HOQU ICO – Presale, ICO and token


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HOQU is a decentralized ecosystem which will be used to build CPA services, ranging from affiliate programs to affiliate networks and related products.

Presale Date: 13th November-20th November 2017

Public sale Date: 27th November- 26th February 2018.

Sale Round 2: Q2-Q3 2018.

HOQU is a decentralized affiliate platform that combines the performance-marketing model with blockchain technology. The aim of the project is to create a decentralized ecosystem which will be used to build CPA services, ranging from affiliate programs to affiliate networks and related products. HOQU integrates advertisers, networks and affiliates into a single platform, significantly reducing the financial costs for all market participants.



Problems being solved.

Middleman Costs.

  • Up to 45% of a merchant’s budget is spent on commissions charged by a number of brokers, including banks, payment systems, advertising agencies and platforms.
  • Affiliate networks have to pay for using existing platforms on a monthly basis or spend money on developing proprietary platforms.

Entry barriers.

  • Conventional platforms have entry barriers that are too high for affiliate networks.

Unstable operation.

  • A technical failure can paralyze all affiliate networks on a centralized platform, until the cause is detected and rectified.


  • On the part of affiliates in relation to advertisers: In the area of e-commerce, affiliates could visit web the sites themselves and place orders. They could use “gray” or dubious schemes to obtain customers’ personal data and pass them off to the advertiser as their own clients.   When making payments, in-house personnel could make calls, impersonating customers.
  • On the part of affiliate networks: Showing advertisers an exaggerated number of leads; — discreetly debit advertisers’ accounts.


  • On the part of advertisers in relation to affiliates: Informing an affiliate that an order has not been delivered and refusing to pay commission on a customer’s purchase. Ignoring a customer’s calls, identifying the caller’s ID and contacting them directly. Modifying the affiliate network code on a proprietary website so that not all leads are recorded on the affiliate system.
  • On the part of affiliate networks: Paying incorrect sums for customer activities to an affiliate. Displaying understated estimates for leads to affiliates. Discreetly debiting affiliates’ accounts.




For merchants.

Vast choice of professional marketers, plus direct communication, low commission on actual deals, independent anti-fraud system.

For affiliates.

Open merchant database, fair and transparent smart contract deals, CPS (Cost-per-Sale) model available, fast payouts.

For CPA networks.

Easy entry (given free use and vast selection of merchants and affiliates), fair reputation ranking, fair competition.






1. Concept.

Industry: Affiliate marketing

Similar projects: AdWords, Clickbank, Facebook advertising, Foreground, RefToken, Bitcomo

How is it different from other projects in the space? N/A



  1. Team and Advisors.

Names, pictures and even links to social profiles like LinkedIn and Twitter: Some entities have not shown their faces.

Founders have credentials in the area they are venturing into: Yes

Members who have already completed successful projects in the field of blockchain: Yes



 3. MVP.

Any previous activity related to the project: No

VC Investors: No

Partners: Blocklancer, Civic

Actual alpha, beta etc. available on website: No

What is available: A video of HOQU affiliate and advertiser dashboard MVP is what is available on the website.

GitHub presence: Yes



  1. Blockchain Leverages.

Smart contracts: Smart contract ensures fair and transparent transactions between merchants and affiliates. Smart contract closes a transaction once it sees a trigger factor on the blockchain. Let’s take an example. A developer and an affiliate enter into contract that obliges the affiliate to drive traffic to the website to encourage apartment sales. As soon as blockchain provides information that the apartment has been sold, smart contract makes a payout (% of transaction value) to the affiliate.  So all the participants have clear understanding what is going to happen ensuring trust between the parties.

Transparency: Advertiser can easily create affiliate offers, and the results of affiliate advertising campaigns will be stored in distributed registries (blockchain).

Lower costs: 0.5% commission per deal and lack of brokers make HOQU more attractive to both merchants and affiliates.

Autonomous: On HOQU, software failure in one module will not affect proper operation of other modules.

Identification: User identification is carried out via the Civic, blockchain-platform, which successfully addresses the problem of remote identification and can be integrated with other blockchain solutions. This reduces the issues of shave and fraud.



  1. ICO Structure.

ICO Timeframe: 13th November to 26th February 2018.

Popularity: High

Whitelist present: Yes

Registration required: Yes you need to create an account.

KYC required: No

Banned entities: Chinese, South Koreans, Singaporeans, Americans.

Smart contracts already audited: N/A

Exchanges: Etherdelta

Escrow: N/A


Token scarcity: 889M HQX

Founder/Team Token percentage (Should be less than 20-25%): 30%

Bonus for whales: Absent

Securities Token: No

Buyback and burn: No

Utility token: Yes

Coin staking: No

Lock-up: Team tokens frozen for 6 months,

Unsold tokens burnt: Yes


Presale token percentage: 6.5% (Includes private sale.)

Highest bonus: 40%

Presale Hard cap amount: $2.1M

Presale Soft cap amount: N/A

Presale progress: Within one week of the private placement campaign, the project managed to get 12 large investors and raised funds up to 2311 ETH that was around $785,000. Over 90% of presale tokens sold.

Minimum amount: 50 ETH

Individual cap: Unlimited


Public sale token percentage: 15.5%

Highest bonus: 20%

Public sale hard cap amount: $7.6M

Public sale Soft cap amount: None. If the hard cap is not reached by the end of the token sale, then all unsold tokens will expire.

Public sale Progress: 40% of Public sale tokens sold.

Minimum amount: 0.1ETH

Individual cap: Unlimited


Total ICO Token percentage (Should be 70-80%): 22% Phase 1

Total ICO Hard cap: $10M

Base ICO Token price: $0.06


Sale Phase 2 token percentage: 43%

Hard cap amount: TBA

Minimum amount: 0.1ETH

Individual cap: Unlimited


Market cap (Base Price x Total supply: $53M

Market cap of projects in same field: None already done ICO.


Token Sale address: 0x1b957dc4aefeed3b4a2351a6a6d5cbfbba0cecfa

Token Holders: 34 Addresses

Maximum transaction: 22 ETH



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