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Verge (XVG) was previously called Dogecoin Dark (DOGED) in 2014 (it is one of the first anonymous coins in the industry) and re-branded in 2016.

It is a decentralized, open-source cryptocurrency fashioned for users who favor their privacy. The coin’s enhanced privacy features incorporates the usage of anonymity-centric networks i2P and Tor private networks. It was developed and prompted by Sunerok who
provides time-honored experience in network security and online privacy.

Utilizing multi-algorithm mining influences to ameliorate security and render tantamount distribution of coins to miners, Verge allows individuals with varying types of mining equipment to mine the coin, creating additional security and fairer distribution. Verge utilizes an unprecedented proof-of-work agreement structure identical to Bitcoin along with a block time of 30 seconds. Transaction speeds are high-speed in comparison to other coins. With the technology of Simple Payment Verification (SPV), standard transactions are performed five-seconds less than other cryptocurrencies. XVG is anticipated to become one of the Top 10 cryptocurrenices by late 2017.

Verge Wallets

In essence, there are two varieties of Verge wallets, Electrum and/or QT. However, the Electrum open-source wallet is more beneficial for everyday users but only operates with the TOR network.

Additionally, Verge has modified the Electrum wallet code-base to operate with the Verge blockchain. The wallet is geared towards speed and little resource usage.

Users have the option of linking to a private network as well. Through innovative technology, they can verify the legitimacy of the wallets. In addition, Verge wallets include a transaction ID and an inbuilt Block explorer. Another feature includes Verge Tor/i2P Nodes, which makes it simpler to manage the wallet. To boost the wallet’s graphic appeal, a choice of striking skins are available.

Verge wallet does zero mixing, no ring sigs, and no type of transaction confusion. The wallet simply links i2P from 4 nodes that are completely hosted from the developer, which cleverly conceals the user’s IP known as the “blackhole” in technological terms. This is a huge difference in comparison to other coins who lack the technology to flawlessly hide a user’s IP.

There are also additional Verge wallets available. The Window wallet allows users to send or receive Verge on Windows operating systems 7, 8 and above. Linux users can download the source-code from GitHub. The Mac GUYI wallet works with the Mac operating system.

Additionally, the Verge web wallet is accessible via Google’s 2 Factor Authorization. A web wallet account (which can be opened in minutes) is great for non-TOR users. What’s more, it is secure, simple to use, and can be opened on multiple browsers. Likewise, an android wallet can be utilized and is unproblematic for usage on various devices. For every other type of “non Tor user,” a web wallet is obtainable that can be retrieved from anywhere.

More information about Verge wallets can be found on the official Verge website.

Where to Mine Verge

It can be mined on various pools accessible on the site It is advised to use the most current algorithms. Verge is one of the only cryptocurrencies that backs five various hashing algorithms; Blake2s, Myr-Groestl, Lyra2rev2, X17, Scrypt, and Namely. This affords users the opportunity to take advantage of various types of mining equipment, resulting in additional security via decentralization and a more balanced distribution of coins among the Verge mining community. Users can also choose their favorite algo and receive the block time.

Where to Buy and Sell Verge

It can be bought through Cryptopia and Bittrex. Both are deemed dependable and official.


Verge can be traded at various exchanges accessible on the website. At present, it is listed on 9 exchanges (Bittrex, BitSquare, C-Cex, Litebit, SouthXchangeNovaExchange, Cryptopia, CoinGather, and CoinSpot). Verge is not listed on Bitfinex, Kraken, or Poloniex (major US exchanges) and there is no Chinese presence as of yet.

The Verdict

The circumstances surrounding investing in Verge are rather candid. If a crypto investor interested in Verge has faith that cryptocurrency users will progressively acquire interest in anonymous coins to safeguard their payment privacy, and that Verge’s evolution will deliver revolutionary improvement to the currency, Verge can be an asset to a user’s digital portfolio. If an investor believes the opposite and that other anonymity-centric coins will offer better anonymous transaction payment solutions, then Verge might not be the ideal choice.

On the other hand, the future is unpredictable in the world of cryptocurrencies and no one can be sure which direction Verge or any other cryptocurrency will take. However, a keen interest in privacy and ongoing development keeps many individuals interested in Verge’s development. This coin has plenty of potential without question. Nonetheless, each crypto investor must make their own decision.

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