Red Pulse RPX – General Info, Token and Wallets


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Red Pulse is a platform for incentivized analysis and research of market events impacting Chinese companies, sectors and the overall economy.

The market research firm uses machine learning and natural language processing to automate and scale basic data collection, while incorporating its own cryptocurrency to create an open and transparent sharing economy for research.

Using the RPX token, the Red Pulse platform will be incentivized Steemit style, allowing market research producers to be rewarded for sharing their insights and analysis, while ensuring research consumers can access the research that is most relevant to them.




China’s economy is already the 2nd largest in the world in terms of nominal GDP, and 1st in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP). However, as a market for investment and industry participation, it remains incredibly difficult to understand. This disconnect presents a huge opportunity to platforms and services that can bridge this informational gap.

Red Pulse wants to fill that gap with their groundbreaking research content platform that simplifies incentives and directly compensates research producers for their valuable insights, while ensuring research consumers can access the research that is most relevant to them. The RPX token is the underlying currency used to facilitate this ecosystem, and provides token holders with direct participation in the rise of China.




RedPulse covers market events spanning several key sectors, including banking, brokerages, insurance, asset management, real estate, Internet, telecom, semiconductors, consumer goods, travel & hospitality, food & beverage, aerospace & aviation, and energy.

Independent and fresh research will be voluntarily contributed by industry experts, active investors, and market watchers, often filling the market coverage gaps that are left by more traditional sources, such as sell-side equity research firms.

To combat the problem of information accuracy and transparency, research contributors will be designated with a system-generated Credibility Score, which is calculated based on the accuracy and quality of past research as determined by readers and the Red Pulse editorial staff, and general popularity of the contributor’s works.

Research consumers have the opportunity to create research “prompts,” indicating their interest in new or relatively thinly-covered topics, by paying an adjustable amount of RPX. The greater the contributions, the higher the indicated demand. Consumers may also trigger special rights such as exclusivity for adjustable periods of time, by paying above a minimum threshold, if they are the originator of the prompt.

Red Pulse employs machine learning technology to highlight new market events that may be of significance to both research consumers and producers, while making topical recommendations to both agents, based on past individual user behavior. This helps to prioritize certain topics on an individual user-level basis that have a higher likelihood of relevance. This Cloud Event data feed will be offered to both research producers and consumers as a starting point for potential coverage and analysis.

Subscribers can access research through a client web portal, iOS mobile app for iPhone and iPad, or daily summary email newsletter.




  • Research consumers, consisting primarily of financial institutions, financial advisors, individual traders, and market observers. Current clients include major investment banks, asset managers, central banks, sovereign wealth funds, exchanges, and other institutional investors.
  • Research and analysis producers, consisting primarily of industry experts, market commentators, and independent analysts seeking to be compensated for their ideas.
  • Editors.
  • Chinese-English translators.




  • Launched web-based real-time China financial research platform.
  • 50 institutional clients including global asset managers and top investment banks.
  • China markets newsletter has 50,000+ subscribers.
  • Website improvements: improved UI, SOLR-based faceted search of tags, create and save customizable content feeds.
  • iOS mobile app: bilingual English/Chinese content, content sharing, and improved search.
  • Partnership and integration with Bloomberg, Thompson Reuters, S&P Capital IQ, and FactSet financial terminals.
  • Prototype of machine learning-based market event data collection, classification, and transformation platform.




  • Besides compensation for contributed content, the RPX token also serves an important purpose to allow readers to dictate the flow and coverage of research in various areas, especially those that are thinly covered. For very large holders of RPX, especially financial institutions, this influence could be quite valuable, as the market will literally adjust and start producing more content you want, even before you know what you want it.
  • Readers can use RPX tokens to issue “research prompts” to answer queries that are not satisfactorily provided by existing research and market information coverage.
  • Users initiating research prompts with RPX will give those users exclusive access temporarily. For instance, you could offer a bounty for a breakdown of each steel producer’s production last month in the region. A trader could gain a large advantage by getting vital information first and keeping it hidden.
  • Holding RPX tokens gives early access to content from research producers with higher Credibility Scores.



The supply of RPX will increase over time at a rate of 10% per year. Half of this is provided proportionally to current holders of RPX on the Red Pulse platform as an anti-inflationary measure, while the other half is used to provide payment to content producers on the platform because additional tokens are needed for that.

RPX held “off the platform” in wallets, exchanges, and other locations, will not receive the anti-inflationary measure to help offset the effects of the annual inflation. The inflation rate will be gradually adjusted downwards, if there is deemed to be enough additional RPX circulation to provide reasonable rewards for new research content.

To solve the coldstart problem, RPX is used to immediately incentivize and reward research contributors, thereby seeding the platform with enough valuable content that would attract a critical mass of research consumers.





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How is it different than other platforms in the space?

RedPulse is focused on the analysis and research of the Chinese financial market.