Emercoin - General Info, Best Exchanges and Wallets


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What is Emercoin?

Emercoin (EMC) is a cryptocurrency that has multiple applications for both individuals and businesses. It is a world leading currency that facilitates the exchange of money and valuable information fast, securely and cost effectively. By using blockchain technology, EMC provides a secure platform to store, send and receive money anytime and anywhere in the world. Moreover, Emercoin is extremely affordable.

As mentioned in Emercoin website, Emercoin is more than just
money. To be more precise, one can use it to store and send, store and receive
identity and ownership information, browse the internet easily without using
passwords and register censorship- resistant domain names. Emercoin has nine
services in total that are already working. Some of them include:

  • DNS
  • EMCSSH: System used
    by site admins
  • EMCLNX: Pay per
    click advertising network
  • EMCDPO: Solution
    for proof of ownership for products
  • EMCTTS: Storage
    for digital timestamps
  • InfoCard: Storage
    for business cards and profile management
  • Magnet: Torrent

Emercoin Exchanges

The main Emercoin Exchanges operating at the moment include
Open Ledger, Cryptopia, Yobit, Shape Shift, Livecoin, HitBTC, xBTCe, LiteBit,
CoinReform, Tux Exchange, usd-x and Bittrex.

Emercoin Wallets

Emercoin wallets manage the cryptographic keys that enable
EMC to be sent. There are two types of wallets. On one hand are the 3rd party
wallets that offer integrated exchange features and mobile friendly wallets.
Since cryptographic keys are managed by the service provider, you have to exercise
caution when selecting a third party wallet service. On the other hand, you can
choose local wallets where only the user has access to the cryptographic keys.
With the second option, the user is responsible for keeping the wallet secure
and managing backups. Local wallets are available for Linux, windows and OSX
operating systems.

Emercoin Overview

Users can obtain Emercoin from a wide variety of money
exchange markets globally. The money markets allow users to trade other
currencies such as US Dollars and Bitcons for EMC and vice versa. Exchange is
the easiest way of obtaining Emercoin. Take time to review the different
exchange terms and compare to select the one that suits you best. Once you
withdraw EMC from an exchange, confirm by checking the wallet balance. You can
also confirm receipt by checking the transaction ID using Emercoin block
explorer services. Other than exchange, you can get Emercoin by mining with a
mining pool or your computer. The website has provided detailed mining guides to
make it easy for those interested in mining the digital currency. Moreover, you
can receive EMC as a payment for products.

Emercoin holders earn roughly 6% interest per annum. EMC uses
a Proof of stake method when adding new transactions to the blockchain.
Interest is applied to local EMC balance that is left open to local minting as
well as a number of third party wallets.

Emercoin Team

The Emercoin team is composed of individuals who are experts
in cryptography, programmers, architects and blockchain information among other
fields. The official representatives of the team are Oleg Khovayko, Eugene
Shumilov and Stan Polozov. Oleg Khovayko is a cryptography and financial
expert, Stan Polozov is the blockchain implementation specialist, and Eugene
Shumilov is the founder and CEO. One of the benefits of Emercoin is that it has
a user community where users come together to discuss ideas. It is a great
platform for discovering new ideas for the digital currency.

The team has developed a number of remarkable technologies
making the currency more unique. For instance, Emercoin has a DNS system offering decentralized domain names. These domain names are unique compared to traditional domain names in that the user holds the cryptographic key needed to transfer or modify them. Emercoin domains can be registered Emercoin software or with third parties such as Peername.

The Verdict

By using blockchain technology, Emercoin is a currency that
is stable, safe and secure for conducting multiple transactions globally. With
EMC you can complete international payments within a few minutes. In other
words, it is a diverse platform for money storage and exchange as well as
storage of important information. However, take your time to learn and identify
how the currency can benefit your business or personal life. Also, be cautious
when dealing with third parties. Research well and ensure you are dealing with
entities that can be trusted.

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