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Within a short space of time NoLimitCoin (NLC2) has gone from languishing amongst the deadbeats on YoBit to reaching incredible new heights. So how does a coin worth a mere 10 Satoshis less than a week ago reach highs of 948 Satoshis so quickly?


Many will dismiss the NoLimitCoin price surge as just another ‘shitcoin’ being pumped. “This happens all the time” they will say, “it will be dead within a week!” The reality is NoLimitCoin is just getting started. Those of us in the know realise how sorely undervalued this coin is and are holding on tight.

Of course, from the outside looking in it would be hard to recognise. But you had better believe that behind the scenes NoLimitCoin is making big noise. Consider what this coin is aiming to do. It’s trying to severely disrupt a $4 Billion industry of fantasy sports betting.

Unlike many of the coins that surround it, this coin actually has a purpose. People will need it in order to participate in fantasy sports betting on the No Limit Fantasy Sports platform ( This means a significant portion of the supply will be locked up in the game in order for it to run. As more games get added to the platform, the coin will be in ever higher demand which will push the price up further. NoLimitCoin has a relatively low circulating supply of 202,615,362. For a coin that will be in high demand in the coming months, its current price of between 1-2 cents has plenty of room to grow.

Features of NoLimitCoin

• Crypto currency. No Limit Coin powers Online Fantasy Games by providing the best of blockchain technology
• Exchanges, No Limit Coin is already available on various exchanges, and even more are coming
• Trade for dollars. This coin is liquid VS. Bitcoin (BTC) and any other world currency (USD, EUR…)
• Proof of Stake coin. No Limit Coin is 100% PoS with an annual stake reward of 4%

Why use No Limit Coin (NLC2)?

Using NLC2 instead of fiat currency allows the platform to navigate around restrictive gambling laws in the United States and other countries around the world. This gives the platform a truly global reach that long-established competitors can only dream of.

It is also a currency rapidly appreciating in value, which cannot be said for many fiat currencies including the US dollar. Take a look at the adjacent graph charting the enormous growth in value of NLC2 this year.

This means any potential winnings in NLC2 are likely to multiply in value as the platform becomes more popular and demand for the coin increases.

What is proof of stake? How do I stake NLC2?

NLC2 Coins use a Proof of Stake algorithm for transmitting the blockchain. By staking your NLC2 Coins you become a node on the network that transmits the blockchain and you get 4% extra coins per year as your reward. The blockchain creates these new coins and sends them to your wallet.

Gaming platforms

No limit coin powers four different gaming platforms.

1. Crypto Fantasy Sports.
This is the pure NLC2 platform. Here you will be able to compete in Fantasy Games via our flagship No Limit Coin. This platform is 100% run on cryptocurrency and has all the advantages of the blockchain technology. This is how Fantasy Sports is meant to be.

2. No Cost Fantasy Sports.
This is the free version. You will find it very easy to use and you can enjoy it for free. When you get the hang of it, are ready for the real deal, come on over to the crypto No Limit Fantasy Sports Platform. The no cost platform will operate in markets that have restrictions which includes about 25 US states. We will also evaluate each state with regulation and proceed with licensing in states that merit the process of licensing.

3. NFL Stat Challenge.
This is a peer to peer betting platform with zero rake. 109 Statistical Categories / 25 fantasy sheet configuration. Bring your friends and challenge them directly!

4. No Limit Fantasy Sports.
No Limit Fantasy Sports is a brand-new fantasy sports betting platform. Starting from August, you will be able to play fantasy soccer, with American football, basketball, and hockey being added to the platform later this year.
What makes No Limit Fantasy Sports different from other fantasy sports betting platforms is that instead of using fiat currency such as the US dollar, all competitions will be played using its very own flagship cryptocurrency called No Limit Coin (NLC2). You also get free NLC2 to play with just for signing up.

Why is No Limit Fantasy Sports better than its competitors?

Currently, in the United States, the two biggest fantasy sports platforms are Draft Kings and Fan Duel.Together they own almost 90% of the US marketplace worth many billions of dollars. This effective monopoly has allowed them to charge their player’s extortionate rates for using their platforms.

The situation isn’t much different around the world in other countries, where a few large companies dominate the fantasy sports betting market.

No Limit Fantasy Sports aims to provide players with far better rates than its competitors, ending the effective monopoly large fantasy sports betting platforms have over the marketplace.

Rather than charging a 10% rake (cost for entering games), No Limit Fantasy Sports will charge a mere 5%! For head to head matches, this rake will be further reduced to 2.5% to make this platform by far the most competitive on the market!

For those of you that aren’t familiar with betting these percentages might not sound dramatically different. But if you’re somebody that likes to play regularly, you’ll know full well that these percentages add up enormously over the long run.

A fairer, purer way of gambling

There are contests on platforms such as Draft Kings where you can enter up to 500 squad choices. This allows people to use bots to effectively rig the competition in their favor while giving normal players almost no chance of competing. Betting in this way also results in emotional detachment from the outcome of any given game or any player’s performance.

No Limit Fantasy Sports is a platform for gambling purists. It will only allow players to enter a maximum of 10 squad choices. This will make the use of bots largely redundant, giving the average competitor a fair chance of winning. It will also force competitors to form an emotional attachment to their players and their performances, creating a more organic gambling experience for all involved.

NoLimitCoin Wallets

• Desktop wallet. Available for Windows, Linux and Mac
• Web wallet. Secure your web wallet with 2FA.Web Wallet does not stake or earn extra NLC2
• NoLimitCoin Android Wallet allows you to send and receive NLC with this android wallet! It keeps track of all your transactions, and opens them easily on the blockchain explorer!

Exchange platforms

Nlc2 now publicly trading on the following exchanges:

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