularity: Low

Whitelist present: No

Registration required: Your name and email is required.

KYC required: In some cases.

Banned entities:  N/A

Smart contracts already audited: N/A

Exchanges: N/A

Escrow: N/A


Token scarcity:  1 Billion MDK

Founder/Team Token percentage (Should be less than 20-25%): 20%

Bonus for whales: Present

Securities Token: No

Buyback and burn: No

Utility token: Yes

Coin staking: No

Vesting: Yes over 36 months with a 3-month cliff.

Unsold tokens burnt: No, returned to development reserve.


Token sale Phase 1 token percentage: 10%

Timeline Bonus: 1-5%

Whale Bonus: 3-10%

Hard cap amount: $1.2M

Soft cap amount: N/A

Progress: 4% of Phase 1 tokens sold, and 51,595.55 raised

Minimum amount: 0.1 ETH

Individual cap: N/A


Public sale Phase 2 token percentage: 40%

Token price: About $0.018


Total ICO Token percentage (Should be 70-80%): 50%

Total ICO Hard cap: $10M

Total ICO Soft cap: $2M

Base ICO Token price: 0.012 USD


Market cap (ICO Price x Total supply: 12M

Market cap of projects in same field: N/A


ICO Contribution ETH Address: 0xbcae31d071e7bdf93842dfaacb9d825a0b6d72a8

No of transactions: 453

Maximum transaction: 8 ETH



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