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Round Coin is a project for a decentralised e-sports gaming platform where the participants don’t compete for a trophy and instead they compete between each other for money. There are games like League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter strike etc. There is no dependence of third parties at all. No third party plays a role in determining the winner or paying the award just like it happens in cyber sports. The users of Round Coin make bet on e-Sports matches and thus Round coin can be seen as a future flagship of E-sports betting.

The project Round Coin aims at offering unique opportunities by joining the competitive Cyber Sports environment. Cyber Sports is a fast progressing and developing sector on internet. It comprises of millions of users who compete with each other playing different kinds of online games.

Round Coin thus seems to target all these users trying to secure a share of Cyber-Sports market for itself. Round Coin features both. Competition amongst players for winning and an urge to make money by gambling. In simpler words, it is just like a poker game where participants play for money.

Round Coin is open-source and block chain based as it is completely based on Etherium

Unlike cyber sports, the results are completely secure as there is no interference of the third party and the results are processed quickly. The audience can also bet on the outcome of the game and a part of the sum they bet on the outcome of the game directly
goes to a winner’s prize pool. The audience can also make a bet upon the victory of their favourite player.

If someone is able to attract attention of the audience, he/she can thus get an extra reward. Popular Cyber Sports gamers are thus moving quickly towards this platform in an urge to get secure and unbiased results and in an urge to make some extra revenue in the form of awards. The participants can thus amazingly make money.

Just like YouTube monetisation which attracted Youths and Teenagers a lot because it could make them earn by uploading videos, Round Coin is also attracting the same age groups the most as they can make money while playing.

Round Coin makes the use of the MetaMask wallet

MetaMask is a wallet especially designed for using the Etherum blockchain in a normal browser like Chrome. Round Tokens can be purchased from the website

Entering the address in your browser will give you a glimpse of the Crypto Currency market Capitalisations related with Round Coin.

To withdraw your Rounds from MetaMask wallet, you can use the link:

It will take you to a webpage asking you if you need to create a new wallet or you need to send ether and tokens. You need to click the Send ether and token option which will take you to a further page asking you the method how
you would like to access your wallet.

For example, if you use to access it through a private key, selecting the method will ask you to enter the private key and once you enter it, you will be able to send ethers and tokens with the help of your MetaMask wallet.

To start playing, just make a log-in on using your steam account and deposit round tokens to your account. The next thing you have to do is to find an opponent for gaming. This can be a friend or any random opponent picked by chatting. Next is all to pick a game and make a bid on it. Next you can work on attracting the audiences and let them make a bid on you by making the game interesting. Once you win, you take all what you have won.

There are THREE exchanges which have listed the round coin. One of these is Liqui Round/BTC, the other is Liqui ROUND/USDT and the third one is Liqui ROUND/ETH.

What will be the future of the Round Coin?

To the question if Round Coin has a future or not, I would simply like to say that Round Coins are related with the field of gaming world and this field can’t stop attracting players and investors till there are people who are interested in gaming and making bets on gaming. Thus if you think gaming has a scope in the market, you should surely invest in Round Coin. If you think it has no scope, you should not invest in it at all. The best feature of Round Coin gaming is that you can host tournaments on this platform. Round Coin really is the future of e-sports betting and after creating its Beta version, the developers are still trying to improve it with every coming day.

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