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MobileGo, found online at, is a crypto-centric mobile gaming platform and store. The store looks surprisingly similar to the Google Play store (the UIs are nearly identical). At the time of writing, MobileGo had about 300 mobile games listed in the store. Before the end of 2017, the company plans to expand to offer thousands of games.

The mobile game store revolves around the use of MobileGo tokens (GameCredits or GAME).GameCredits will pay for all in-game transactions and game payments. They can also be discovered in game, or distributed in coupons.

What problems does the MobileGo team want to solve?

I think if you tried putting your application on the App store or Google Play, you may already know the answers. First is payout days. It takes up to 60 days until you can get the money you made selling your applications transferred.

Second is the revenue sharing. 30% of revenue is taken by the Google play and Apple store. That’s a lot, isn’t it?

Finally, we have the waiting time until the application is accepted into the store. The whitepaper of MobileGo doesn’t say how long, but it takes a sufficient amount of time for games to be confirmed to be published. One of the reasons may be the amount of apps which are uploaded to Google play and Apple Store every day.

Gamecredits promises to make the process of paying out much faster than Appstore or Google play. Right now the team is testing the program that will pay the developers every 60 hours but , at the same time, they check if every 48 hours will be possible. Gamecredits will take 10% instead of Google or Apple’s 30% of your games and in-app purchases.

And the MobileGo team says that if your app is already listed on Google play, then the time it takes to publish your game in their store can be in minutes. The system will pull out the information from Google play and make the process of setting up the game profile fast and convenient.

Future vision

The current roadmap of GameCredits will focus on three MobileGo development solutions:

1. A decentralized virtual marketplace.

2. Decentralized Tournament functionality.

3. Decentralized gamer to gamer match play.

MobileGo will use smart contracts to allow gamers to buy/sell/trade in-game content without having to leave their application and without the fear of fraud or manipulation.

GameCredits also plans to develop a tournament system from which gamers will be able to create their own tournaments and prizes in which to participate. These tournaments will be based on smart contracts using the MobileGo token.

Moreover, the solutions by GameCredits are to be hosted within the game store application. This means that players will not have to play a game somewhere and then go to a separate application to participate in matches and tournaments. This will allow GameCredits to fully leverage the traffic to their application.

MobileGo (MGO) Token

Current coin Value: $0.948369
Market Cap: $90,971,140
Total Supply: 100,000,000 MGO
Circulating Supply: 95,923,781 MGO

MobileGo tokens will be used for different things on GAMECREDITS mobile platform. The most important target of those tokens is to enable smart-contracts use. Through this, MobileGo tokens will be used in decentralized matchmaking, virtual marketplace for gamers to trade in-app items.

Another target is to finance the platform expansion. About 50% of funds collected during MobileGo ICO campaign will be used in marketing and branding. As you know , the competition in the sphere of mobile games is very tough and attaining new players is a hard job.

MobileGo tokens will be useful for two types of users. The investors and players. Investors will benefit in holding tokens and trading them. Holding strategy can be beneficial because the MobileGo team promises to buyout tokens from the market when there will be first financial results from the marketing of the mobile gaming platform. Players will use MobileGo tokens during in-app trades, decentralized tournaments, discounts, and rewards.

70% of tokens will be distributed during the ICO. The funds will be mainly used for marketing — 50%, creation of virtual marketplace will cost about 20%, and legal, payment processing will take about 30% of funds.

MobileGo is going to use two blockchains simultaneously. If you send ETH, you will be able to access MobileGo ERC-20 tokens in your profile. If you send other cryptocurrency, you will get your balance on Waves blockchain. The MobileGo team made it possible for you to change tokens between two blockchains. For this, they created 100 mln tokens on Ethereum and 100 mln tokens on Waves. Do not worry, the creators will lock tokens on Ethereum if you access tokens on Waves, this way there will not be more supply than 100 mln tokens in general.

There is going to be no inflation, and in case of a blockchain failure, the other blockchain will be used. 70% of 100 mln tokens will be distributed among investors and 30% will be in the hands of developers.

Pros and cons


• The experienced team which is directly connected to game development.

• There is going to be buybacks from the market, thus the market price of MobileGo tokens will grow.

• Soon, they will unleash a big amount of new games on their mobile market.

• There are two blockchains, so there is some kind of a protection against a failure of one blockchain.


• There are GAME tokens and there are MobileGo tokens. Confusing, right? It is important that developers separate the usage for players so that players will understand.

• They keep 30% of tokens. It is too small. Give investors at least 80% of tokens, and there will be more investors!

• Gamecredits face absolutely fierce competition with giants of the industry.

Crowd sale

MobileGo recently raised $53.07 million USD over a 30-day Token-Crowd Sale, to fund its blockchain-based decentralized smart contract technology solutions for the gaming industry. MobileGo was the largest ever crowd-fund using digital currencies, which includes the number of participants (over 10k). Since the conclusion of Mobile Go’s successful crowd sale, the company has been working on final agreements with several big companies in Europe and Asia preparing to enter these markets full throttle.




MobileGo Ethereum-based token:

MobileGo Waves-based token:
• Waves
• Tidex

GameCredits Inc. is an international, multi-cultural company bringing together experts from both the blockchain and gaming. GameCredits is creating a new payment gateway for the gaming industry. The goal is to provide various improvements compared to conventional payment options in gaming. Therefore, GameCredits is building a mobile gaming store, in which games and mobile content can be purchased via the use of GameCredits. The GameCredits mobile gaming store is actually close to completion and will be released in Q2 2017 and over 300 games from 150 developers are already signed on. In the store developers gain 90% of the revenues, while 10% are kept by the GameCredits store. That’s a quite low level compared to other platform providers.

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