Spectiv ICO – Presale, ICO and token


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Spectiv Signal token sale

Spectiv is a decentralized VR Streaming platform and attention marketplace. It enables mainstream users to stream their unique VR experiences to the world.

Presale Date: 27th August 2017- 4th September 2017.

Early access sale: 5th December 2017- 8th December 2017.

Public sale Date: 8th December, 2017- 28th December 2017.

Spectiv is a platform that enables users and organizations to stream their unique virtual reality experiences to the world. Viewers will be able to engage in these experiences from home, through virtual reality. The company’s mission is to create truly immersive shared experiences with the power of VR.

The platform incorporates the Signal Token protocol, which decentralizes the interaction between advertisers, content publishers, viewers, and curators. This protocol is open-source and intended for other media platforms to build upon. However, the protocol is not limited to the Spectiv platform; it is open-source. The protocol is designed for any media platform to adopt and implement. Spectiv brings integral value to this protocol by acting as the pioneer and first use case, providing a foundational layer for other media platforms to benefit from and build upon.



Problems being solved.

  • Advertisers should be able to buy or reward attention by interacting directly with publishers, viewers and curators. However, this is not the case today. Advertisers pay for campaigns through centralized entities that act as attention brokers between advertisers and publishers (Google, Facebook etc.). This creates a barrier that advertisers and media publishers must funnel through to reach viewers. As such, these intermediary entities control access to, and the management of, attention data related to an advertising campaign. This leads to the charge of substantial matchmaking fees.



How it works.

Using the Signal Token Protocol, an advertiser can use SIGs via a smart contract associated with target content. This content is now active, or “hot,” which means publishers, viewers, and curators can engage with that advertiser through the smart contract and be rewarded with SIGs for driving attention to that content. Every ad view and click that occurs is communicated to the Ad Campaign Smart Contract through a third-party oracle. The Ad Campaign Smart Contract will then autonomously reward SIGs to the users participating in that engagement. By utilizing smart contracts, a publicly verifiable blockchain, and trusted oracles, this protocol can directly disintermediate the “trade” of attention.





When a publisher contributes VR content, they will have the option to be included in all Ad Campaign Smart Contracts for that particular content. To do this, a publisher can simply tie their SIG wallet to the content they contributed. If an advertiser runs a campaign on that content, the publisher will be rewarded with a percentage of SIGs for every view and conversion that was incurred while hosting the ad.


Viewers are able to get SIG rewards by directly engaging with advertisements. If a media platform adopts the Protocol, it can offer registered users the option to obtain SIG rewards. This simply ties the user’s Sig wallet to their account on the platform. When this viewer watches a full ad, visits a link, or makes a purchase, that information is sent to the relevant Ad Campaign Smart Contract. If engagement conditions are met, the contract distributes a fraction of SIGs to the viewer’s wallet.


Curators can be rewarded with SIGs for sharing content with their friends and followers. To do this, a curator must generate a personalized Signal link URL to the content they wish to share. This unique URL connects the curator with the content. If the curator shares this link with their followers, all attention driven through the link will be tracked and communicated to the Ad Campaign Smart Contract. If reward conditions are met, the contract will distribute a portion of SIGs to the curator’s wallet.



Token Uses.

  • Signal Tokens can be used for essentially any function in a media based attention market, this includes payouts, tipping, curation, rewards, etc…




Spectiv VR Streaming



  1. Concept.

Industry: Decentralized VR/ VR Streaming/Attention marketplace.

Similar projects: Voxelus, AR Token, BitClave, NBA VR, Netflix VR, Google’s Daydream, HBO GO VR, YouTube VR, Vibehub, Prosense.

How is it different from other projects in the space?

  • They are focused on VR video streaming, and are creating a platform for a mainstream audience.
  • It connects advertisers, publishers, curators and viewers giving them more control over their activities without an intermediary broker in between.
  • They reward all users of the platform: viewers, contributors, and curators.
  • They have integrated a decentralized advertising system and they are developing the future of how advertising is done in VR.


2. Team and Advisors.

Spectiv team

Signal SIG Protocol


Any previous activity related to the project: None

VC Investors: NO

Partners: Onboard as content contributors are AirPano, an award winning VR production company, and Jeremy Sciarappa who has over 10 Million VR Video views.  Spectiv have also partnered with the following creators: TycerX, Jeremy Sciarappa, G Rated Family Gaming Hyperdimensional Hub and 360 VR - Adventure Studios.

Actual alpha, beta etc. available: Yes. The Spectiv platform alpha VI was released later this year. It’s a fully functional VR streaming platform allowing users to upload content, view content, create channels/accounts, subscribe, and more. The Alpha V1 is technologically advanced by industry standards, supporting Rift / Vive VR viewing directly through web browser. This is all in addition to desktop and mobile headset functionalities. Spectiv has partnered with several VR content producers who will be porting a wide selection of quality content to the Alpha.



  1. Blockchain Leverages.

GitHub presence: Average

Smart contracts: Yes

Transparency: Yes

Oracles: Yes



  1. ICO Structure.

Popularity: High

Whitelist present: Presale was limited to early supporters who had subscribed to an early supporter email list. The same applies for early access to the Pre-ICO on December 5th for 60% bonus.

Registration required: NO

KYC required: Only for presale

Banned entities:  Non-accredited Americans.

Smart contracts already audited: Yes

Exchanges: N/A

Escrow: There will be a Multisig wallet controlled by 3 independent actors: Sutton Stone, CoinVault CEO, Sheldon Weisfeld and Spectiv Virtual Reality, LLC.


Token scarcity:  Total tokens created depends on total tokens bought in the entire ICO.

Total ICO Token percentage: 60%

Base ICO Token price: $0.5

Bonus for whales: Yes

Securities Token: No

Buyback and burn: No

Coin staking: No

Lock-up: N/A

Unsold tokens burnt: N/A

ICO Timeframe: 27th August 2017- 28th December 2017.


Presale token percentage: N/A

Bonuses: Up to 100% for over 20ETH

Presale Hard cap amount: $200k

Presale Soft cap amount: N/A

Presale progress: Over $1 M was raised in the August private presale as follows: 3,548 ETH, 32 BTC, and $58,000.

Minimum amount: N/A

Individual cap: None


Public sale token percentage: N/A

Bonuses: 60, 40, 20 and 0% based on timing

Public sale hard cap amount: $40M (Any amounts sold through the presale, private sale, and early access sale will not count towards the $40MM cap.)

Public sale Soft cap amount: $2M

Public sale Progress: Not started yet

Minimum amount: N/A

Individual cap: None



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