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SingularDTV (S-DTV) is a content production and distribution platform built on Ethereum. The goal is not only to create and broadcast quality film and TV content but also to reshape the entertainment industry into a more fair, efficient and transparent business thanks to blockchain and smart contract technology.

Essentially, the SingularDTV platform aims to give content creators complete control over their creations and monetization methods. Its four core divisions — content creation & acquisition, documentary division, rights management platform and TVOD Brand/Portal — allow creators to display, distribute and produce films, television properties and music while protecting their copyrights in one single platform.

The SingularDTV team and its CEO Zach Lebeau believe that the platform will lead to the development of new monetization methods and will eliminate monopolistic distribution that inevitably lessens the profit of artists and filmmakers.

SingularDTV’s core projects


An epic sci-fi fantasy adventure television series set in the years 2021–2045 CE that explores the impact technology will have on the future of our planet and how it will shape the evolution of the human race. Production began on October 4th 2016, and season one is set for release on June 9th, 2017.

Documentary Film Division

Dedicated to the creation of documentary films and series about blockchain technology and decentralization targeted at mainstream audiences, rather than “preaching to the choir.”

Smart Contracts Rights Management Platform

SingularDTV is partnering with ConsenSys to build a rights, revenue and royalty management platform using smart contracts on Ethereum blockchain for all of its produced and acquired content. Due to the complexity of film and television deals, this platform can be applied to other industries in the long term as well.

Transaction-Video-On-Demand (TVOD) Portal

This will serve as the distribution channel for all of SingularDTV’s original content, in addition to carefully curated and acquired content. SingularDTV’s TVOD interface will be built on IPFS and bridged to other TVOD portals such as Google Play, Apple TV iTunes and Vimeo in order to reach the largest audience as quickly as possible.

How it works

Singular-DTV is a Centrally Organized Distributed Entity (CODE). CODE is a new form of organizational structure developed in partnership with MME, the same legal firm behind the formation of the Ethereum foundation. The CODE is a distributed entity as it is crowd funded and the equity is shared between token holders that receive dividends from the profit generated by the platform, but it is centrally managed, meaning that token holders do not take part in the decision-making and development of the platform.

The decentralized component of this governance model lives on the Ethereum blockchain as a tokenized Smart Contract System. These tokens are called SNGLS and they represent a share in Intellectual Property (IP) of S-DTV: film, television and software projects. The centralized component can be represented by a number of different company structures, which are in charge of managing S-DTV’s funds, projects, and development.

Together, the CO (Centrally Organized component ) and the DE (Distributed Entity)build a bridge between the centralized legacy paradigm and the decentralized Ethereum paradigm.


Following the epic saga of the DAO hack, security is paramount for any serious blockchain project, especially one that is being built on Ethereum. Since SNGLS tokens do not bear voting or splitting functions, this system is inherently safer than the DAO. Despite this, S-DTV is secured by an auditing/security mechanism called The Guard.

The Guard exists in both the CO and DE. In the CO, it takes on the form of an advisory board and set of procedures to vet and review the SCS. In the DE, The Guard resides in the SCS monitoring its performance.

Singular-DTV has also employed additional efforts to ensure that the Smart Contract System has no flaws. Besides the auditing that will be performed by The Guard, S-DTV is also offering a 30BTC bug bounty.

SingularDTV (SNGLS) Tokens

Current coin Value: $0.176720
Market Cap: $106,032,000
Total Supply: 600,000,000 SNGLS
Circulating Supply: 1,000,000,000 SNGLS

SingularDTV relies on a tokenized ecosystem using a local cryptocurrency called SNGLS to help artists and creators benefit from transparent media production and distribution. SNGLS is programmed with “the terms and conditions of SingularDTV and its intellectual property,” rather than simply using ETH, which is just the gas that fuels the Ethereum blockchain.

We’re entering into the Age of Tokenized Ecosystems. This is the beginning of a next great tech boom where trillions of dollars worth of real world assets will be decentralized and placed onto the blockchain in the coming years. SNGLS tokens are the decentralized representation of SingularDTV intellectual property — their film, TV and software projects. The tokens are the company and represent the CODE structure of SingularDTV.

The details of the CODE structure were developed in partnership with ConsenSys and Swiss law firm MME, among the architects of the Ethereum Foundation, with assistance from legal innovator Luka Muller, who is at the forefront of the legal/tax structure for tokenized ecosystems.
A total of 1 Billion SNGLS tokens will be issued, half of which will be made available on the crowd sale and 40% held in a “Storage Vault”. The remaining 100 million tokens will be allocated to core investors of S-DTV.

This Storage Vault exists with the purpose of maintaining a fund that will be continuously reinvested into the platform, as the dividends received from these 400m tokens are allocated to the Workshop, that is in charge of converting, spending and managing these Ether dividends received from the vault. The Workshop is also in charge of collecting fiat/crypto revenue and sending it to the Vault and Smart Contract System, the SCS then distributes SNGLS and Intellectual Property (IP) revenue by the token holders.

Token Launch

Singular-DTV wants to gather a total of $7.5 million. In order to do so, a crowd sale which will last for a month will be held. During this time 500 million SNGLS tokens will be up for sale at a fixed rate of 0.00125 ETH per SNGL during the first 10 days, and will drop by 12.5% every 4 days until it reaches 50% (in 12 days).

These funds will be used to complete the “Singular” TV show, launch the S-DTV Documentary Division, buy a stake in the Ujo rights management platform and to develop the TVOD distribution portal. A minimum of 34m SNGLS must be sold, otherwise, the project will be canceled and all the investments will be returned.

Since the issuance of tokens takes place on the Ethereum network, you’ll only be able to invest in the crowd sale using Ether. This is done by sending ETH to a special smart contract wallet address that in turn issues and sends you the newly created SNGLS tokens. This can be done using any wallet, but in order to be able to see and transfer your tokens, you’ll need to use the Mist Browser or the S-DTV Light Wallet.

S-DTV Lightwallet

In order to facilitate the crowd sale and to provide an easily accessible platform for users to manage their tokens, Singular-DTV developed an Ethereum lightwallet. This wallet allows you to store and transfer SNGLS tokens and Ether.



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