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NeosCoin is a Proof of Stake cryptocurrency featuring a network of masternodes. It powers the Neos V3 hosting service and social network.

Neos V3 (under development) is an incredibly important, disruptive, and liberating piece of technology powered by incentive, self-governance and decentralization through the blockchain. Within the network, peers come to agreements and make decisions as a whole - rather than having decisions made for them and rules dictated to them.

One of the goals of Neos V3 is to help you to create, share and monetize your content, while building a huge source for information. The platform’s peer-to-peer social infrastructure will not only ensure your content is never lost or damaged, but will also keep access to it as fast as possible with a global presence. It combines ease-of-use with unique features and controls alongside the opportunity to monetize your content.


What are the Features of NeosCoin?
Neos V3 offers a wide range of features complementing its core purpose – a completely decentralized web:

The interface.

NeosCoin offers an interface that completely deviates from the norm.  It’s user-friendly, very familiar, packed with features, and incredibly fast. When you open the Neos interface, you’re presented with a dashboard.

You can do everything in the Neos interface that you could in your old-style wallets, just quicker typically.  You can view all of your transactions, generate new wallet addresses, and send NeosCoin to another person.



NEOS Masternodes allow for better security and privacy while speeding up the transactional rate of transfers. Users can set aside 5,000 NEOS to be accepted as a masternode. To better explain the concept, we can compare this to purchasing land. The land is always yours  – meaning you can always choose to sell it – and more impressively, you are rewarded for allowing people to use your land for certain tasks. In this case it would be the ability to perform anonymous and instant transactions – with more services to come later.

What do I need to host a Masternode?

  • 5,000 NEOS.
  • A server or a VPS installed with Linux: You can use any of the VPS servers from OVH, Vultr and DigitalOcean though any decent provider will do.
  • A dedicated IP address: These usually come with the VPS/server.

Here is a guide to setting up the masternode:

Earning from Masternodes.

At the moment, each masternode is given around 5 NEOS per day. To explain the cost and benefit:

Cost of masternode:

1 NEOS = 0.00093642 BTC/ $4.01.
5000 NEOS = 4.6821 BTC / $20,050 USD.

Return on masternode investment:

Income per day:
5 NEOS = 0.0046821 BTC / $20.05 USD.

You can always compare this with other masternode coins or even DASH itself. A more apt comparison would be Steemit, which has gone beyond blockchain to bring the average person into the cryptosphere.


Instant Transactions.

Enabling this feature will allow coins to be spendable in a fraction of the time it would take for normal transactions by eliminating the need for several confirmations before being spendable.




Some enjoy spending their coin how they want - as it should be. Masternode technology facilitates stealth transactions - giving you the option of making your transactions private.



In-Wallet Trading.

Neos provides access to multiple coin exchanges so you can trade directly from your wallet. The built in exchange conforms to a similar look to that of Bittrex so you don’t need to learn a whole new interface. When making transactions, you have the ability to turn on anonymity features.

NeosCoin anonymity is achieved by sending your coins to a multi-homed farm that triggers a transaction to the recipient, all of which is done automatically by entering the recipient’s NeosCoin address as the payee. NeosCoin named this feature “Arbitrush.”

Arbitrush allows you to create a one-time key-pair if you wish to. That allows you to view the anonymous transaction later, and you may use it as proof that you actually sent the funds to the recipient if they claim that you never sent the funds.


Encrypted Messaging.

Communicate with other Neos users without your privacy being a concern. Only the owner of the messages and intended recipients will be able to read them.



TOR Supported.
The Tor network is a group of volunteer-operated servers that allows people to improve their privacy and security on the Internet. Tor’s users employ this network by connecting through a series of virtual tunnels rather than making a direct connection, thus allowing both organizations and individuals to share information over public networks without compromising their privacy. Along the same line, Tor is an effective censorship circumvention tool, allowing its users to reach otherwise blocked destinations or content. Tor can also be used as a building block for software developers to create new communication tools with built-in privacy features.

Individuals use Tor to keep websites from tracking them and their family members, or to connect to news sites, instant messaging services, or the like when these are blocked by their local Internet providers. Tor’s hidden services let users publish web sites and other services without needing to reveal the location of the site. Individuals also use Tor for socially sensitive communication: chat rooms and web forums for rape and abuse survivors, or people with illnesses.


NeosCoin (NEOS)Coin.


Proof Type: PoS-based cryptocurrency.

Block Spacing: 60 Seconds.

Stake Minimum Age: 24 Hours.

Port: 29320.

RPC Port: 29321

Current coın Value: $4.01.

Market Cap: $13,870,409.

24hr volume: $632,551.

Cırculatıng Supply: 3,460,612 NEOS.

(As of 26/8/2017)


You’ll be able to earn NeosCoin by participating in the community, authoring quality content, and playing a role in moderation. At the user level, this means that you can earn free tokens by participating within the network – unlike Facebook and other existing social media platforms that reward the investors and central owners instead of the users who populate their websites. The tokens can then either be converted to other forms of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin or be used on the platform for premium service.




Mining Pools.



Windows Wallet:


In closing.

There have been delays in the full launch due to health issues affecting the main developer, though it seems the community has a great deal of confidence and are standing by him. As mentioned by one user on Reddit:

“I would rate you and your work as one of the most transparent and honest. I’m sorry about your health condition. We all hope you can get better first instead of damaging yourself more to release this. Despite that, knowing you, you are doing your best to release V3 and that is why you are who you are. The level of integrity in NEOS in unparalleled. Much respect.”


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