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ICOcoin (icobi.com) is a trading platform focusing on digital currency and blockchain, which was established by a team with rich experience on digital currency and blockchain industry. Its founders are committed to provide a safe, honest, fair and also transparent trading platform for the majority of digital currency and blockchain investors.

ICO coin platform adheres to the business philosophy of decentralization, which holds that project sponsors can recommend their projects, vote and trade on-line. The platform will carefully select a range of high quality and reliable ICO currencies so as to provide the investors reliable and stable investment categories.

ICO coin trading platform will work with the major security companies to share the resources of investors and digital currency investors. To put it simple, ICOBI.COM is the combination of the blockchain trading and Nasdaq. Basing on years of trading platform operating experience and technical strength, Icobi.com will create a safe, efficient trading experience, and serve the broad investors, as well as provide 7 × 24 hours of online customer service and technical support and other intimate and reliable customer services.

What will ICO do?

No exaggeration to say that we are in the same situation as those who has took a huge profit from Internet industry 20 years ago, Blockchain technology will bring significant changes to the world. ICO coin platform will provide abundant trades for Crypto digital tokens such as BTC. ET11. ETC etc. And it will also actively come online for various newborn tokens from the ICO projects. in order to ensure that domestic crowdfunding fans are free from worries and able to thoroughly enjoy the Blockchain technology and the admirable fruits of ICO model.

Meanwhile, ICO coin platform will also transfer and sell parts of its usufmet through this crowdfunding, ensures that each lover of ICO and those who participate in the ICO coin platform have urns to the ICO Coin platform, and sharing the growing benefits of ICO coin platform.

The profit model of ICO coin platform

ICO coin is a total community-based project. The profit models of ICO coin includes:
I. The transaction fees.
2. The withdraw fees.
3. The online asset fees.
4. 0thor incomes.

ICO Coin Token

ICO coin’s tokens are called ICO coin, and there are 200 million in total. The goal is to make ICO coin accepted by various of ICO crowdfunding projects, enabling ICO coin become the third digital currency after Bitcoin and Ethereum. Today, most of the blockchain tokens are merely concepts, whilst the ICO coin issued will be implemented on tangible projects.

The value behind the token

1. Support a variety of coins which want to ICO. The founders are trying to make ICOcoins become a coin to support variety of block-chain assets to ICO. When most of the ICO support ICOcoin, and then ICOtoken will naturally have the value.

2. Sponsored by ICO assets (to take 20% of the profit to repurchase ICO coin), the ICOcoin platform will repurchase ICO coin with 20% of its profit income, happening quarterly on nonfixed date. The repurchase will be completely transparent as it will be operated through smart decentralized blockchain technical contract. ICO currency can buy any digital currency in the icobi.com; ICO projects on the icobi.com are supported by tokens.

3. Develop a sharing cooperation platform with major securities firms, the two sides to implement cross-linked stock and freely traded between digital currency. ICO coins will represent various of digital coins to participate in the sales of stocks in off –line securities firms .

Tokens allocation

A total of 200 million ICOcoin token will be created doting the releasing of ICOcoin. Among them, 50% of ICO coin tokens, namely 100 million will be used for ICO. The token ICO officially opened at 15:00 June 9th. 2017.

60 million tokens, that is the 30% of all, will be assigned to the founding and development team. and be used for development and operation of ICO coin platform as a reward to developers and operators with a freeze period of 3 years.
And another 10% of all, that is the 20 million tokens, will be used for the angel financing of well-known experts. Thus they will support the early development of ICOcoin platform and help ICO coin platform to have a better development and growth. The last 10% of all. that is the 20 million tokens, is rewards for PoS lock to encourage ICO currency holder to lock and reward than with this pan of tokens. The specific reward for PoS lock is 5%40%.

How do I invest in ICO coin?

Visit tokencapital.io.
Register an account with your email address. Your password should be longer than 8 digits containing numbers, lowercase and uppercase letters.
A verifications email will be sent to you. Click the link in the email to complete registration. If you did not receive the email, please check your spam box.
Log in to your account on tokencapital.io.
Click “ICO Projects” on the top navigation bar, and you will find the project “ICOcoin” in the new page.
Click “Invest” button on the right, and you will be redirected to the invest page. Scroll to the bottom, and you will see the address that you can transfer your desired amount of investment to.
To ensure that everyone will have an equal chance to invest, you can only transfer up to 20 BTC or the equivalent amount of ETH. If you transfer more than 20 BTC by accident, please contact Customer Support.


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Who is the team behind the project?

Linke Yang, co-founder BTCC

Linke Yang is the co-founder of China’s first bit currency trading platform - Bit Coin China. In 2009, the concept of Bitcoin was proposed by Satoshi Nakamoto. In 2011, Linke Yang introduced the advanced ideas of Bitcoin to China, and in that year Bitcoin China was founded by him. Bit Coin China is China’s first bit currency trading platform, and also so far the world’s longest operating time bit currency trading platform. If we regard Satoshi Nakamoto as the creator of Bitcoin, then Linke Yang is the missionary of Bit coin in China. Satoshi Nakamoto created the digital asset world, and Linke Yang led the great development of digital assets in China. Under the leadership of Linkc Yang, Bit currency China once occupied more than 70% of the global market share of Bit coin.

Xiaoyu Huang: Bit Coin China co-founder

Pioneer in China’s block chain technology, co-founder of China’s first digital currency trading platform-Bit coin China. Xiaoyu Huang is the pioneer in field of the earliest digital currency transactions, and he has in-depth research in intelligent large data, cloud computing and a wealth of technical research and development team management experience. The three-words Chinese translation of Bit Coin was invented by him, the development of Bit coin in China is inseparable from his pay.

Bofeng Ding: Bokeme i Group President

After involvement in Bitcoin in 2013, Bofeng Ding participated in the exploration of block chain in 2015. Bofeng Ding has abundant experience in Internet company operation and market development. He is also the adviser of Peking University Interet +EMBA president cabs.

Bianca Chen, Reuters Financial Reviewer

The only Chinese financial female anchor in Reuters of North America, she was overseas connection program special financial commentator for CCTV. Famous bilingual host, and financial columnist.

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