Unity Ingot Coin– General Info, Best Exchanges and Wallets


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There are several different uses for the hundreds of crypto-currencies available around the world. Here we review the Unity Ingot tokens that were created as a store of wealth and are considered to be a legacy asset with a growth component. What this means is that they can be passed onto your future generations of family or friends as time goes on and they continue to grow in value.


What is the Unity Ingot?

The Unity Ingot is an Ethereum Smart Contract Token. The token is very different from any other token or cryptocurrency available globally as it’s backed with 3 valuable assets which are Bitcoin, gold bullion and crypto currency mining.

The funds raised from the sale of the tokens is invested on mining other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Zcash, Lite coin and other lucrative alt coins that become available. The daily earnings of mining cryptocurrencies are then used to buy Bitcoin, gold and to expand the mining operations.


Mining operations.

Currently Unity is connected to three different mining pools for safety and being diversified. They have 500 mining servers that are spread in different locations. The locations of the mining facilities are kept in secret and in places were the electricity is cheap while having good internet connection.

To ensure the greatest return on the operations the mining is planned in a daily manner. Each day the team will mine the cryptocurrency that offers the greatest amount of return. The ROI of the mining operations is on average 240 days, so from then on there is only profit.

Only 10,000,000,000 Unity Ingot tokens will be issued. For each 5,000,000 tokens sold in the exchanges 1 server will be added to the operations. The total amount of the resulting servers will be 2,000 returning $880,000 per month after electricity costs.

As you can see Unity is designed to increase its value exponentially the more tokens are sold through the exchanges.


Mining server specifications:

  • Ethereum mining rig – Ethereum; Zcash GPU - Ethos 230Mh/s.
  • Housed in Canada, the U.S. (Expanding into China and possibly Japan).
  • The Unity Team can mine different algorithms like Ethash, Equihash, X11, X13, quark, quit, Scrypt, lyra2rev2, Blake, neoscrypt and more.
  • AMD RX 5 4GB Video cards currently and will upgrade as necessary.
  • Runs on 120V-240V AC.


Mining rewards.

Mining rewards are broken down as follows:

  • 50% will be used to purchase the Bitcoin and Gold bullion that will back the Unity Ingot.
  • 15% will be used to buy the Unity Ingots in the exchanges should members decide to sell.
  • 15% will be reinvested into more mining servers so that the size of mining operations continues to grow with the amount of bullion also being stored against the Unity Ingot.
  • 20% will be used for operations, expansions and upkeep.

This is a self-sustaining tool of growth unlike any other token developed before. Consider it like a compounding interest model in the way that it grows in both daily mining abilities and the store of wealth on reserve.


The Importance of a Gold-Backed Token.

The fact that Unity is backed by Bitcoin and gold is pretty awesome. However the gold aspect is much more important. The reserve of gold is used as an insurance in case the whole cryptocurrency space collapses, allowing users to be safe with the investment of the token.

Apart from the growth of the mining facilities, the price of both Bitcoin and gold is expected to grow in the next years due to the economic uncertainties of our time. This is traduced to a greater growth of value for the token overtime. In fact Unity estimates 100%+ growth rate each year for early adopters.


Demand Factor.

The Unity tokens are issued in groups of 5,000,000, however they will be released to the market only when there is demand for the token. In their webpage they announce the following:

‘It is never our desire to hurt our own market by selling the released blocks when there is not enough market support or demand. Therefore, the speed at which the token will grow is at the pace of its demand.’

In this way the price of the token is not expected to have significant crashes because they control the amount that is released into the market, and as you remember 15% of the earnings of the mining facilities is used to maintain the value of the token stable in the market.


Future plans.

In the future, the Gold/Bitcoin reserves will be publicly visible and displayed in real-time against the number of tokens issued on the Unity Ingot website. All numbers of mining servers will be displayed as an additional open ledger so that anyone holding the Unity Ingots can see the true value of each token at any time.


Unity Ingot (UNY) Coin Overview.

Token Contract: Ethereum.

Token Standard: ERC20 +Custom Features.

Current coın Value: $0.147206.

Market Cap: $29,735,612.

24hr volume: $1.

Cırculatıng Supply: 202,000,000 UNY.

Max Supply: 10,000,000,000 UNY.

(As of 26/8/2017) 



  1. Download compatible wallet from official Ethereum Repository https://github.com/ethereum/mist/releases.
  2. Open wallet, go to «Contracts» section.
  3. Scroll down, at «Custom Tokens», press «Watch Token».
  4. Copy Ox1a986F1659e1.112AE7CC6543F307bAEScDel.C761 and paste to «Token Contract Address», everything else should fill automatically. Click «Ok».
  5. Now this wallet will support the Unity Ingot Token.


In closing.

Individuals and governments throughout the world are beginning to realize that a financial investment in Bitcoin, is a great possibility. However, purchasing Bitcoin is costly and there is a simpler means to obtain a position in this emerging trend.

By obtaining a tiny stake in the Unity Ingot which is expected to explode because of the fact that it is just one of the hard possession backed cryptocurrencies in the world, those holdings could be transformed into a higher return on investment.

In conclusion, the cryptocurrency trend feels like it is here to stay and the possibilities are abundant at the present time. Invest intelligently and take every precaution to guard your hard-earned cash.