SwissBorg ICO – Presale, ICO and token


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The SwissBorg project aims to revolutionize wealth management services with a community-centric approach powered by blockchain technology.





Important dates:

Presale Date: No Presale.

Public sale Date: 7th December 2017-24th December.




SwissBorg is a decentralized banking backbone built around community-centric values.  It offers Best of Breed Financial Advisory services and Invest Solutions to everyone with no frontier or restrictions. A place, where you can safely store & manage your crypto assets by getting access to a large number of asset services: from asset tokenization to derivatives and exchanges traded place. A bank, tailored to anyone from individuals to DAOs with no minimum deposit. A New paradigm, where Financial Advisor & Investment Manager deliver their added value with no filter and in full transparency.



Problems being solved:

  • High cost of banks.
  • Today, investors want more personal, real-time and effortless experience.
  • The clients’ onboarding-process is complicated, time-consuming, and not portable. The KYC process is also expensive for banks.
  • Investors have to deal with predefined portfolios with inadequate support and financial advisors that leave them in the dark with no control over financial decisions.
  • Clients have to deal with misguidance and imprecise information on their investments entrusted to financial advisors.
  • Customized investment solutions are reserved for the elite private banking client base.
  • Profitable investment opportunities are restricted to high net worth individuals.
  • There is a very strong call for benchmarks to monitor and track the behavior of cryptocurrencies.
  • The number of cryptocurrencies funds available remain very limited and yet, it is difficult for investors to compare them, as there are no market indexes to do so.
  • There are few investment solutions/strategies or financial advisors available to crypto-holders.
  • Cryptocurrencies do not offer the option to mandate a third party (human or robot) to manage their wealth and protect is against operational risk, counterparty risk, fiscal risk.
  • The process of managing cryptocurrencies (i.e. depositing, withdrawing, transferring, and investing) involves a presumed degree of awareness that can be eased by reshaping user interfaces.



How it works.


  • Individuals and DAOs benefit from democratic, transparent and truthfulness investment services to manage their crypto-wealth.
  • Investment managers and financial advisors benefit from crypto asset classes and the best-of-breed technologies (Blockchain & Al) to better serve their clients.
  • Banks.
  • Funds.
  • Market makers.



Token uses.

  • Enables holders to have a vote.
  • Enables holders to receive a share of the revenue from the SwissBorg network.





Review/ICO Scoring Metrics.


  1. Concept.

Industry: Banking/Wealth management/Hedge fund

Similar projects: Tokenbox, Iconomi, melonport, Protos, etc.

Existing companies: N/A

Level of competition: High

How is it different from other projects in the space? Asset tokenization; customization of wealth management services; use of AI and big data analytics for financial advisory; crypto-indexes; Derivatives

Scale of problems being addressed: Normal

Divided Token: YES. Quarterly revenue from fees. 25% of revenues in ETH using smart contracts.

Market dynamics: There is approximately 120 trillion USD of client assets managed by global wealth managers, and 4 out of 10 clients are open to switching wealth managers under the right circumstances. This represents a 175 to 200 billion USD global revenue opportunity.

Sources of revenue: SwissBorg will receive management and performance fees by providing investment solutions to the community; SwissBorg will receive trading fees by providing investment services for the community.

Use cases: Wealth management services, crypto bank, exchange, loans, trading.

Regulatory risks: SwissBorg will be a Swiss Cooperative entity; the founders aim to become regulated in Switzerland with FINMA; it’s a revenue token.



  1. Team.

More than 2 members with past experience in this industry: Yes

More than 2 members who are past company CEOs/Founders: No

More than 2 members with technical experience: Yes

More than 2 members with previous blockchain experience or experience building an open source community or platform on a large scale: No

More than 2 notable advisors from other blockchain projects: No

More than 2 advisors with past experience in this industry: Yes

More than 2 advisors with technical experience: Yes

More than 2 advisors who are company CEOs/Founders: Yes

More than 2 advisors with previous blockchain experience or experience building an open source community or platform on a large scale: Yes

Popular advisors: N/A



  1. MVP.

Any previous activity related to the project: Since 2015, SwissBorg has been building the next generation of Robo-Advisor by using Al in wealth management, with models crafted by experienced Hedge Funds Managers. By extending the Al Robo-Advisor model to cryptocurrencies, they intend to empower investors with more control and freedom of choice on trading activities and risk management.

GitHub presence: Yes

Partners: MME

VC funding: Yes

Actual alpha, beta etc. available on website: NO.

Token expected usage date: Not a utility token.

Working product: They are now raising funds for their first tokenized cryptocurrency hedge fund that offers 50% of dividends to holders. The CSB token for the hedge fund is being sold at $3 per unit.

Roadmap ends: 2022



  1. Blockchain leverages.

Smart contracts: Used to manage the process of redemption/subscription to crypto indexes; The derivatives will be created as preprogrammed smart contracts, capturing the obligations of the two counterparties (such as margin agreements or swap conditions); Smart contracts could conceivably be written to automatically prepare business and corporate tax returns.

Tokenization: Tokenization of physical assets such as diamonds, art or real estates; Token-backed loans.

Decentralization: N/A

Any centralization aspect: N/A

Scalability: Ethereum

DAO: Yes

Transparency: SwissBorg Cryptographic Dashboard would enable financial advisors and investors to track and manage the state of their digital assets in real time. Regulators could also have a real-time view of what is transpiring in the system at all times.

Database: Blockchain used for KYC and digital ID

Oracles: None



  1. ICO Structure.

Popularity: High

Bitcoin talk pages: 14

Bitcoin talk interactiveness: low

Presale absent: YES

Whitelist absent: N/A

Bonus for whales absent: N/A

No Registration required: NO. There is KYC/AML preregistration.

Minimum amount: 1 Token.

Individual cap: None

ICO Timeframe 1 month: Yes

No ICO extensions: NO

Soft cap reached: Yes

Token scarcity: 1 Billion CHSB; Unsold tokens are not burnt but are reserved.

Token price: $0.101

ICO Hard cap amount: $50.5M

ICO Token percentage: 62.5%

Limitations: US, Singapore, South Korea or the People’s Republic of China (excluding Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) (“PRC”).

Presale amount: No Presale.

Presale amount reached: No Presale.

Public sale Progress so far: Soft cap reached.

Smart contracts already audited: N/A

Escrow: N/A


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