ETHEROLL- General Info, Best Exchanges and Wallets


Recommended resources: CoinMama (Buy BTC and ETH) and Ledger Nano S (Hardware wallet).

What is Etheroll?

Accessible online at a site called, it is a characteristic online casino centred
on Ethereum block chain. Here, they provide a single dice-rolling game that you play through predicting the subsequent rolling of a characteristic 100-sided dice.

Unlike many other games, it needs no deposits or signups and only requires you to use Mist browser in navigating their website and subsequently syncing to the up-to-the-minute Ethereum block.

In placing their bets, the game makes use of Ethereum’s smart contract. All dice rolls are both random and cryptographically encrypted owing to the fact that they are based on the exclusive Ethereum blockchain.

How it works?

Etheroll revolves around a solitary dice game. In this game, players have the liberty to select a preferred bet size plus the consequent winning stakes all before rolling the dice. The harder the bet, the higher the winnings.

On winning, the winnings are immediately deposited
into the player’s account and owing to the fact that Etheroll works under the
select exclusive Smart Contract system. Moreover, this is all independent of third
parties-precisely what is expected of online blockchain-based casinos.

But how does Etheroll amasses profits with the
claims of being a fair game?

The firm claims it has a house edge of 1%.

The Game - How is it played?

The game is surprisingly straightforward. You simply bet on the outcome of a simple 100-sded dice roll; which is assured of landing on any number from 1 to 100.


To win, the result of the dice need not be higher than your selected number-only lower!

Placing a bet:

To place a bet, first install Mist browser then subsequently sync to a block that is most up to date.

Here is a step by step outline on how to play:

  1. Set the amount you are betting with (in Ether units)
  2. Tune the slider so as to alter both your number and winning percentage.
  3. Click on ROLL
  4. If the dice after rolling lands at a number which is somewhat lower than your
    total amount of bet, you immediately win. On losing, you are sent down 1 Wei by
    the contracts.

The House subtracts 1% commission off your total winning amount if you win.

How to buy Dice-tokens?

To acquire the Dice-tokens use the following process:

Have a Wallet - for anyone with no wallet, create a new wallet (Ethereum) using or Parity.

Connect to EtherDelta: Visit then link your account by means of your private key and address. Select DICE/ETH pair.

Transfer Funds: EtherDelta an exchange based on smart contracts safeguards the funds.

Buy DICE Tokens: Click on the exclusive sell order that you want to purchase then fill out all the essential fields. In EtherDelta, there are no matching orders and as such you
need to select a definite order.

Withdraw DICE: Switch and select the tab named “withdraw” and subsequently withdraw your DICE correctly balance right to your said wallet.

Exchanges to use:


It is a platform that eases the process of buying, storing and trading of digital currency.


A multi-token wallet, Jaxx offers the user an integrated experience
across numerous devices and platforms (9 to be precise) inclusive of Apple,
Linux and Windows desktops, Android and Apple mobile devices not to mention
tablets and Firefox and Google Chrome extensions.


This is foremost exchange which supports diverse crypto currencies
including Zcash, Bitcoin, Dash, Monero, and others. It is ideal for any
user seeking to make instant and easy trades exclusive of registering to
accounts or even relying on platforms in holding their funds.

Wallets to use

Ledger Nano S: A simple to use hard wallet that requires no inclusion of
third-party plugins.

Mist: A convenient cryptocoin wallet that provides users with
everything they would need.

MyEtherWallet: Open source client that does is independent of third-party
servers in operation.


In the realm of crypto-gambling, Dice games take top spot when it comes
to popularity and this can most likely be attributed to the subsequent power of
game players having the ability to select their individual odds.

Conservative or outright risky, Etheroll is the home for consistent and secure winnings. It is simple with no hassles of signing up or registering only simply requiring installation of Mist browser and subsequent synching through up-to-minute Ethereum blocks. If gambling is your thing, enrol at then sit and begin to reap!

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