TaaS Coin - General Info, Best Exchanges and Wallets


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TaaS can be defined as a closed-end fund system, generated in tokenized form for reducing the risks and the technical hurdles and glitches that are involved while one invests in the blockchain space. The system is designed on a particular profit sharing contract where it allows the investors to capitalize on the rise of block chains, and in the process it introduces an entirely new concept of token-as-a-service model. This, in turn, lets the investors subscribe to the particular income stream of the fund. The system has built an entirely innovative audit technology for cryptography and has also become the first and the most completely transparent fund which is dedicated for both the crypto currencies and the tokens.

This innovative business model introduced by TaaS will give potential investors the opportunity of capitalizing on the blockchain markets without having to deal with the risks and the technical issues related to owning, sending or trading with tokens and crypto-currencies. This system is much different from the conventional close-end funds which usually issue a specific number of shares, which again cannot be redeemed from the original fund itself. TaaS, on the other hand will issue tokens that are designed on solid contract that is meant to share profit.

This contract, also known as the smart contract will let the owners of the tokens to collect about half of the quarterly profits. In this process, about quarter part of the profits will be invested once more in the fund in order to enhance the pool of capital without any scope of additional investment. This will also let the Net Asset Value of the token to enhance over the due course of time which again will make TaaS the first blockchain system which will have its value directly attached to the impending performance of the mother project. By duly getting rid of the technical barriers and promoting the investors for safely subscribing to the low income of the fund, TaaS introduces the first of its kind profit generating business model.

TaaS Exchanges

The primary TaaS exchanges that are operable at the moment include Liqui and HitBTC.

TaaS Wallets

You can create a TaaS fund wallet by registering yourself on the platform with your name and other personal details. The tokens will be stored either in the taas fund wallet or your myetherwallet. Investors will receive quarterly payouts as ETH, directly to their token address for TaaS.

TaaS Overview

TaaS is the first CEF based blockchain which is truly transparent. It follows the token-as-a-service business structure and the audit associated with it is cryptographic in nature. The makers of TaaS aim to provide consistent and lasting innovations in the blockchain community. The tokens from TaaS represent the proof of an individual’s membership in the fund. It allows access to half of the profits of the funds which is further executed via an Ethereum based smart contract. This contact allows the owners of the tokens to the collect half of the quarterly profits, which intuitively indicates that the investors having a larger base of tokens will gain greater returns. Finally, 25% of the resultant profits are invested once again in an attempt to allow the net asset value of the tokens to increase.

In an attempt to provide the greatest level of transparency in the capital management of the fund, the cryptographic audit unit of the system has arranged for some specific tools for monitoring that lets any member to access and validate the trading history. These tools include the snapshots of the balance of the portfolio, API keys that are in view only format and proper proof of the reserves for the specific fiat accounts.

Details of the TaaS Tokens

There is currently a supply of 101,000,000 of TaaS tokens. The tokens are priced at $1 per token. According to the policies, the tokens that are not sold as a part of the ICO process will be destroyed. No other token will be created additionally. TaaS too will neither trade nor own its tokens.

TaaS Team

The members of TaaS, focuses on building a team which is truly inspired. As a result almost every member of the team is extensively experienced in the blockchain technology. Since the very first inception of TaaS, the team has innovated and improved in terms of technical nitty gritties owing to its outstanding software engineers, money managers and data analytics experts.


Trades in terms of cryptocurrency are exponentially increasing and in this respect, an investment pool like TaaS indeed looks very promising. This pool further indicates the fact that as trading enthusiasts we are at the highest curve of revolution in the financial world.

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