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Recommended resources: CoinMama (Buy BTC and ETH) and Ledger Nano S (Hardware wallet).

Matchpool is a decentralized matchmaking platform enabling the creation of paid membership communities or ‘pools,’ groups united by common interest, that incentivizes participants to connect individuals seeking a specific type of interaction or service.

Initially positioned to take on the USD 2.5 billion dating market, Matchpool’s protocol can be applied to other matchmaking economies, such as recruitment, investing, education, healthcare, lifestyle and sports, etc.

The platform is built on top of the ethereum blockchain and uses smart contracts code to customize participation, matchmaking and payment arrangements for each pool, facilitating self-executing, trustless, peer to peer exchanges between community members.




  1. Matchpool Blockchain.

Matchpool use the power of the blockchain to store data about user interactions because the records in the system are difficult to change, something that will further build the trust network between users.

The Matchpool platform will suggest a number of pools according to your geographical location and the interests you filled when you signed-up. Interests can be anything from your sexual orientation to your hobbies. The more interests provided enables Matchpool’s algorithm make more accurate and meaningful matches between members.


  1. Match making.

Pools are able to make matches between their members by using the interests the user already entered when they signed-up (if they chooses to authorize it), or ask them for specific interests according to the pool’s subject. Moreover, other pool members who chose to act as matchmakers can attempt to make matches between certain individuals in the pool. This facilitates in humanizing the matchmaking process within the platform.

Pool owners are able to monetize their matchmaking efforts in a variety of ways, such as by setting a membership fee to join or charging an amount per message sent. Additionally they can try to maintain group dynamics by setting smart contract-enforced ratios between different user attributes: a 50/50 male-female split, for example, or a balanced age range.


  1. Alternative Revenue Stream for Content Creators.

Content creators that offer special niche content online often lose out on advertising on websites like YouTube. YouTube videos require large amounts of views for content creators to get paid substantially. Pools on Matchpool can be used for selling most kinds of content, including videos, articles, pictures and audio, or serve as a marketplace between many people who are looking to exchange certain goods: digital or physical.

The internet is full of social groups and channels, but for the most part, monetizing them is pretty difficult. You have to rely on posting paid content by advertisers or including their products in your creations.  Matchpool can provide owners of such social groups with the tools to monetize them easily. By starting a pool with the platform, they can provide premium content for their hardcore fans, charge them a small sum of money each month, and spare them the ads.

To add some numbers to that: the top ten Twitter accounts owned by musicians have upwards of 600 million followers. Assuming 1% of those followers chose to join Matchpool and pay $1 a month, that’s $6,000,000 in monthly revenue already.


  1. Embeddable Poolmaker Widgets.

YouTube achieved network effect in the early days because it allowed users to embed YouTube videos onto their MySpace pages and personal websites using a simple embed code. Matchpool will offer Poolmakers embeddable Pool widgets to offer Pool promotions all over the web. This is ideal for influencers, content creators, educators, recruiters etc. The widget would offer a simple call to action: “Join my Pool for Exclusive Video Content” or “Jump into my Pool and Learn English” or “Join my Pool & Meet Vegetarian Singles” or “View all my Recommended Nutritionists on Matchpool”.


 5. DApplets.

Matchpool will not offer ads. However, a Poolmaker can build a DApplet that runs adverts. Users will create ads and earn from them if they wish to add them to their pool.




The price of the Guppy will fluctuate and so Matchpool will offer Poolmakers the ability to set Match and Pool Fees based on the FIAT exchange rate in GUP, rather than a fixed Guppy price. When Matchpool members join the platform and pay Poolmakers, they will make payments via their credit or debit card in FIAT.





Current coin Value: $0.274281.

Market Cap: $20,571,075.

24hr volume: $375,414.

Circulating Supply: 75,000,000 GUP.

Total Supply: 98,855,150 GUP.

(As of 27/8/2017)

Guppy is an Ethereum token that is essentially the fuel powering Matchpool, designed to incentive users and fund development of the platform. Anyone interested to create a new community or pool, must first place a deposit in GUP. Each pool maker then decides the payment rules of the pool (which becomes the terms of the smart contract) and members of the pool pay the pool maker in GUP according to these rules.

A pool maker can earn GUP by successfully matching pool members. Once the pool maker decides to close their pool, they will receive their GUP deposit.

Guppy token will also be used to attract users, with 20% of the token supply being used to incentivize new signups with a reward – which for the time being will only be given to women. The rationale is that dating sites tend to have higher numbers of men, though it’s difficult to assess figures across all sites. Research from the Pew Center, though, found that more American men used dating sites than women.

By rewarding early users with real money – in a way that couldn’t be done with dollars – then Matchpool can cheaply overcome the initial barriers that come from the [lack of] network effect. PayPal employed a similar paid sign-up strategy to rapidly acquire users.



  • Gatecoin.



  • Ethereum wallet.




The purpose of the Guppy Alliance is to join forces with socially oriented tech companies and encourage them use Matchpool’s token, the Guppy, both internally and externally with their platform or their product .

Companies involved in the Alliance will recognize great value with the opportunity to enter into the blockchain space with small risks and low costs. These companies can also benefit by showing their audience/clients that they are forward thinking company and open to adopting new technologies. In addition, a certain amount of Guppies Tokens will be allocated to companies that join the Alliance. This will give them the initial interest to join.

Matchpool is looking for companies who meet the following criteria:

  1. Social oriented platforms: Games companies, Dating platforms (all forms) or social networks that interact with individual users.
  2. They have more than one product in production.
  3. They are encouraging innovation and changes in their organization .

The Guppy Alliance will help the Ethereum Ecosystem and Matchpool Ecosystem in particular to grow and will accelerate Matchpool’s vision to turn the internet into more decentralized and fair space.






In the future, Matchpool is planning many improvements to simplify platform usage even for people unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies. Members will be able to purchase Guppy tokens using credit cards, and every new Matchpool account will be automatically linked to an Ethereum wallet and allow users to carry out Guppy transfers without technical knowledge or experience.


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